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  1. Training in Malmö and playing their home games in Lund, at LUGI Lions Rugby Union's ground.
  2. The 4 clubs in Sweden (Skåne, Kungsbacka (Gothenburg area), Stockholm and Södertälje (Stockholm area) were RL clubs, but I think that they had a lot of players playing both codes. Skåne is the club operating in and around the Malmö area. Skåne is Swedish for Scania, which is a county in southern Sweden. Norway are doing good, as you mention, which means that the Nordic Cup might be played between Norway and Sweden.
  3. Just setting up a thread to gather any news that might show up. The only action that I've found in Sweden so far is Skåne Stags facing LUGI Lions RU side (who agreed to switch codes for this game) one or two weeks ago. Stags won the game but no score given. Skåne are active and have organized training. I've asked both them and the Swedish RL Federation for fixture lists, but haven't had any reply. Does anyone have any news from Denmark and Norway?
  4. True Bob8. I still remember the Nordic Cup game were Denmark had half time entertainment and all. Today's games are a long way from that. Sweden were too fast in setting up their league and leaving the danish clubs out.
  5. There was great development in all three countries just three or four years ago, but at the moment only Norway are keeping it up. The struggle isn't only on the field, but also off it. Of course everything is made by people on their spare time, but having websites that are not updated, only updating Facebook when you are winning and so on doesn't help the cause.
  6. Final score, according to Norway RL on Facebook , Sweden 6, Norway 46. I couldn't make it to the game so someone else will have to make a report.
  7. Netherlands were the better side. Stronger, more skillful and better organized. They took a 2-0 lead midway through the first half, followed up by a try minutes later. Sweden score a try shortly afterwards to make the score 4-8. From the re-start against the strong wind a Netherlands player caught the ball and ran a try in! 4-14 Another goal just before half time made the score 4-16. Sweden had a hard time against a solid orange wall and the away side were always dangerous going forward. Netherlands got their third try of the game after an hour, but the kick from out wide hit the stanction. Sweden got a player sin-binned after a punch-up with about 15 minutes to go and Netherlands scored another try. This time the wind drifted the kick just wide. Sweden came close to score a try at the end, but a couple of last ditch tackles by the dutch kept the score at 4-24. Well done to both teams in the wind, the rain and the sun.
  8. Result from the weekend; Kungsbacka 52, Stockholm 30. The local paper wrote a short article about the match and included a clip with some match action. http://norrahalland.se/kungsbackas-nya-tranare-visade-vagen According to the federation home page Skåne has pulled out of 13-a-side competitions due to low player numbers, but are still active.
  9. At short notice following Denmark's withdrawal a Norway XIII v Sweden XIII game was arranged with Norway winning 30-22. There has been one game in the league so far, Stockholm 54, Kungsbacka 18. Skåne v Stockholm was postponed as both sides had trouble getting enough players.
  10. I haven't heard much news yet, but the Swedish season will start with the now traditional 9's tournament. The league will consist of three teams (Stockholm, Kungsbacka and Skåne) and there is also a new North v South two match series. I guess that the Nordic Cup will be played again. Does anyone have any news regarding Denmark and Norway?
  11. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go today. The game finished 34-34 according to a post on Sweden Rugby League's Facebook "The Swedish roosters played out a 34 all draw vs the Danish XIII, great match by both teams. Really productive game for all. Some high level League experienced."
  12. Game to be played in Lund with kick-off at 1400 local time.
  13. Any news of venue and kick-off time for Denmark v Norway?
  14. I'd say that experience won it for Denmark. Sweden had their chances in the second half, but a mix of errors and bad choices prevented them from crossing the line on a number of times. Denmark only had 16 players and were hit by injuries early on, but they kept organised and at the end they were worthy winners. Scoring sequence: 4-0, 4-4, 4-10, 4-14, 10-14, 10-20, 10-22, 10-28, 10-30, 16-30.
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