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  1. Another Knights player whose future remains unresolved is Salter. With the number of centers signed it looks increasingly unlikely that he will be retained.
  2. Anyone know the reason for Marsh’s omission?. I thought he missed the last 2 matches due to covid isolation. How could he have picked up an injury whilst isolating?.
  3. Sorted now having managed to navigate the site.
  4. Is anyone else having problems booking tickets for Cup Final?. The system takes me through to the Eticketing site which announces that tickets are currently off sale!. I am a Knights Season ticket holder.
  5. Great to see Kris Brinning back to his old confident and aggressive self. He made a number of sniping darts from the play the ball, one resulting in a try. It was different against the Bulls when the ball was immediately passed on.
  6. So none of last weeks moaners surfacing this week talking about SL big time charlies only here for the money. The Knights have not changed from a totally clueless under par team to a Championship winning side in the space of a week. What the armchair critics fail to take into account is the quality of the opposition and that reflects on how well you are allowed to play. Still someone has referred to todays opposition as “tripe”to explain the change of fortune. There was an element of improvement in execution this week however there has not been a seed change in the team’s ability and endeavour in the space of a week. Let’s not rush to over criticise or over praise on the result of one or two performances but do so over a season performance.
  7. Criteria cover the categories a. Market Size and Commercial Potential b. Future Performance and Growth Plans c. Playing Performance d. Facilities and ability to host live TV Broadcast and key partners e. Finance and Sustainability f. Ownership, Management and Governance The Knights could compare well against other applicants based on this criteria.
  8. It’s 10 days since we last had a Knights related article in the York Press. With the first friendly about to kick off it would be good to get some team news. How is training going, are there any injury concerns ? etc. Come on Press keep us informed!.
  9. Don’t you think they already have Super league quality players?.
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