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  1. I would think the real reason we hear talk of Elland Road expansion has to do with the rumoured Qatari (same people that own PSG) takeover of LU. If that happens, then there's really no ceiling to what ER could become.
  2. Cripes forgot that it's the country code for Ireland too.
  3. Because in the league the stadium is more or less sold out most of the time. I guess you just read 'Emptihad' and stuck with the narrative. Since when did advertising to sell tickets became a taboo in sport?
  4. Vomit-inducing. A name change does nothing of the sort. At least when it was the RLIF, it didn't have to compete with a much more popular abbreviation (in real life).
  5. Not even remotely the same thing. One index has the Premier League as the No. 1 league in the world and the Australian league as the 67th best league in the world. If you think the difference between NRL and SL is on the same level, you're taking the mickey.
  6. If I were a casual sports fan looking for something to watch, I'd be much more inclined to watch Green Bay vs New England than New York vs Washington. No one, apart from you it seems, watches sport based on the names of the teams involved. Where you may be right at a stretch is that people from Manchester and Liverpool may be more inclined to watch if those were the team names. But someone from Leicester or Kansas City probably won't give a hoot what the team is playing. If they know and like RL, they may choose to watch. If they don't, they're probably not gonna watch even if it's New York vs London.
  7. Good god almighty..... About as realistic as a Van Gogh...
  8. Only the clueless ones. In fairness there was a QLD team in the playoffs, just got bungled out straight away.
  9. It actually is pretty black and white most of the time. It's a science, not an art. I was 100% right. NRL GF averaged 2.64m, falling well short of last year's GF of 3m. It was also one of the worst rated finals in many a year. That's what you get when Canberra is in it.
  10. Teams that score a try shouldn't receive the ball again. I get that it rewards attacking teams, and allows for teams trailing to make up ground faster, but I'm of the view there should be a change of possession to allow the other team a set of six. Dump the 40/20. 3 subs. Once you make them, that's it. It will introduce fatigue, remove some of the influence of big men, and hopefully lower the amount of hit ups per set as smaller, lighter, more skillful players come to the fore. If you are in possession of the ball with 80 minutes gone, you can finish off your set before whistle blows for full time. Try = 5 points. Conversion = 1 point. Penalty = 2 points. Drop goal = 1 point.
  11. 550k in Melbourne watched last year's GF. A fraction of that will watch this year's with no Storm. There's just no way it'll be able to make up the difference. The only salvation might have been a Queensland side making the GF.
  12. Last year's final was Roosters Melbourne, two teams from the two biggest cities. This year Canberra is in it. I give it a 2% chance of beating last year's, as most of Victoria will tune out now that Storm are done.
  13. The Canberra game was a preliminary final, the AFL game was a grand final. The headline clearly states State of Origin set to be highest rated show of the year, which it will be, so what's hyperbolic about it?
  14. It feels like every time we talk about Australia, it needs to be mentioned that Australia is unlike any country on the planet when it comes to sport. I have no knowledge of any country that is split down the middle as Australia in terms of its sporting preference. The NRL is like football is in the UK in New South Wales and Queensland, whereas the AFL is like football is in the UK in Victoria, South Australia and West Australia. The difference is like walking from one country into another, and it can't be overstated enough. The good news for RL is that NSW and Queensland are two of the three biggest states. Good result for RL, but considering coverage of the sport is akin to football in England, it should come as no surprise that Englishmen, or any RL player for that matter, are household names. They're on the back pages every day.
  15. It's absolutely dreadful and distracting, whether painted or virtual.
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