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  1. My biggest fear is that open age rugby is now sadly in decline having gone passed the tipping point. I sincerely hope that I am wrong but it's been several years now since the summer switch and the game at open age level doesn't look healthy at all.
  2. I went to watch my local NCL club yesterday and I was shocked as to how few people were watching the game. The clubhouse was like a ghost town an hour after the game. Speaking to people after the game the concensus of opinion is that this is pretty much the norm and that summer rugby is turning into a white elephant.
  3. Agreed, not a very neutral sounding piece from the NCL chairman More like an advertisement for dual registration. Personally I can't see this going through if it needs a two thirds majority - unless the RFL get the cheque book out and the empty promise book too that they used for the summer switch.
  4. Not many clubs going public about voting for dual registration. So that must mean the No votes have it surely?
  5. Stand by for the divide and conquer e mail. The club's need to stand up for themselves on this one and insist on a meeting and a show of hands at that meeting by member clubs. The last time they did anything by e mail they contacted plenty of folk no longer involved with the game and fudged the results. Only certain clubs will want or benefit from dual registration and if that's the case your gonna end up with only one team per town. Clubs will then drop out of the NCL and return to regional leagues due to not being able to compete.
  6. What a farce! Looks like this has been brought in through the back door! It's now up to the club's to stand up and say NO! Duel registration has been an unmitigated disaster at pro club level and will ruin the amatuer game. Time for some backbone from the club's and the club reps.
  7. A no win situation for either party this one However without the volunteers in the amatuer game in all capacities the game just won't exist. It's pretty galling when you have a person on a very good salary whom cant hold a rugby ball dictating to a seasoned volunteer with over twenty years of coaching and playing the game. The RFL NEED to take stock of the situation and re assess or the club's will just break away. The insurance policy that they offer is like having your car covered third party only as my son found out a few years ago having suffered a badly detached retina in one eye - you guessed it he got nothing!!! And the RFL are wondering why young people are put off by our game.
  8. Good luck with that one! Still no where near good enough to beat the kiwis n aussies over a competition.
  9. So now the truth comes out about who is calling the shots here n by the sounds of it SKY are now telling the RFL how to run and manage the game.
  10. Tell the pro clubs to sort out their own mess! They made the decision to cull A team rugby which was the correct vehicle for these very players. Dual registration hasn't worked out for the pro clubs so shouldn't they be learning a few lessons here? Reading between the lines of Peter Morans text he makes it sound like a done deal. This won't increase playing numbers at all this will see even more amatuer players leaving the game. The summer experiment has been a massive flop certainly at open age level but the NCL committee and the RFL just won't admit it.
  11. Participation - down Funding - down Playing standards - down Top class home grown half backs - where are they? People leaving the amatuer game - rising. All part of the bigger plan to beat the aussies - but we still lag behind and still can't compete with them and the kiwis! !! The RFL seem to be doing a great job! In a sport that is judged by results isn't it high time the top people at the RFL took a look at their very own achievements as they seem to be failing in every department (see points raised above). Whatever happened to the so called world cup legacy?
  12. One major issue at the moment certainly at open age level is the lack of a good insurance policy. One that would cover the recurrent injuries in the game not just the major ones. Very few players can afford to be off work with a broken leg for example especially the married players with children and household bills.
  13. We also have over 50 players signed on for our open age team whom have all played this season but struggle to get a regular 17 week in week out. Dame lies and statistics - what's the difference?
  14. Very easy Start a masters team Get 30-40 players to "sign on" Only half a dozen training Not yet to play a game. That's 30-40 players on "the active playing register" The easiest thing in the world to manipulate is statistics.
  15. Without being given a viable alternative choice what option do these clubs have. I've said it before and I'm gonna repeat it again Get off your knees and start kicking back Against this tyranny of a ###### poor committee that's just intent of rolling over to the RFL cause they have been bought off. Rise up off your knees n do the right thing and fight for your futures and that of your clubs. Roll over and kiss your future goodbye.
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