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  1. He is a class coach.........anyone would get grumpy working in this sport long enough. He's the best thing to happen to cas in 20 years
  2. Seems mad to me that SL is making a decision on TWPs future as Covid is starting to get worse again. Discuss their re entry when TWP can actually make it work again. There's might only be 10 full time sides by next summer.
  3. 90% of that channel is available free elsewhere (YouTube NFL gamepass) it's just a fudge by sky to fill up the schedule during Covid
  4. No RL doesn't have the expertise or media interest to generate enough content to run something like this.........not even close. Without a broadcast partner we'd just disappear.
  5. I wonder what sky think in all this? Lets face it RL will only exist to fulfil the sky contract for the rest of this season and hopefully in 2021. The signs are covid will get worse through winter so it's hopeful thinking that we'll be back to normal by next summer. From a marketing point of view I think sky would want TWP in SL however from the viewpoint of as many games as possible going ahead they may think otherwise. TWP could of course be completely based in the UK in 2021........ not too sure what their new prospective owners view on that would be?
  6. I don't really blame Super League owners for Voting against TWP if it means their clubs (who will be already at a very real risk of going to the wall due to the economic effects of Covid) would lose money short term by letting TWP rejoin SL. Now isn't a great time to take risks unless you have the financial clout to absorb the fallout if things go wrong again. Maybe the new TWP owner is happy to pay some kind of security bond? None of us know Will SL clubs have to commit to pay their own travel costs to Toronto if they vote in favour? None of us know Will they let them in and offer the place to Toulouse/London/Leigh etc as back up if covid doesn't improve? No of us know? Will RL have enough money, players and clubs to even exist next season if covid doesn't improve or god forbid gets worse? It's a mental time to be making a decision on TWP regardless of your opinion of them. IMO It's not a case of just not wanting to expand or not showing ambition this time. It's about dealing with the practical reality of the situation now.
  7. NFL and union have similarities in that you tend to have different body types for different roles in the team. This translates well into schools as there's a job/position for the different sized kids to play in PE. RL is far less specialist...... you just need to be super fit which doesn't translate too well for people that aren't
  8. No point comparing NFL with Rugby league. They are in different stratospheres. The 49ers investment arm bought £10m in Leeds United shares in 2018 and that was a minor deal for one team.
  9. If you get the free version of NFL game pass you can watch edited down highlights of every game for free. There's different options including highlights of every game of the weekend condensed into one hour..........or a full game condensed into 40 minutes without any stoppages. If also doesn't display any scores so you can just watch everything delayed without knowing the scores which is decent considering a lot of the games are overnight here in the UK. I watch pretty much all the NFL and hardly ever watch it live.
  10. BBC's coverage of NFL always cuts back to the BBC studio whenever the feed they get from the US goes to an Ad break.
  11. Do Oxen do cotton versions of jerseys like ISC used to do a few years back?
  12. They have a cool logo and a massive market in North America All of your points are irrelevant.......don't be so negative
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