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    Next season

    'Ang on a minute. We didn't 'take' your old coach. You didn't want him. You threw him out. He was sacked last July. Oh, well. That's your loss (as they say).
  2. Actually Oldham 'Nomads' may be more appropriate ?
  3. I don't know if this is a little 'off topic' but, in the context of 'attendance at sporting events in Cornwall'. I live about three miles away from United Downs (stock cars and bangers) Raceway in St Day. The racetrack is about five miles away from Penryn, where the rugby club would be based, but it's much harder to get to as the roads on the Downs get progressively smaller/narrower. The racetrack itself is situated in the center of a long-gone copper mine. The area around the track is huge. When I attended the race meeting on Sunday just gone (31st Oct) although it's obviously difficult to put an exact figure on the attendance because it's an open, embanked, no-terracing, oval around the track perimeter, I would guestimate there to be about 3,000 people (male and female) of all ages. The weather wasn't good, it rained, bring your own chairs and there's no shelter. I guestimate about seven or eight hundred cars in the official (waste ground) car park with many more parked out on the roads and industrial estates adjacent to the official car park. It took me about 45 minutes to exit through the gate after the race ended. BUT, this is the point, stock car and banger racing truly is a 'minority sport' with little or no media 'exposure'. Yet on Sunday there were drivers racing their cars there that had come down from Rochdale, Sheffield, Ormskirk and a town in Essex amongst many other places not in Cornwall. During the course of the year there are regular 'Challenge Cup' races between English and Scottish drivers. Nobody complains about the distance they have had to travel in order to get there even though they are pulling a racing car on a heavy trailer behind their team vans and/or wagons. Sadly, due to historical 'political' circumstances the racetrack may not have a future in 2022. Perhaps some of that big crowd (by Championship /League 1 standards) could be attracted to a 'New' sporting event (R.L), on a Sunday, just a mere five miles away ? ? Who knows ? ?
  4. There are 15 of them on the emblem. They are actually called 'Bezants'. They are meant to represent solid gold coins produced by the government of the Byzantine Empire in the 11th Century. Those gold coins were highly prized and, in an heraldic context, the 'Bezants' symbolise the 'wealth' of Cornwall from the days (long ago) when it mined most of the world's tin and copper and set the fixed price (in Redruth) for those metals all around the world.
  5. Christian. Does this really mean we shall be seeing our all-conquering 'Roughyeds' again next season ?
  6. Having just spent all day today, as I have, down in sunny Falmouth and in particular inside the National Maritime Museum overlooking the Carrick Roads, the Roseland Peninsular and the town's bustling harbour with an Australian Billionair's mega super yacht moored on the floating pontoons then, yes, it may be a 'close run race' between Falmouth and Dewsbury. Possibly with Falmouth edging it by a 'short head' so to speak !
  7. Rugby League in Cornish is:- 'Kesunyans Rugbi'
  8. "Kesunyans Rugbi" I should know. I live about 5 miles away from the Penryn Rugby Club ! !
  9. Well. There's a long, long, way to go but It's a good start and a step in the right direction.
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