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  1. So your happy that people on tax credits/welfare can keep knocking out kids even though they cant afford to pay for them?

    Its not about principles its about basic education and common sense

    Sadly its lacking in this day and age,thats why the likes of wonga,brighthouse,uk homemaker and loan sharks have appeared making fantastic profits.

    People should live by their means,if you cant afford to buy/pay for something whether it be a car,tv or child (over 2) then dont buy/concieve it

  2. True Tories will always vote that way, just as Labour hardcore will always vote that way. But the thing that decides elections is the whole swathe of the population in the middle who are conservative with a small c.

    I hear Labour politicians harping on about the "working man" as if we are still in 1975 and the large industrial base still existed. Where the "working man" had little aspiration other than to feed his family and get by week to week.

    The "working man" these days is just as likely to go to work in a tie, drive a BMW and live in a nice house on a suburban estate, want his kids to go to university, have a foreign holiday every year etc.

    Forget about appealing to core voters, it is these people who win elections. Blair got it, before he got his God complex. I'm not suggesting Labour should go back to the full on Blairite approach but if they don't incorporate aspects of it and understand why it's important then quite frankly they are doomed.

    Could'nt put it better

    Their only chance is to go to further to the right or they are doomed

    Corbyn would be the End

  3. I predicted 3-1 with hope that the 1 wouldn't be a dead rubber win. The hope of Cardiff is now shattered, but that's been England's MO since last year.


    Surely someone has to pay a price or do we give them a last chance?

    Should be time to go for Lyth,Bell and Ballance even Butler aint scoring

    But knowing England they'll all get 1 more chance and then the Ashes are basically gone


    We hear you!!!!!

    Obviously Barry is a true socialist,wants everyone else wealth shared but not his

    Just like the multi millionaires Bob Geldof and Bono


  5. Cant see how GPs can staff weekends . My Wife works as a practice nurse , She is looking at going in a few years along with the other three nurses . Two health cares with lots of experiance have left and returned on less hours , two Drs are leaving within the nxt few months , how many trained people are around to replace people leaving - Not Many .

    Ask Labour they were going to pull loads out of the cupboard before the last election

  6. Ok. Let's use an example. Nick Clegg is an MP in a trivial party (by number of MPs) and has so little credibility that no one listens to him any more. He hasn't made a speech or done anything of note in Parliament since the election. What has he done to deserve a 10% pay rise?

    He was a Minister of State and was well paid. Now he's a backbench MP and gets a well paid job that reflects his lower responsibilities.

    The same could be said for 100's of MP'S, i mean do nothing of use

    Personally i'd cut the number in half we have far too many

    Wont happen but i can dream

  7. The US pays twice per head in STATE FUNDING what we do in the UK, that's on top of the bankrupting healthcare costs to individuals for insurance and co-pay against it.  The number one cause of personal bankruptcy in the US is healthcare costs and the amount of money doctors take out of the system is second only to the insurers.  The US can go fornicate itself when it comes to what they do with healthcare and if our doctors and nurses want to sell their souls to it then that's their own moral choice.

    My point was back in the 50/60/70 and even in the 80's we did train our own but after training them they would naff off for richer salaries,so it was alot easier to poach off poorer countries were our NHS salaries were higher.

    As for selling their souls give over, given a choice of California or Crewe i know which one most would choose

  8. Because we made a decision years ago that it was cheaper to poach the doctors and nurses from poorer foreign countries than train our own.  Essentially shafting the poorer countries for our own benefit.  Yay for first world purchasing power.

    I lived in north america from 74 to 79 most if not all of the doctors/dentists i had to visit in those years were Brits,who had emigrated like my family at the time,they not only moved for a better way of life but also significant salary increase due to financing of the health service over there(insurance based).

    This is something our NHS could never compete with even if we train our own they would do one for a better life and salary

    Imagine what the NHS budget would be if we paid the salaries to the top brits to stay here

  9. Yep and unchanged, blocked by all three main parties twice during the last Parliament from challenge by backbencher motions and Private Members' bills.


    IPSA board contains by statute an ex-MP, an ex-judge, someone who could be a statutory auditor and three lay members as selected by the Speaker.  About as truly independent as the Speaker governing Commons standards...

    So its not a tory based committee thats some are making out

  10. You were in all likelihood bumped by an overnight emergency that kicked out routines from the operating room then the tidy-up and cleaning time that always comes afterwards.  One of those things that you could never get around without ridiculously expensive redundancy of premises, staff and equipment and I hope you can understand that an emergency always will trump routine surgery.  It's not obviously a shortage of qualified staff.

    No not really when i arrived everthing was on target as i was hoping to get back to work after dinner so i asked,what did shock me was the number of foreign (not be racist btw)upper skills persons ie doctors,surgeons and so on

  11. Yes they did, the appointments to IPSA were made by the govt and as usual the positions were farmed out to their cronies.

    Strange that "Dave" felt ok at overruling the public workers pay rises but now claims he can't affect this one.

    Disengenuous is the word I believe, or liar as we say in working class circles.

    "Nobody has a basis for complaint" you're a giggle you are

    You do know the IPSA was set-up under Gordon Browns leadership?

  12. Can we afford to run a truly 7 days a week NHS? Is there the amount of doctors , consultants , nurses available ?

    Strangely enough i was in hospital today for a minor general aneasthetic op,i arrived a 8am waited until 11:15 for a bed to go to.

    Two older blokes who arrived at 1pm for the afternoon session were sent home at 4:30 as the theatre would'nt have time to do them

    So the 5 day week is still not possible,obviously its a shortage of qualified staff,you could throw extra billions more at the NHS and it still would'nt be enough as the skill shortage is obvious

  13. We have to look at the broader picture with the tube strikes.

    The Tory party and their pals want to destroy the unions and have since unions were first formed.

    Like any right wing party they want to rule with an iron rod and don't want debate. They want to keep working people down.

    The first thing a dictatorship does is try and destroy the unions. You only have to look at want happened under Hitler, Franco and Mussolini and the Latin American dictatorships.

    Good god

    Aint it funny that a lot of the former Union leaders in the 70/80 and 90s had connections to communist party or the looney left(same thing)and it highlights by who liked this the above quote

  14. Disagree, thought Childs reffed very well and certainly knocked the mouthing off on the head.


    I still can't believe nobody said anything about when Russell touched the ball behind his own line before putting his foot out of play, there was even a replay of it but Eddie was rambling on about the Stevo "no scrums" vote that it wasn't noticed. Should have been a drop out but a 20m tap was given.


    Unless, obviously, I've got it wrong?  :huh:

    Correct on both counts Childs was good and Russel did before he should

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