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  1. GB merch is a lot nicer that the england gear.....apart from that I'm not bothered....be nice to see more internationals whether it's GB or England I don't really care..... the whole international set up is frustratingly rubbish......not playing Australia.....only playing NZ twice......its just tin pot.
  2. What about Josh Reynolds and Robbie Farah........Wests Nearly made the 8 which for me makes them better than Saints but we are all entitled to our opinions. Jackson Hastings struggled to get in the Manly first team but he's the best player in Super league........If he jumped back on a plane down under would be be one of the best in the NRL now?
  3. I think they'd have a job on not finishing bottom........week in week out the standard would be too high.........they can win games in 20 minute blasts in Super League.....they'd probably have to play as good as they did in the grand final for 80 minutes every week in the NRL to tread water.
  4. To be fair you are the only one mentioning Salary caps.......the thread is debating how this current ST Helens side would do in the NRL
  5. Ok so replace A league with the Scottish Premier League. Either way the gap in standards week in week out is huge.... would take saints years to get up to speed. We struggle to beat them in the WCC when they've only just reported back for pre season with beer bellys.
  6. If the A league soccer champions joined the Premier League they'd get stuffed most weeks.....this is the same. NRL is miles in front of us
  7. That is a pretty smart kit..... sponsors or not
  8. i think La Liga negotiate the tv deals but Barcelona and Real Madrid get much higher percentages than the rest of the league......The money isn't shared out evenly
  9. Not a big fan of any of them........they all bang on about the same old rubbish, expansion, funding, P&R, etc. Be nice to listen to one with people under 40 who don't go on about how the game is run all the time. Jason Bell & Osi Umenyiora (both relatively recently retired NFL players) have a podcast (The Jason and Osi podcast) which i listen to regularly and it's basically 2 ex players discussing the game and throwing in tales about back when they played the game themselves. RL could easily do something similar with some personalities from the game.......something a little more unscripted and real.
  10. Must be profit margins.......sublimated polyester kits must cost absolute peanuts to make in volume. If they are £15 at the end of the season then i assume a club like leeds will be getting them very cheap direct from ISC in large volumes as i doubt they will ever sell them at a loss. The cotton collared versions probably cost a lot more per unit. Be glad you are with ISC cos most kits now don't even have embroidered badges........it's just a polyester t shirt with everything printed on for £50 quid
  11. Was interesting to see the announcement used their victory over Canberra in 89 Widnes don't mention that very often
  12. I assume this means they are relatively stable now as a part time operation? Some big names in the second tier next season
  13. Forgive me if i'm wrong but as i understand it Air Transat pay for travel for the clubs visiting Canada........Its part of their deal as sponsor of TWP...........Toronto themselves aren't paying out......their sponsor is. Therefore the SL clubs won't need the central funding to subsidise anything and should invest it in something of long term benefit if they don't want to give Toronto their fair share. If they are spending £1.8m on marketing i expect big things.........cos they are usually terrible at it...........think i'd rather a load of new development officers. TBF if Toronto sign Sonny Bill then super league's marketing is already done.
  14. Still on the superdry website...... https://www.superdry.com/search/leeds
  15. https://rugbyshirtwatch.com/2019/10/06/news-england-rugby-will-have-a-surprising-new-kit-supplier-next-season/
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