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  1. There seems to have been a launch video which is getting well received........wonder if they will lets us see it at all? None of this launch is on the SL twitter feed yet.........should be LIVE really.....is it on sky?
  2. that white kit has a bit of MK Dons about it
  3. Snake oil? it's from marijuana isn't it? Maybe Pot smoking snakes? Lots of UFC fighters go on about it being really good stuff. Disappointed TWP aren't with a big brand like Adidas or Nike........ couldn't Sonny Bill have a word with Adidas.
  4. White boxes....the scourge of many a rugby kit........Usually because the sponsor sent in a jpeg and nobody can be bothered to redraw it
  5. Captain Keithley. That shirt will look great with a beer belly and a pair of jeans........ TBF kids will love it.... that must be what they are aiming at
  6. I don't remember BLK being particularly great for England. The only other decent size club they currently sponsor in the NH is London Irish. ISC are probably the highest profile brand in RL other than Canterbury so i expected TWP to be with them or a big brand like adidas (SBW link up) or nike to really boost their exposure and launch their first season in SL.
  7. As an aside anyone got sky sports mobile pass on Now TV? I have it and it is 5 quid a month for Sky Sports News, Action, Arena and Premier league on steaming devices (phones laptops and ipads NOT TVs) It's basically all sky's rugby content SL, NRL and Union along with PL football and NFL for £5 a month........pretty good imo especially as i watch most sports on a device nowadays with my kids hogging the TV. Plus you can cancel it whenever you want and usually get offered a cheaper deal whenever you cancel it anyway........it's currently costing me £1 a month.
  8. As for everyone else........1991 North Sydney Bears is class along with pretty much every Sydney Roosters home kit
  9. Can't beat traditional fev butchers stripe umbro pre sponsors
  10. Don't get your Air Jordans in a twist i'm only kidding
  11. Rugby League in the UK is run by shaved monkeys........always has been
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