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  1. I suspect everyone who is overweight already knows that people around them know they're overweight. I don't agree with fat-shaming, but I do agree with not promoting unhealthy body image.
  2. Yes but they will be 1mm infront of the defender, ie daylight, unfair advantage. Not now where we punish for being practically fully inline with defender
  3. It'd make a huge difference. Right now, you have to be completely behind the defender to be on side. I'm suggesting that the any part of the foot just needs to be in line with defender to be onside. This week alone, it would've resulted in 3 goals being scored that were called offside that I saw. One of them took 3 minutes for VAR to decide it was offside, because the attacker was 1mm infront of defender. The benefit should go to the attacking team. The point of offside rule wasn't to punish the attacking team. It was to stop cherrypicking. Being 1mm offside doesn't constitute cherrypicking.
  4. Vomit inducing opinion from guardian on womens football vs cricket https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jun/10/womens-world-cup-match-breaks-tv-audience-record I guess whenever 6 nattions is on, RU becomes the nation’s most popular sport.
  5. Commiserations. Theres always next year. With tavares, marner and matthews, youd figure theyd make it past the 1st round one day. But hey, as it turns out, a 4-3 loss to the to-be newly crowned stanley cup champs doesnt look so bad now!
  6. Big fan of ice hockey. Flames fan since the early days of Iginla.
  7. Back on topic It’s time for ifab to change offside law. If any part of foot is in line with defender it should be onside.
  8. Fan of the Jets going back to the Chad Pennington days
  9. 77 articles on the WWC since June 1 on the Guardian. Go tally up the rugby league articles since June 1 2018., let alone the last RLWC...
  10. Not endangered at all. Plenty of us everywhere last I looked. Not at all, big fan of the NFL.
  11. What concerns? I have no concerns about womens football getting the coverage it gets. I know fully why it’s getting its coverage, and it has little to do with clicks. Edit: And of course the Rooney Rule is more PC nonsense. But what annoys me most about it is that British reporters have adopted a name for it straight from gridiron. The Rooney Rule...named after..uh, Wayne? Mick? Oh, some nobody no Brit would recognise. Brill. And remember folks, in his own words, Sol Campbell is the best mind in football. Just needs to be given the keys to the Bernebeu to show us.
  12. If in doubt, go look at the coverage on the Guardian of the tournament. It’s positively absurd. There are agendas to push here. To hell with actual demand or interest.
  13. Womens sport gets a free pass cos, you know. And also because few are watching. This was supposed to be the biggest World Cup, but current average of 18,500 is well down on previous one in Germany that had 26,000.
  14. No one is biting because they’re all embarrassed and have nothing to come back with because all Ive used are facts. Liverpool are losers and their wait for a title now stretches to 30 years. Their fawning over Klopp highlights what a loser’s mentality has enveloped that club.
  15. Klopp is 0/3 in european finals. A serial winner this lad.
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