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  1. The word "only" says a lot about your attitude to your employees. At least union leaders are elected. Who elected you?  What about the shareholders and customers of the companies that sponsor the Tories?  Shouldn't they get a say in who the company contributes money to?  There is no process, you tick a box to opt out. End of.

    My employees are handsomely paid,most earn £250-£300 per day,And none of them are in a union

    I built the company,but i'm pretty sure if my employees were to elect someone to run the company as succesfully as it has for the last 30 years,i would be the only choice(if i say so myself) :tongue:

    As for shareholders if they dont like a company contributing to the tories dont buy shares in them or sell them.

    As for customers WTF. Why should they have a say what a company does with its money.Again if you dont like it dont buy the product or service.

    Last time it was polled i think 35-40% of union members didnt vote Socialist/Labour,that percentage probably increased at the last election since the jocks deserted them.

    Looking at how many of Labours top donators have said they'll withdraw payments if JC wins it could soon be the "Big Issue" and "Bob-A-Job Week" as their only form of funds

  2. Well yeah actually, why would one party want to make funding of another party more difficult? (yeah, yeah I know) A company I used to work for was a major contributor to tory funds, they never asked me if it was ok.

    So you you worked for them,did you own the company?

    My company employees dont get a say what i spend my money on.

    Its my money not theirs.

    Union Leaders are still only employees of the union.

    As for the opt out i bet most cant be bothered going through the process

  3. Maybe my CLP is completely out of sync with everyone else but it voted to nominate Yvette Cooper and at drinks tonight for undecideds she had the most 'votes' by a long way - more than the other three combined.

    Maybe the panic/reality is getting through,vote for the looney left Corbyn and face oblivion

    Best thing the other 3 can do is 2 drop out and let it be a straight fight between lunancy and debatable chance

  4. This is a thread for Labour leadership discussion. Not a thread for right wing "I'm alright Jack" people to prove their ignorance.

    Take that as both a moderation point and an expression of personal frustration at your ignorance giving examples of a tiny minority to prove that everyone just needs to suck it up and stop whining.

    So us non lefties are banned from making a "true" statements whilst certain posters post lies and libellous and insulting remarks.

    I'm not an alright jack i work hard everyday and see things that would open your eyes

    Ignorance,tiny minority your joking

    Freedom of speech is the first thing socialists ban,the second maybe me :tongue:

    Just because you have nailed your cap to the jezzer camp you as a moderator should stay that way.

  5. Like keeping warm say, or bus fares to the job centre.  You can't get food from a food bank just by turning up and saying you want some, you have to prove you're in need.

    How do they do that?

    Another example recently one of our younger lads working in a house,the woman shows him her latest Tattoo on her lower back,says her latest beau will love it when he's back scuttling her (her words)costing her family £75,meanwhile her 3 kids come in ask for whats for dinner,she gave them a bag of multi pack crisps.

    Priorities Aye

  6. Yeah! Let em starve. Especially the kids.

    "Are there no workhouses?  Are there no prisons?  If they be like to die they had better do so and so reduce the surplus population"

    WTF are you on

    There is no need for families to use "foodbanks" if they use the money they get firstly on food and not on none essentials.

    Feed your family first,heat your home,clothe your family in sensible attire instead of designer gear,dont smoke or drink excessively,dont buy goods from rip off shops or catalogues were the apr can be in the 100's%'

    Another thing we come across is designer dogs,the number of households with fancy dan dogs shar pei's and huskies seem to be the fashion at the moment,some of these are £400 -£500 a pup.1 home had 2 iguanas

    I'd love to take some of you lot with us on our daily work it would open your eyes

    I'm not saying its easy being on a low income it is'nt but its about being frugal and prioritising your budget.

    Live by your means dont try to keep up with the Jones

  7. Well, there's stuff like this going on.

    Conservatives promised to protect the ‘most vulnerable’. How’s that going?


    Two Tory MPs question scale of planned tax credit cuts


    UK tenants staring down the barrel of £1,000 rents


    There's the deliberate dismantling of the welfare state, the continuous attacks upon trades unions, the unchecked growth of zero-hour employment contracts, the privatisation by stealth of the NHS and, to top all of that, a new foodbank has just opened up near me. A foodbank. In 2015. Just one of several hundreds in the UK, but the Prime Minister doesn't know (or care) how many foodbanks there are operating in the country he is in charge of.

    Read this and weep.


    Of course, some people are doing ok, which is nice for them, and the Tories will always aim to make sure that there are just enough of those people to keep voting them back into power while damning the rest.

    "The rich man in his castle, the poor man at his gate..."

    That's not the kind of country I want to live in.


    But, keeping this thread on topic, I don't believe Jeremy Corbyn has a realistic set of policies to deal with any of this or a cat in hell's chance of persuading enough people to vote for a party he was leading either.

    As Saintlass says quotes from the Guardian are pretty much left wing at best,its a posh Morning Star.

    Ive no doubt i could find counter arguements in the Torygraph.


    As for the foodbank situation,the need for these has been brought about by the people opening these in the first place,if you can get free food and spend your giro on other "extras" ciggies,alcohol,tattoos,piercings,fake designer gear for them and their kids,buying massive TV's from the likes of Brighthouse and Cash Converter.

    Dont tell me this isnt true as i work in the social housing sector and its situation we come across daily.

    We also come in contact with people in the same financial situation but they prefer to spend their money on feeding and clothing their families first,whilst heating their homes.

    Its all about priorities and education,some people want what they cant afford and will just get it and worry about it later.

    Ive seen giro families with bigger TV's than me

  8. Indeed.


     “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” as someone once said.

    Jeremy Corbyn denies he would bring back Labour's nationalising clause IV


    But having read that he aint denying it


    Mr Corbyn said: “I think we should talk about what the objectives of the party are, whether that’s restoring Clause Four as it was originally written or it’s a different one. But we shouldn’t shy away from public participation, public investment in industry and public control of the railways.”

    He seems to say one thing one day and then his"spokesperson" tries to deny the next day.

    His "idea" to renationalise the energy companies would cost the tax payer fortunes

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