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  1. Best game I’ve watched this year. Fabulous effort from both sides, great defence from Eels. Hard attritional rugby, no quarter given by either team. They deserve a few pints tonight
  2. Charlie Wabo, Michael Mark and Nico Slain all played for Hunslet about ten years ago.
  3. A few years since I was in the West Riding pub, a proper pub, great records on the Juke Box plus real ale. Unfortunately Sunday clashes with Hunslet v Coventry.
  4. Too many fancying a Hunslet win v Rochdale, don’t like it, makes me nervous
  5. I believe his hair used to belonged to someone else and most of his face is a lot younger than 90 years
  6. https://www.picturedrome.net/Venue-Guide.htm
  7. 22 Gold Bleep not 5 or 6 and a combined total of 65 medals. Well done to all the competitors, I’ve really enjoyed the games and the BBC coverage. One slight criticism of the coverage, too much chatting from the commentators/pundits in the studios.
  8. https://hunsletrlfc.com/team/club-statement-zach-braham/
  9. Jealousy is a terrible trait Bleep. You’ll no doubt be even more annoyed to learn that Yorkshire enjoys four special days, one each for the Three Ridings and August 1st for the whole of Yorkshire.
  10. I was in Market Weighton on Monday and pleased to see the main street bedecked with both the Union Jack and Yorkshire flags, a wonderful sight. The more I drive around the county just lately the more Yorkshire flags I see. Driving through Bubwith (the county has some wonderful village names) I passed a cottage with jars of local honey on sale, £4 for a 1lb jar, marvellous value, nobody to take your money just an honesty jar for you to put it in.
  11. You say that but some of these people are walking away with thousands of pounds.
  12. Just finished watching it. Utter tosh. I loved it, the wife hated it. I’m feeling quietly pleased and slightly smug, serves her right for the years of misery heaped on my shoulders subjecting me to the endless stupid, turgid episodes of Eastenders and Emmerdale.
  13. It was the nickname of Alan Preece, Hunslet centre from the late 50’s early 60’s. He was a hard, direct running player, probably why the fans called him Moose.
  14. Love it Josef, just found their live Marquee performance on YouTube
  15. A great live band and they’re playing at Holmfirth Picturedrome my favourite small venue. August 24th. I’ve decided not to go, everything being open and a small packed hall. A bit too soon for me.
  16. If like me you can’t find a used copy of one of the books PM me and I’ll gladly put it in the post for you. The 13th book, aptly titled The Thirteen Gun Salute eluded me for years. I eventually ended up with two copies both bought on the same day. I found one in a Sue Ryder charity shop and Mrs Moose , fed up of hearing me moaning that I couldn’t find a copy had also bought me it online. It was delivered later the same day.
  17. I can’t recommend them highly enough. I saw the same film about 10 years ago and then bought the book. Master and Commander is the first book in a twenty book series. It follows the naval career and personal life of Jack Aubrey and his ship’s surgeon and British spy Dr Stephen Maturin. It’s fictional but extremely accurate in the dates and nautical terms of its time. I have the full series, collected from second hand and charity shops. One thing you must do is read them in order, they follow each other chronologically as he travels the world. They are probably my favourite series of books.
  18. I must have missed the Italy v Spain semi final, what was the score?
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