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  1. fair point, suppose you can claim he was as he will have earned his call up from his performances in a barrow shirt. he was a quality player for us in the little time we had him
  2. found this - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_European_Cup Ireland beat Serbia on 18th October 2009 in the European cup, both Liam Harrison and Dave Allen scored for Ireland.
  3. Liam Harrison and Dave Allen for Ireland in 2009? got a feeling Liam was named in squad but maybe pulled out injured, could be wrong though.
  4. really hoping for a tough tight game but I think this will be a game too far for Salford, saints by 16 points (at least) for me.
  5. yeah a great signing. I thought a couple of seasons back when we beat Haven in the league 1 play off final he was outstanding, a proper leader on the field too.
  6. i'd rather watch a team of players wanting to win, we would have got that from DR as they all would want to prove themselves as opposed to what we had this season. hope you are proven regarding it paying off in the long term and also hope the club has plans to make it to the long term. its the short term future I worry about.
  7. hope what you say is right and that the players we have stuck by (the ones worth keeping) show the same loyalty next season to the club.
  8. all of our rivals this season used DR heavily and they survived where we are now relegated. If you agree with it or not, teams who strengthen their side with DR players get better results, with Workington the exception it appears. end of the day, rugby league is a results based business. we are now going into league 1 where we will lose a lot of income as a result which will knock the club back.
  9. there are amateurs who have been asked to go to the raiders in the past and have declined as they can earn more working an overtime on a sunday and still play for their amateur side on a Saturday. As for the dual reg, I think we missed out big time by not doing this. I get all the comments about its unfair on lads at the club who get dropped but in the big scheme of things, us not going for DR has probably what caused us to be relegated. the other teams who we were battling with to stay up all used DR and it payed off for them. We are now in a position where we are going into a league where we are going to lose cash from funding and through the gate. away followings are pretty poor on the whole in championship but they will be a lot worse in league 1, add to that the support we will lose from the 'now and then' home supporters.
  10. Steve probably ain’t happy but when some of your big signings don’t show for you what can you do. Taking Hock out of it, Spedding was the biggest disappointment for me. he ruined us at last years summer bash for Sheffield and looked pure quality. Then pulls on a raiders shirt and goes to rats. I also believe a game plan of 5 drives didn’t help him so tactically he was probably penalised. Maybe as a club we are better bringing in players to play to a specific game plan. If we are to keep our style of up the middle, let’s sign some big forwards rather than expensive backs who are not part of a game plan.
  11. Hodgson and Roby would be tough to split. i'd maybe start with roby then bring Hodgson on as they are starting to tire a bit. I like clark but a few good games doesn't move him above the other 2 for me.
  12. sad to say but the NRL team is miles ahead of anything we could put together. Be like the international game has been for years, we could pretty much match them upfront but the halves and backs are a different gravy to what we can offer.
  13. The ref doesn't make a team miss tackles, make a team play with no enthusiasm, have no game plan! I for one don't care who the ref is and I think Hewer is pretty decent to be fair.
  14. when did the fans take the blame? the one up rugby is not impressive though
  15. Same experience for me. Only been twice but the Catalan fans were friendly and welcoming, same as you find when you go to Toulouse.
  16. who from our current squad would be dropped for any of these listed above? I don't think many would make our starting 17 if any.
  17. Gus Tyson


    Cresswell was great. Saved us a few times, Hopefully our fullback for years to come.
  18. Gus Tyson


    The lack of options in attack is what’s killed us most of the season. If the game was won on effort and trying to run it up the middle we would be top. As it’s not and requires skill and players creating openings, we’re where we are for not having the ability to do that. The championship is a 2 tier league for me. As a club in the bottom half we need to beat the poorer sides of the league, especially at home which we haven’t always done. You will always pick up the odd shock result, such as Fev away but the key is the home games. The likes of Swinton at home is a must win and it will be the games like that which will relegate us. Leigh are always tough and I’d never expect a win against them, a team full of decent players who know how to win and manage games. As for the doom and gloom comment, I’d say it’s realism and nothing else. The key is planning for next year now, we’re running out of games and results are going against us
  19. As you say, not championship standard which is like most of our team. I don’t believe that charnock has been one of our worst players this year for what it’s worth.
  20. Gus Tyson


    Have to agree it’s over. Results gone against us we would hope for wins in our favour. Nothing you can do against teams like Leigh who have players a level above most of ours. We simply aren’t good enough to stay up. Can see why we allowed our best player to leave last week to reduce the wage bill
  21. The rams still got to play Rochdale so I’d say that’s another 2 points for them. i think it’s not looking good for us at all.
  22. Fair play to Toulouse, a big, strong, quick and very well drilled side. Just too much for us to handle. Some of the barrow players looked tired which can be fully appreciated given the mad fixtures we’ve had crammed in. The barrow try though, amazing from Ritson, pure skill to dance through like that. I personally didn’t think barrow played that bad, they were just that much bigger and faster which was too much for us to stick with and Ford was class with his movement and passing.
  23. agree, great to see. Well done to Flem and everyone else who has got involved with this
  24. difficult call, carter has done nothing wrong at all but think he might lose out to experience this week. he will get plenty more chances
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