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  1. I don't need context or an explanation. This entire thread is a massive overreaction to something that isn't an issue. That RL has been mistreated by the media is no secret. That the BBC brass promote their favoured game is no secret either. Where I reserve my annoyance with the media, RU and the people that follow it is when they release nonsense propaganda directly targeting Rugby League. This? This is a joke. I don't care if someone ignores RL. I take umbrage when they attack it directly. Which is why, for instance, I'd be much more interested in the BBC taking an active approach to deleting every troll comment on RL articles it publishes, rather than making sure it adds sporting context for the 60 year old women that watch travel shows. Should the BBC, which takes a license fee from millions who prefer RL over RU, do more to promote the game? Absolutely. But this totally minute detail on a travel show, which makes no commentary on the state of the sport in Britain, is not a reason for outrage. I've had my say in this thread, and won't make any further input after this. RU is by far and away the worst piece of turgid trash to ever grace this good world, and everyone who follows it deserves to burn in misery in the firey pits of hell. As someone who actively despises RU, I'm bemused that this thread has gotten some of the response it has. You'd think we were talking about a Stephen Jones article. Keep fighting the good fight. There are bigger battles ahead.
  2. No, no, you're right, they just want the good people of England to know that RU is smalltime in Oz and RL is the big fish because.... reasons.
  3. If you've been reading the last few pages, the answer is yes, some do believe that.
  4. Why does this matter? What difference does it make if journos write that or not? It's not going to convert anyone to RU if they think RU is a major sport in Australia. People are delusional across all walks of life. You cant make everyone see your point of view and agree with it. Why get bothered over a non mention in a travel show which no one other than a few outraged TRL members would even notice.
  5. What does that even mean? A short term 'event', such as the RL world cup final held at Wembley, in front of 90,000 people and millions watching on TV, with England beating Australia with a last-gasp try has the potential to create a legion of lifelong fans. This travel show has the potential of making someone want to spend their summer holidays in Queensland. This drip-drip effect has nothing on the power of watching a single game on TV, or by playing a single game with friends. This is why the drip-drip effect is so weak, and it's why RU is a shadow of football even in a country where private school toffs run the media. There's no substitute to being exposed a sport firsthand.
  6. Of course there's a bias. No one is denying the BBC promotes RU over RL. They may even promote RU over football for all I know. To be honest I don't watch much TV outside sports programming. As I said above in another post, England winning the Six Nations will have an effect on RU's popularity in ways that 'drip drip' effect never will.
  7. Thank you for demonstrating my point so perfectly. In your world, people sitting at home watching the show would've heard that RL is the major sport in Queensland, and.......... what happens next? Would they all convert to RL knowing that Queenslanders like it? What is it exactly that you think would change if this segment had been presented differently? The answer is nothing of course, but I'm curious to hear your take anyway. The segment did nothing for either sport, and only managed to rile up the small number of diehard fans who are outraged by every perceived discrimination, even when said discrimination makes no mention of RL.
  8. What do you think had more of an effect? Six Nations, winning 2003, being a perennial contender on the international stage.....or travel shows?
  9. Yeah, Mourinho is a die hard union fan...must be all the travel shows he watches
  10. Did you only pick up on it because you're an avid RL fan, conveniently overlooking all the other places in BBC travel shows that don't plug the most popular sport in the city they're passing through? Or are you upset because it happened in RL heartlands. I'm asking because it seems like you're keeping tabs. To answer your question, maybe the presenter, or even the producer of the show, really like RU, and so decided to incorporate that into the piece. As I said in the comment you quoted, it doesn't matter how much BBC toffs promote RU through their shows, it's not going to have any real effect on what people follow. There are too many bigger influencers of sporting fandom than bloody travelling shows to make any difference. The BBC have promoted RU for a long time, and still the nation is mostly indifferent to the game. This isn't going to move the needle.
  11. How does the perception of what people play in Queensland have any bearing on the sporting interests of Britons? Despite all the toffs who come through the British Brainwashing Corporation to indoctrinate us sheep into liking what they like, RU isn't adored by all and sundry, and remains irrelevant in RL territory. On the list of things that influence sporting fandom, not talking about RL in a travel show is somewhere between 120 and 130 on the list.
  12. Let's say it's the ultimate conspiracy, designed to put down RL. If that's the case, are you assuming that everyone who watched the show is going to turn around and say, 'Well, you know what, bloody hated RU before, but now that I know they play it in Queensland, sod this lark I've been following all my life, when's the next Sale Sharkies game on?' I reckon 3 people who watched the show took any note of that, and all of them are members on TotalRL.
  13. That is correct. Saying football is top down in US is flatout wrong. You could make a case that the only reason why MLS is where it is today is because of three things: massive player base going back decades, hosting a World Cup, and benefiting from globalisation through the internet and cable with all the access to international leagues that brings. It's been a beneficiary of things going on around it, not a driver of interest. 1984 was still a solid decade before MLS kicked off, so your theory is incorrect. For what it's worth, professional leagues and clubs in soccer don't generally invest any significant amount in grassroots. That doesn't happen in England, so not sure why you think it would in the US. That is the remit of the governing body, which oversees participation.
  14. Annoying when growth is put in percentage terms. 11% growth could mean 100 participants risen to 111. If you’re not confident enough to put total numbers, it’s probably not that substantial a rise. Still, Growth better than decline.
  15. The beautiful game came about cos it was popularised by one of the game’s greats, Pele, in his book. For the people who follow the sport, it probably doesnt sound arrogant when it’s used. To those that dont, there’s nothing beautiful about it. Same with TGG. It’s used affectionately by fans of the game. If people get upset by it, they werent planning on watching RL in the first place.
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