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  1. It only comes in 2017 Never heard of family planning ?
  2. So your happy that people on tax credits/welfare can keep knocking out kids even though they cant afford to pay for them? Its not about principles its about basic education and common sense Sadly its lacking in this day and age,thats why the likes of wonga,brighthouse,uk homemaker and loan sharks have appeared making fantastic profits. People should live by their means,if you cant afford to buy/pay for something whether it be a car,tv or child (over 2) then dont buy/concieve it
  3. Could'nt put it better Their only chance is to go to further to the right or they are doomed Corbyn would be the End
  4. Should be time to go for Lyth,Bell and Ballance even Butler aint scoring But knowing England they'll all get 1 more chance and then the Ashes are basically gone
  5. We hear you!!!!! Obviously Barry is a true socialist,wants everyone else wealth shared but not his Just like the multi millionaires Bob Geldof and Bono Hypocrites
  6. Ask Labour they were going to pull loads out of the cupboard before the last election
  7. The same could be said for 100's of MP'S, i mean do nothing of use Personally i'd cut the number in half we have far too many Wont happen but i can dream
  8. That sums it up then a group of glorified well paid semi skilled bus drivers can hold the nations capital to ransom.
  9. My point was back in the 50/60/70 and even in the 80's we did train our own but after training them they would naff off for richer salaries,so it was alot easier to poach off poorer countries were our NHS salaries were higher. As for selling their souls give over, given a choice of California or Crewe i know which one most would choose
  10. I lived in north america from 74 to 79 most if not all of the doctors/dentists i had to visit in those years were Brits,who had emigrated like my family at the time,they not only moved for a better way of life but also significant salary increase due to financing of the health service over there(insurance based). This is something our NHS could never compete with even if we train our own they would do one for a better life and salary Imagine what the NHS budget would be if we paid the salaries to the top brits to stay here
  11. So its not a tory based committee thats some are making out
  12. No not really when i arrived everthing was on target as i was hoping to get back to work after dinner so i asked,what did shock me was the number of foreign (not be racist btw)upper skills persons ie doctors,surgeons and so on
  13. You do know the IPSA was set-up under Gordon Browns leadership?
  14. Surely Griff will find a snippet of who does and who does'nt Personally i dont know why we need 650 Mps, But getting back to salaries the leader of my labour town council took £120k in salary/expenses last year,is that the norm if so thats a joke
  15. Strangely enough i was in hospital today for a minor general aneasthetic op,i arrived a 8am waited until 11:15 for a bed to go to. Two older blokes who arrived at 1pm for the afternoon session were sent home at 4:30 as the theatre would'nt have time to do them So the 5 day week is still not possible,obviously its a shortage of qualified staff,you could throw extra billions more at the NHS and it still would'nt be enough as the skill shortage is obvious
  16. Good god Aint it funny that a lot of the former Union leaders in the 70/80 and 90s had connections to communist party or the looney left(same thing)and it highlights by who liked this the above quote
  17. Yep but if Corbyn wins for labour it could be eclipsed
  18. Correct on both counts Childs was good and Russel did before he should
  19. warringtons ill discipline was their undoing 1st half ,2nd half it was equal,childs had the best game i've seen,vr's were dodgy though
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