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  1. It’s 10 days since we last had a Knights related article in the York Press. With the first friendly about to kick off it would be good to get some team news. How is training going, are there any injury concerns ? etc. Come on Press keep us informed!.
  2. How did you manage to do this?. When I go to the Knights website and follow the link to synchronize the 2020 fixtures to my calendar, I can only find the Stanza 2019 Knights fixtures.
  3. Don’t you think they already have Super league quality players?.
  4. Although I have sympathy for Fev fans, whose team put up a valiant performance against Toronto, I am more than pleased to see Toronto out of the Championship and into Superleague. As a result we can look forward to renewing our great Derby rivalry with our neighbours Fev.
  5. Will the Knights TV interviewer buy a muffler for his microphone to prevent the wind drowning out the conversations.
  6. Greatly enjoyed coverage as could not get to the match because holidaying in Madeira The two commentators must be hugely disappointed that Fev lost because every time York scored it was just down to Fev tired bodies, however whenever Fev scored it was a well worked try. Plus if Fev had taken their second half chances they would have won at a canter according to one of the commentators.Who cares a well deserved great win for the Knights.
  7. The coverage of York Knights this week has been poor with no information about team selection, injuries or suspensions. All we have seen is the squad selection. Is this a sign of things to come following the departure of Peter Martini.
  8. For those going to the match are there any plans to congregate at any particular area of the ground. Anyone used their website to pre purchase tickets?.
  9. Not at all surprised to see Heckford dropped after his performance at Featherstone Offered nothing either in attack or defence.
  10. Agree totally HaxbyKnight. Three Fax fans, walking out early, turned to the York supporters and said Fax have been absolute rubbish today. What they couldn’t bring themselves to say was that their team had played well and given their all and been beaten by a better team.
  11. Isn’t the Hull K R Frenchman called Franck Thibault ?.
  12. It is strange the wall of silence surrounding Ed Smith. Just over a season ago our ex captain and local poster boy was starring in the Knights revival and attracting attention from Premier Division side Salford. Unfortunately he then receives a serious knee injury which rules him out for the rest of the season. No treatment is forthcoming for months and after a few weeks of seeing him hobbling around on crutches at Bootham Crescent, he disappears from the scene never to be heard of again. Has his injury forced him into retirement ? and if so it would have been nice for the club to have announced this and recognised his service to the Knights. Can someone in the know within the Club please respond to the repeated requests for information.
  13. Yes it’s available on the BBC iplayer for the next 28 days.
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