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    Boxing and Rugby League are my two main sports.
  1. Good luck to him. We might get a few Jamaicans next year then
  2. I have to disagree on this Point. They weren't the half backs needed then and I don't think they are now I'd swap Groat and Tonks around. Groat is good but he can be a real penalty machine at times.
  3. Not much came of it in the end lol, but I'll definitely keep trying!
  4. Pryce at 6&7? I'd have put Jamie Vardy and Muhammad Ali there personally
  5. My mate Dan has got a voluntary job with us Graham, he is a decent journo.
  6. Don't know where Leigh play Reynolds/want us to play Reynolds. Kain is a good scrum half though I wouldn't disagree with that choice. Where does that put Pryce though when Gudzek is back?
  7. Hopefully we have a few from more local amateur teams this time.
  8. It depends if drums are still banned or not. I'm planning to stand at the back (just me or a couple of us I don't know yet). Hopefully by about June/July time we will have a south stand that isn't afraid to start one themselves from the back and not to rely on me to do it for them. I only plan on standing at the back to get some atmosphere started for short periods of the game.
  9. Gudzek is injured and Sykes is a stand off (I see him there personally, a waste of a quality kicking game if not). That sees us down two centres at the moment pal.
  10. Hi guys, I'm not wanting to drags this on too much I just thought I'd an idea to see what people thought. I'm one of the few that tags along to games with the barmy army, I plan on improving atmosphere at home games (in the south stand in particular) and plan on stand at the back for short periods of the game to get a few chants set off. What do people think? I hope it's a well supported idea as I may aswell not bother if people don't think it's a good idea lol
  11. I was going to say Graham it was at Salford!
  12. A lack of centres though from my memory
  13. Which bus will you be on Equalizer?
  14. I don't see why you couldn't come if the dogs aren't playing PM, I normally go watch Batley play if we aren't playing and you're a home.
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