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  1. Cherry Red is on the soundtrack of The Gallows Pole (second episode) A song that’s stood the test of time. Recorded in ‘69 it wouldn’t be out of place if released today.
  2. Gyles Brandreth comes across as an annoying, knowing all prat. Can’t stand the man.
  3. Big congratulations to Mrs Moose and junior Moose who both completed the race. The wife said it was brutal my son said it was f****** brutal. Both were between 15 and 20 mins outside their best times Kevin Sinfield is truly wonderful human being.
  4. Well said Johnny, for a country of so called animal lovers to allow this barbaric event to take place is a disgrace.
  5. Great win Haven,I see you nilled them in second half. Impressive
  6. Even with a broken finger! Brilliant from Munster. 12 all
  7. TO by 30 Barrow by 6 Fax by 10 Broncos by 2 Sheffield by 8 Swinton by 24
  8. I also went in 1980 to see Ginger Baker. His band played the opening number and Ginger wasn’t happy with the way his drums had been set up, he uttered some expletives, threw his sticks away and stormed off stage. Definitely the shortest concert I’ve ever been to. The Fforde Green pub at the time was the biggest seller of Tetleys ale in Leeds. It’s now an Asian supermarket.
  9. The writer (Sally Wainwright) was born in Huddersfield and brought up in Sowerby Bridge which as well as Halifax and Hebden Bridge are the settings for the programme. She now lives in Oxfordshire. The main actor (Sarah Lancashire) was born in Oldham.
  10. Why do certain posters finish their post with ‘just saying’?
  11. I’m happy to see you’ve got the trio of Laidlaw books by William Mcilvanney available to read and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Ian Rankin was allowed by his widow and his publishers to complete his last unfinished novel The Dark Remains which was published last year.
  12. Being a fan of mince pies I’ve had them from most supermarkets. My favourite is Aldi followed by Morrisons, but instead of cream I like mine with a wedge of Cheddar or Wensleydale cheese. Home made are ok but they need eating straight away, they don’t keep very well.
  13. Lovely photo Gaza, is that Stoodley Pike in the distance?
  14. Good shout Ivan, one of the few shows where sound isn’t required.
  15. I’ll be watching Countdown less now that Colin Murray has taken over as host. So annoyingly, look at me aren’t I clever.
  16. I’ve watched 3 episodes of Rogue Heroes, like you not overly impressed with the first one, in the third there’s plenty of action. I didn’t know beforehand that the SAS started out this way. You live and learn.
  17. Just finished watching the series, a belting story, plenty of action and the final episode leaves you with more questions than answers. Thankfully a second series is planned. Loved the soundtrack and the use of subtitles.
  18. At my age I’m happy to open my eyes every morning and realise I’m still alive. Even better when I get out of bed and everything is still in working order
  19. Ebbsfleet v Fleetwood in FA Cup being shown on ITV. One of Ebbsfleet’s sponsors 247 Blinds is the main Hunslet RLFC sponsor. About every 5 mins the perimeter advertising shows 247 Blinds and then Hunslet RLFC, so we shall again, all in Hunslet’s colours. It’s a bit left field advertising wise but it’s great to see.
  20. Jackie Leven. If you haven’t heard him before you’re in for a treat.
  21. If it floats their boat why not. It’s doing you no harm.
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