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  1. Onĺy time will tell how strong the 3 sides new teams are. Batley are well coached and their stand off is a game changer. Imo the top 3 YML prem sides would all account for themselves well against most sides in (East Hull & Bentley the other 2) NCl 3 as it contains several teams with at best average playing ability. Good luck to Heworth back in the NCL but I do feel they flatter themselves somewhat I saw them twice last season - imo YML Div 1 was weak overall last year - but as previous posts state being in the NCL may bring in more talented players.
  2. Excellent comments and both sum up imo what's wrong with rugby league at grass roots. Its simply too "unprofessional" I accept some teams don't look to improve year on year - big fish in a small (regional) pond syndrome. Should there simply be leagues Oran acceptance of teams who lack the ambition to progress up the ladder - for whatever reason? And possibly even more importantly "the criteria." Whilst I agree it's v. important to have a set of standards shouldnt these first be discussed, weighted and centrally published by the RL to ensure improvement in playing standards - much as now for the pro-game. A clear - bottom to top criteria published based on grounds, playing strength, cash flow etc showing clubs what they need to move up the structure. Then finally apply these openly with say a scoring system and reasons -avoiding any back-door favours or "black balls" by the RL or any committees.
  3. It always strikes me as odd why there's no pyramid system through Rugby League. I've seen all of the YML sides who appear to have applied for NCL in 2018. Batley had by far the strongest playing strength (though it's a hike from club to pitch) East Hull were rather average away from home but good facilities. Nottingham were enthusiastic - students in the main so can struggle for quality. Heworth from Div 1 were below East Hull on playing ability. Queensbury also Div1 would struggle in the YML premier in my opinion. Why not use the YML and other existing Regional set ups to thoroughly prepare teams for the NCL with the top sides gaining automatic promotion and the bottom sides being relegated from the NCL?
  4. Not seen it on the YML site yet but Lindley v Batley was abandoned after 31 mins of 1st half. Batley winning 18 nil. a skirmish in tackle led to 2 yellow cards one from each side. Referee signalled for penalty then blew for time (early halftime?) But not he had called an end to the game. Players very confused what will RL make of that?
  5. Bowes as usual some of you're thoughts are accurate. You missed out the coach retiring after last years grand final, players turning pro Craig Boot, players retiring and the fact Hunslet OB are now summer a loss of 4 players from last seasons GF. The main problem though was when the merger with Rodley took place in an effort to have one club players all seasons the a Leeds League refused our registration so no w
  6. Good luck to Dewsbury and fully support their desire to move to summer but that said is it right they should be able to transfer to the NCL so far into the season without being required to complete their fixtures (game called off this weekend v Morley). NCL were almost gloating in their press briefing whilst pillaging the Pennine league.
  7. Bramley's merger with Rodley brought in a whole squad of new winter players only 2 had previously turned out for the summer side so no winter players from other clubs. My understanding was league asked if Bramley felt they were premier league standard answer no just replacing Rodley - vote was no. In fact most players now at a separate new club Leeds Underdogs who were voted in by the Leeds district! Where's the logic in that it would make even a saint bitter.
  8. Re above what a sad time for the Pennine League and even more so for the hard working supporters of some very well run clubs who have been 'forced out'. The NCL haven't exactly covered themselves in glory either if the stories of underground scalping of Pennine League sides are true. But I forget, like the NCL seemingly do, their own minimum entry requirments are only useful to keep sides out they don't like but are conveniently forgetten when they are pillaging the Pennine League for teams to join them! Still if these sides do join the Yorkshire Mens League it will spice up the competion particuarly the premier division where there are still too many fixtures called off particularly by the self labelled 'cream' NCL sides 'A' teams!
  9. Quote from the horses mouth from less than 2years ago Feb 2012 just in case anyone forgets what the move to summer would bring to our great game! "Chief Executive Nigel Wood believes Rugby League stands on the verge of the most exciting chapter in its history as the sport prepares to embrace all the benefits of summer rugby with a new integrated structure. This is a momentous occasion for Rugby League with the whole sport finally fitting together under one pyramid structure which has positive implications for the future,” said Wood. “This means that youngsters will play their entire careers in better conditions which are more suitable for modern Rugby League with all the benefits this brings for skill development and, more importantly, for enjoyment of the game. “The changes will result in an increase in the number of people playing Rugby League, which is an objective everyone in the sport is working towards. “More participants means we will produce more high quality players, thus benefitting the national team in the long term. “There will be more opportunities for more people to play Rugby League across the country in a structure which allows all clubs and players the chance to progress to be the best they possibly can be.” How lucky are we that the future of our game is in such good hands!!
  10. Evidence of a summer rugby crisis at NCL clubs? 5 NCL sides have failed to fulfil their 2nd team fixtures in YML premier in late Aug/Sept Hunslet, Milford, Stanningly, Oulton x2 and York Acorn (who were in in a potential play off place) Hull clubs (the top 2 sides) been the victims of most called off games. Summer rugby - going to plan?
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