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  1. Jeez your asking Gidley to do something he's never done in the NRL
  2. Strange analysis May as well put Johnny Vegas there then
  3. He is a luxury that most teams cant afford He might be on 30 minutes in total but the effort while on is minimal He's lucky to get another shot in the NRL,especially with interchanges being reduced
  4. Did he take any chingalings with him? Or is he a rat leaving a sinking ship.Wigan Athletic? Bloke cant lie straight in bed,him and Uncle Mo were the Bonnie And Clyde of Super League
  5. Thats the one Surprised he's in the Bahamas considering his racist views So you think his pre-pubic grandsons in charge
  6. Bob on Dodgy Dave wont want RL played on his pitch unless he has to
  7. Wilkin tops the error and penalty count for Saints Is to tiny for a forward and toooo slow for a half back Cunningham giving him the captains armband was wrong
  8. Burns and Walsh were supposed to be the dream ticket for Saints Today they looked like strangers Wilkin who i've been critical of for years finally today looked like a RL player
  9. Lucky Saints Leeds will tear em apart if they play like that Cunningham needs to apologise for that comment the penalty count was well in saints favour
  10. Oh you are My son works in the rail industry,basically railtrack,he says they could'nt organize a ###### up in a brewery and no he's not track worker he's managerial level. You need to take a step back as your beloved labour party are out of the picture for 5 years at least and judging by the backstabbers/two faced candidates that are going to be your new leader it will be a lot longer
  11. Lad you joking Geriatic more like Newcastle could'nt wait to get shot
  12. possibly but he's hardly ripping it i suppose after Asotasi he's a world beater
  13. His last 3 overseas signings Asotasi,Simms and Gidley to come have been poor Add to that Clarke being way off form has'nt helped
  14. You should be Well sick of flanaghan and "i'm on the tele Wilkin"then
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