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  1. thought it was a poor game in truth too much stop start,low in quality from both sides
  2. Is that the best you can find? Barrell scraping or what Face it the electorate rejected your socialist party and thank god for that
  3. Cant believe the SNP will hold so much power Got beat in the referendum but now so popular
  4. awe sorry love hard work is what i did why should i spread my hard work with useless/lazy goons if thats you then i pity you
  5. some wouldnt change a thing they love someone else paying for their lazy lifestyle i was on the dole when i got married and no i didnt like one bit,but i got off my backside to provide a better life for me and my family
  6. Nah terrific news for the workers but not for labours core voters the workshy scroungers. Is MILLY the new Michael Foot or a new Nelly Kinnock
  7. Healey,Jimmy and John Reid,Heffer,Scanlon,Crow and McGahey all affiliated to Labour by some degree,all communists at some stage Benn,Scargill,Hatton and other members of the "looney" left just called themselves socialists but everyone knew where their bread was buttered I work 60 hours a week and have done for the last 37 years to provide for my family,i enjoy my work and the benefits it provides and i pay a high amount of tax too,so to see workshy scroungers happily living of the state peees me right off Geordie Saint there may not be millions of these btu there are 10's of thousands of these about,serial scroungers
  8. Communists could'nt get anywhere in the ballot box so they became socialists Lots of Old labour party members were ex commies in their youth
  9. Loads of them in my town,the thoughts of having to get up before noon and work for a living strikes fear in them. All voting Labour because they know they are the party thats least likely to target them. I lived in north america years ago and work was scarce but you didnt dole money for the rest of your life. These people here are used to taking state handouts,live by the money,housing benefit and child allowance they get and will not change,Labour has never tried to stop this,if they did they loose a hell of alot of their core voters. Labour is for the working man is a joke its the home of the deadlegs
  10. They are geniunely not contributing ,I'm on about the so called families who spend their lifetime on the dole know every trick in the book to get round the system ,keep knocking out kids,get more state money. Never have any intention to work again,sadly these chavs are commonplace and are all labour voters because they know labour never make them get off the lazy arris's and contribute to society
  11. This Labour dont encourage the dead legs to get out and work for a living,just been looking on Fb half the ones saying their voting Labour who i know personally have never had a job ,dont want one and have come to terms with living of the state. Personally these people who dont contribute to the exchequer should'nt have a say in who runs the country. They are lifetime parasites
  12. I am PR moderates the extremes of each main parties,1st past the post means people in certain wards like yours are wasting their time voting against Labour as they will vote for satan in a red rosette. Gerry Birmingham was once your MP also didnt he have a dodgy past (sexual) and still they voted him back in
  13. And that is a statement that says PR must come in,some people will not vote(me included) because their ward is a foregone result. Didnt sintellins last election have the richest tory ever who'd switched
  14. Whereas in my ward Labour voters would vote for Osama Bin Laden if he had a red rosette on and he'd walk it so i wont be wasting my energy. Dread to think what the new Labour/SNP coalition will cost the country for years to come
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