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  1. OK ! I'll start the discussion:- (a) It's a 'must win' game and (b) NEVER underestimate the opposition.
  2. It appears that Tyler Dupree is unhappy at Salford. It would be good if we could tempt him to come back !
  3. I have to say that, after more than 25 years (a full quarter of a century !) since we left our beloved Watersheddings, this fantastic news seems difficult to believe and has yet to sink in, What more can I say except "I'm proud to be a Roughyed".
  4. That makes two of us that'll never forget or forgive that decision.
  5. Yeah ! It could have been Rochdale Hairnets ! !
  6. ArthurO


    Headingley. Sunday. 5th October 2014. Result: Hunslet 17 Oldham 16 I was there. With a broken heart. Revenge is mine, sayeth the Roughyed !
  7. ArthurO

    Just Chat

    anyone better than Paul Sculthorpe ? Yes. Kevin Sinfield.
  8. It looked a bit 'dodgy' when they were 12 points ahead as we approached half-time. They looked faster, more enthusiastic and more determined than we did. Did we underestimate them ? ? Fortunately we scored a morale-boosting try under the sticks right on the half-time hooter. Don't know what Littler said to the lads at half-time but we looked like a different team when we came out in the second-half. The Cornish lads tired as the game wore on and we started to 'pull away' from them. But, all credit to them. Even in the face of yet another defeat , they never gave up, they never stopped running, they never backed-off, never shirked or dropped-off a tackle. I know. I was there. Anyway, well done Roughyeds. "A win is a win" (as they say) and they're all important as the season draws to a close.
  9. ArthurO


    So do I. It was yet another in our long list of sad days and another nail in our coffin. And, I'm happy to be corrected on this point BUT if I remember correctly, Widnes went into 'administration' or 'Bankcrupt' the day after their victory because, in order to beat us that day, they spent more money on players than they could afford. Yet they weren't 'penalised'. They retained a place in Super League and we were denied.
  10. ArthurO


    Based on this performance, it's hard to see where the next win this season, if any, will come from. And that includes against Cornwall !
  11. ArthurO


    I've had a premonition and I've foreseen the result. It may come as no surprise to say that one side will NOT be pleased with the result. However, I'm not prepared to say which of the two sides will be the winner at this point in time. Suffice to say that one set of fans will be very happy and the other set, won't.
  12. ArthurO


    It is of no consolation to say but, as little as two weeks ago even Cornwall, who hadn't won a game all season, managed to score 12 points against Keighley and at the same time restrict them to a score of 56 points. That's six points LESS than what Keighley have just scored against us !
  13. So was I. It WAS a try. I still hate Holdsworth. And I always will.
  14. And after the result against Lock Lane in the cup, we thought it couldn't possibly get any worse. How wrong we were !
  15. Curly. Yes. You're correct. My apologies. I meant to say Mount Peasant, NOT Crown Flatt.
  16. John. Yes. You're correct. My apologies. I meant to say Mt. Pleasant, not Crown Flatt.
  17. (Quote) "It was a freezing cold day and there was about six inches of snow. There was an altercation just before half-time. I was fighting with a Batley player. I was up against a fence, and someone grabbed me by the hair. I got out of the fight, turned around and a woman was laughing, still grabbing my hair. I can’t remember what I said" (Unquote) Crown Flat. I was there. It all happened in the covered stand about 10 feet directly in front of me. What he said isn't repeatable here. The players got involved and the crowd rushed forwards to the barrier and got involved. All slapping and shouting. It was a complete 'melee'. Nobody seemed to have a clue what was going on. Or why. It all happened really quickly. Bottom line is, he got sent off. To make matters worse, Batley played down the slope in the second half and we lost. John Cogger was a great player in a team that was always a 100% pleasure to watch. Thanks for the memories, John. We were so near, yet so far, from Wembley. I still 'dislike' Holdsworth. With a passion !
  18. Stronger opposition ? ? ? Hey, we're only playing Rochdale Hairnets, not St Helens.
  19. It may seem an obvious question but, with a performance like this and also against the amateurs of Lock Lane, WHY would people keep coming back ??
  20. ArthurO

    Get well soon

    Dear Anita. That is merely your PREDICTION. You seem to have ignored the fact that we are the Roughyeds. And we are not 'Predictable'.
  21. Anita. Actually, I was there. No, it wasn't a forward pass. Not only did your left-winger (the try scorer) put his foot in touch but to add insult to injury he bounced the ball and failed to ground it correctly over the try line. As the video replay (if there had been one at the time) would have clearly shown. NO TRY should have been the correct result. "We was robbed". As always. We shall seek our long-awaited revenge at Easter.
  22. It WAS a try. I know. I was there. I stood on the terrace about 10 yards away from where Lordy started to run. He was on side. And I still hate Holdsworth.
  23. Yes. It was another awesome performance at the home of Widnes, the World Champions. And, it was arguably, even better than our result against Wigan. I know. I was there on both occasions. Sadly, the question is "Will we ever play against either of them, again ?" If only we could turn back time.
  24. And, sadly, you weren't the only one that was fuming and kept awake last night ! !
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