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  1. Well they won't ever be able to deny you're their granddad - inter generational triplets ! Great picture Tony - two more Roughyeds fans for life
  2. I know it's not strictly an RL / ORLFC matter but what was the issue between Paul Phillips and the Celtic fans ?
  3. Congratulations Dave - couldn't be a more deserving winner of the award.
  4. Haha - can't have that ! In Australian Rules Football the amount of statistics would make your eyes water. If you Google " How are statistics in AFL compiled " you should find " AFL Statistics / Passy's World of Mathematics " - fascinating little video on how a company called Champion Data do their job. Let's hope for the next three games the stats that keep you really busy are the number of tries ORLFC score.
  5. I understand but I was interested in the method you use - in real time, by watching a video of the game, with or without assistants or whatever
  6. Great work mb - what is your method for compiling the stats ?
  7. Just watched the video ( thanks Dave ) Agree 100% mate.
  8. Too true BR - a long line of them, from Alex Murphy, Tommy Bishop, Andy Gregory and continuing.
  9. That's notice that a winding up order is being sought by the Tax Office. All other creditors will now come crawling out of the woodwork.
  10. Criticising referees gets you nowhere. Laurie Daley has been constantly criticising the refereeing from Origin 1 and is being ridiculed, not surprisingly, in the Queensland media. Older heads in NSW are saying he should concentrate on getting the team to produce more. Playing some teams that are full time was part and parcel of getting into the higher division. When the going gets tough, the tough get going - let's hope the squad, however small, can turn things around.
  11. Just a random thought - how good must it be for the players to have a coach of the stature of Scott Naylor. They obviously know what he's like as a coach but as a player himself - been there - done that. Not exactly " my dad's bigger than your dad " but we're his boys and we're up for it. To all fellow posters on here - have a fabulous day at Fortress Fold - enjoy whatever the result Better go and have a lie down now !
  12. I think that was Sloan's Linament, commonly referred to as " th'orse bottle" - lethal
  13. That was the point of the post !
  14. I am reading news that Bradford Bulls are appointing Matt Adamson as their new coach.
  15. Somebody should break it to them gently that "Drink Canada Dry" is an advert and not a challenge.
  16. Great stuff Dave - can't beat the Gerald and David show - good neutral commentating !!
  17. All coming back like a bad dream now. Long time RL secretary Bill Fallowfield would be there as well. Official A would draw the home team numbered ball and Official B the away team numbered ball, the team names being announced by Bill - all before your very eyes.
  18. In the " good old days " the Challenge Cup draw draw would be live on BBC Look North. There would be two blokes from RL head office, the trophy itself and Eddie Waring doing the intro and commenting on any particularly interesting matches.
  19. Great idea BryanC - I suspect it's too logical, marketing savvy, innovative, enterprising , clever etc etc to be put into effect by Mr Hamilton.
  20. Don't know how "Vwell" crept in there - not channeling Bridget Jones.
  21. Vwell done David - now the clocks have changed here and in UK the time difference is 8 and a half hours. I'll be able to listen to OCR broadcasts from a civilised time - 11.30 pm !
  22. The seeds of anti social behaviour are often sown by excess consumption of alcohol. I'm not being a wet blanket - no one likes a drink more than me (Oliver Reed was a possible exception) - but too much booze often leads to a misguided belief in one's ability to sing, dance or attractiveness to members of the opposite sex. All that can be innocent and even amusing to onlookers but there are of course worse side effects - loosening of tongues and overtly aggressive behaviour. I'm assuming a family friendly area would be one where alcohol can't be consumed, in which case it's a good idea but will need some fine tuning.
  23. There certainly was a Bramley RLFC - one of the lesser lights when Oldham RLFC was a powerhouse but a famous club nonetheless. There is a decent Wikipedia ( admittedly not always 100% reliable) history of the club.
  24. How cool would it be if it was - but I don't think " Is she really going out with him " would work at the rugby like it does at the cricket !
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