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  1. I don't think RL should ever protect any team or remove P&R........ sport is survival of the fittest.........otherwise what's the point of any of it really. Licensing may work in other countries but not in the uk with over 100 years of promotion and relegation being part of the sporting culture. Personally (aside from sorting out International RL) I think the best way to boost the sport would be to remove the salary cap. The salary cap has never lead to a more even competition anyway. In a sport with no money why limit what clubs can spend? How many genuinely wealthy clubs are in SL? That way a newly promoted club that is well backed can just spend more to make sure they stay up. Dropping the cap would set SL apart from Union and the NRL and we may get some more wealthy investors.
  2. "Please Remove Automatic Relegation" Please Don't... If you want to change things up and allow sides to 'grow' drop the salary cap completely and we could well soon have a SL of financially strong clubs including as many non heartland teams as can afford to be there.......... a new TWP or Toulouse with genuine wealth and prospects could just breeze past the likes of Wake or Salford then. Maybe in a few years of no cap at all we'd end up with 10 or 12 genuinely wealthy strong clubs miles ahead of the rest (regardless of SL funding) and then a model similar to the NRL might be worth looking at. Unfortunately 1/2 of SL are weak clubs and would never vote to remove the cap...... it's what is keeping them hanging on in there.
  3. Maybe so but who has the power in our game to enforce that? RL is run by self interested clubs........ rules get bent........ clubs will get preferential treatment and others held back unfairly. The fairest thing is survival of the fittest.
  4. Because RL holds little value to them and nobody else wanted the rights. IMO licensing would make things worse and probably result in even less money from sky next time. If you want the sport to grow allow open competition....keep P&R and get rid of the salary cap. Licensing just protects the weak.
  5. I know and independent review of the sport recommended the 3x 8s and SL clubs got together to get rid of it (because it provided more of a risk of relegation for them) I know SL clubs have put hurdles in the way of Toronto, Toulouse, and Leigh in recent times. Based on that I think SL clubs would vote against giving promoted sides a years grace.
  6. Unfortunately nobody in SL would vote for this.......and the sport doesn't have a governing body with any power to force it through....... so on it goes.
  7. I heard Simon Johnson talking about it on a podcast a few months back...........Something about Sky won't interfere with Structures but they said they want games that grab interest. They've stated in the past relegation clashes draw good viewing figures.
  8. Sky don't want licensing........it won't come back...........Unless you watched a side capable of winning SL the licensing era was pretty boring. There are positives to licensing but I don't think SL are capably of applying a system that is fair and transparent anyway....... there's just too much self interest
  9. It's depressing reading some of the rubbish on here. How can a relatively small club being very well run and over achieving over and over again be a bad thing for the game?
  10. This is extremely dated but it doesn't seem to do the NFL any harm
  11. Have they still got robots playing rugby in the intro credits?
  12. Classic tune that should never be removed.........it's ingrained in the sky coverage. By all means change the presenters, commentators, graphics but the rave music is sacred....like the MOTD theme tune or this
  13. Considering Cas and Wake have had nearly £2m a year SL funding for god knows how long and both their stadiums are falling to bits I think the council should just give £6m to Fev
  14. They've done well to buy a stock logo and then make it worse
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