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  1. That was worse than Hull cup game or either of Cas games from a Leeds point of view - woeful The senior players - JJB, Mags, Ablett - were shocking all game, ive no idea how Keinhorst didnt get on for Ablett Golding with 2 really bad mistakes, big come down after his performance last week As bad as Leeds were though, Wakey were fantastic - faster, stronger, more creative, just better in every way
  2. Didnt realise Taumalolo was English, got a nan from Hull has he?
  3. Aye because he doesnt make as many tackles.... Reckon we leave it here pal - we differ on how we'd line the squad up and thats fair enough We'll have to wait and see
  4. Again Id disagree, id even go as far to say its the other way round to be honest - Sutcliffe's skill set is 2nd row (loose at most) for me. Keinhorst is a far more elusive runner and has a much much better passing game But as you quiet rightly said, its all opinions
  5. Surely you can understand if youre playing long minutes and making high number of tackles (not 130ish) you wont have the same impact - regardless of your size - very odd comment to make This isnt rocket science
  6. I disagree, Sutcliffe was at error for both Wigan tries becuase he's not comfortable there - the lad cant pass Think youre being harsh on Keinhorst, he was fantastic before the injury
  7. @Dunbar @Scubby Updated again to show tackles To me, this shows Tom is the far better twin this year George with 451minutes, 228 tackles youd expect his Yards per carry to be massive - id expect any of the props to do the same - so that really needs to be taken with a massive pinch of salt
  8. Aye thats fair enough they are - though given the shorter minutes from them - id expect that to be the case Walmsley stats are still worth a place for me Start - Graham + Walmsley Bench - Hill + Tom/George Loose - Sam (id even be tempted to play Cuthbo over Hill if he can play for England - but thats a whole over convo for a seperate day maybe) @Dunbar
  9. I appreciate the argument has to be made that its tougher making yards in NRL - but still Walmsley blows them out of the water Total Meters made Walmsley - 3286 Cuthertson - 2841 S.Burgess - 2802 T.Burgess - 2070 Hill - 2058 Taylor - 2010 Graham – 1973 Chris Heighington - 1789 G.Burgess - 1377 Id also make the argument minutes played needs to be considered - the two twins traditionally do much shorter stints - I cant find the actual stats for minutes played for SL, but im pretty confident in saying Hill/Walmsley/Cuthbo do way more The Bros get gassed easily which im not a massive fan of at international level – id be happy to have one impact prop on the bench but depending on two throughout a game is a big risk in my opinion Minutes Played Graham - 839 S.Burgess - 1333 T.Burgess - 734 G.Burgess - 451
  10. Not sold on Tom & George Bugress but bar that id say thats spot on Id throw Taylor/Walmsley in for whichever Burgess Bro is weakest at the time What happened with Adam Cuthertson playing for England? Worth a shot? One of best meter makers in SL and massive amount of offloads (102!!!) SoL would also maybe make way for a true 2nd rower for me - Bateman or Ward currently Bar that like the team and reasons
  11. Its not one with either though pal SoL been labouring all year from what ive seen/read - though id admit I seem to be in the minority here Hodgson (trying not to get into this too deely again) has turned it around last 2/3 games
  12. Widdop can move us around the pitch, Gale can being that attacking flair we need. When was Smiths last international match? How far can we go back, that argument seems a bit mental to me. Aye lets not cover Hodgson v Roby again haha - we'll have to agree to disagree with this one. Halls international record is amazing, I (and coaches seem to agree) we need bigger wingers at international level. The meters Hall/McGillvary make coming out of our own half are just as imporant as the tries (all wingers score) Sam Burgess is not a prop - he should be at loose for me. And I really like Bateman but he's in a fight for that 2nd row spot for me. Whitehead obvious name missing out, id also throw Ward in the mix Im not saying SoL isnt a great player, just he's not in great form. He was awful vs Leeds bar his one hit on Singleton (which he seemd to come off worse)
  13. Id go with the below - I really hope he puts keinhorst back in centre, he was on fantastic form there earlier in the year - Sutcliffe should stop being forced into the team if he doesnt fit - he'll have a fight with Lilley & Burrow for final bench spot (or he replaces Mullaney and comes on for stints in 2nd row/loose) Golding Briscoe, Watkins, Keinhorst, Hall McGuire, Moon Singleton, Parcell, Cuthbo Ward, Abllett JJB Garbutt, Delaney, Mullaney (then Burrow, Lilley, Sutcliffe)
  14. Matty Smith?? Why?? No Gale?? Roby over Hodgson??? No Hall Sam Burgess at prop is a big no no Bateman well off the pace at the moment I must be missing something with SoL - I wouldnt have anywhere near starting line up (appriciate its all matter of a opinion, only a bit of fun)
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