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  1. In order to hold the game as a big event in an attractive stadium they would actually need to market the event weeks or even months in advance. Just found out it's on Saturday cos I looked up the fixtures on the sky website. Think I must follow every Rugby league social media channel going and I've seen hardly anything so far. They are totally rubbish at promoting our game...... not sure specifically who 'They' are (SL/RFL/other).... so I'll just say everyone involved with promoting the sport in the UK is rubbish at it!.........totally useless!!!
  2. Salford are historically not very good with a stadium that's a pain to get to. They are also down the road from the biggest football team on the planet with Man City quickly catching them up and Liverpool nearby. Unless you come from generations of loyal fans why would you bother going when you can watch the football........If you are new to Rugby league and from the area you could go watch Wigan instead. Rugby League in the UK just isn't cool......... especially Super League because for a professional pinnacle of the sport the coverage is quite formulaic and drab.......... sounds crazy but after the last couple of seasons listening to Barry and co I actually miss Stevo. If it's exciting on TV more people will want to go to games. I think RL fans are also affected by soccer more than any other sport in the UK..........I'd argue the vast majority of us also watch soccer regularly....lots will support soccer teams in the same area. I think it would be hard for anyone who doesn't live here to appreciated how utterly dominant football is in England. RL aims for the same markets. Most will pick soccer over RL. As for Sale they are the only top flight Rugby Union side north of Leicester....... they will draw support from all over the north from anyone daft enough to want to watch rugby union.
  3. I'd agree but it's still a nicer design than the current one which I don't like It doesn't seem to reproduce well on clothing....the lions are too small inside that big cross and the overall shape is too tall and strange looking I'd go with a more modern redesigned shield and have the 'Knight' theme other countries seem to always associate with England. Something like below
  4. I preferred the Knight style shield logo previous to the Sports Direct esq one we have now. Is the mascot still a knight? We should have just stuck with that........GB is the only logo with any credibility as it has been around a long time but I would not use that for England....it's the GB Lions logo. 3 Lions is too synonymous with football. The current logo was part of the RFL rebrand that the Super league have got rid of so they may rebrand England again now
  5. Only difference between Salford and FEV is the central funding Salford get for being in Super League. Fev probably have more Assets than Salford owning their own stadium and the surrounding land.
  6. Who cares all of rugby league is essentially a feeder club for the big 5 or six super league clubs anyway. There's nowhere near enough players or money to go around so in that scenario I think DR is as good as anything else. The NRL have feeder clubs and reserve grade and under 21s and it all works cos they have loads more players and money.
  7. I mean they will get better as they go on AND have the advantage of a plastic pitch they are used to along with IMO some of the teams heading over there treating the trip as I little holiday and taking their eye off the ball. You are correct though if they don't speed up and organise their defence they will still struggle.
  8. Folau isn't going to apologise for something he genuinely believes his he.........Would we be happier if he issued a public apology he clearly didn't mean? Personally I was more shocked when they signed Greg Bird after he glassed his girlfriend. As long as he doesn't say anything else and is respectful of the game I say let it go.
  9. My money is on Salford as they are a better coached side. From what I saw last weekend Toronto need to improve their defence a lot. I think most of the sides you'd expect to be nearer the bottom will want to make sure they beat Toronto at home. The TWP side will get the vast majority of their points back in Canada on their plastic pitch as the season goes on.
  10. "Super League has voted unanimously to have "greater authority" to stop future "controversial signings" such as Israel Folau" Unless he keeps his opinions to himself and becomes the best player in the league..... then Wigan can sign him ? It's a tough one....... he's expressed some very offensive views publicly but do we hold that against him forever? It's currently illegal to be homosexual in Tonga........ do we kick all the Tongans out? Personally his comments made me feel a little sorry for him rather than angry........ no one in their right mind believes the rubbish he said. But then we all hold different beliefs and ideas....... most of us don't put them on Instagram.
  11. There really should be a Super League APP which collates together all the highlights videos (which get put on YouTube anyway) fixtures news, promos, social media, that new 'Out of your League podcast' etc. along with a central Super league merchandise online store. They are still really bad at getting their content out especially to any new customers so an all in one place APP would help a lot with that. It could even be done in partnership with Sky........I have the Fox League app for the NRL and it's brilliant and all content is free. Nearly every other major sporting league has one........I know we have the OurLeague App which the RFL produce but I'd expected Elstone to have created a much smarter Super League only APP by now. And we wonder why the sport goes under the radar........ we are starting to produce good content but it's pointless if nobody knows about it.
  12. So looks like Sinfield stepped down cos he wanted to keep Bennett on? He can concentrate on relegating Leeds Rhinos now? Would have been happy with either Wane or Powell getting the job to be honest.... both good candidates although I still think Bennett is a better coach than either of them....... it just doesn't work having a coach that is based in Australia.
  13. Exciting build up with some improved graphics and presence on social media. All good until kick off when It was the same old commentary and having to listen to the ref shout MOOOOOVE every few seconds. That side of it really needs sorting out......I tend to watch sky games with the sound off. Maybe it's just my taste.......I don't mind the NRL commentary and it's always the same guys doing that...... although they don't have MOOOVE every few seconds Decent game....... Think WIRE would have won with 13 but can't argue with the red.
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