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  1. I'll be timekeeper so come over and say Hello.
  2. Barrow, Cougars, Town and a draw at Hunslet. Don't like predicting our game, but we are at home and we are on a roll and we will have a big crowd,......so lets make it seven on the trot!
  3. UPDATE: The Supporters coach leaves Wrexham at 11:30 and NOT 12:00. Dont be late! There will be a short (and I mean short) Supporters Trust meeting in the big marquee at 1pm. Two topics. Supporters Trust recruitment and Play Retention.
  4. We normally take a 53-seater coach but there were a lot on holiday, Wales RL U-16s and U-17s were playing against England in Eirias Park, Colwyn Bay (about 700 at that event)and we still have a lot of people who wont travel due to close contact/covid fears....remember Wales had different rules and we returned to playing in from tho crowds far later than England. 16 on our bus, plus a handful of cars too, Id say about 25 Cru fans there, so you had a tremendous crowd. Were hoping to top 1000 for our home game against Rochdale
  5. Its a Bank Holiday weekend so give yourself plenty of time to travel; the A55 is likely to be busy and you wont want to miss this one. Can we make it 7 on the bounce for the first time since 2013 - the year we won the League? I'm hoping we get a bumper crowd (Can we top 4 figures?) and they are loud and boisterous, fun and friendly and we get behind the lads to cheer then to victory. We've been so close to beating Hornets the last few time and its about time we came out on top. If your a Cru fan, cancel everything else to get there!!
  6. Hi All, First up...thanks for the hospitality at Derwent Park on Sunday, and for all the fans who came over to congratulate us on our win. Second...some honest assessment on here about our win, not "lucky win" comment ans not much berating of the match officials; although there was quite a bit in the crowd on Sunday - but we all do it! I think we played a bit more than 'straight forward rugby'; we mad some good shapes and moved the ball well. Our completion rate was in the 80% area for the first 20 minutes and then dropped and back came Workington. First half you made good use of the ball we spilt and it was reflected in the score. Second half some of your players were getting frustrated with decisions and I think it effected their game. I though your No.2 was a handful and several times he got away from tackles. Maybe we'll meet again before October is out, who knows!
  7. Make sure you come and say 'hello'.....Ask for MAJ, I'm usually near the entrance or ask Paula on programmes and I'll come and say hi
  8. More likely Wales will play in either the Racecourse Stadium Wrexham (previously hosted Wales RL games in RLWC2013 and later dates too) or Stadiwm Zip World, Eirias Park, Colwyn Bay (hosting Wales RL U16 and U17 on 22nd August and current home of North Wales Crusaders RL)....
  9. I watched Scotland v Wales in Galashiels....and a friend of mine goes to watch community games regularly
  10. Just looking at other recent sports deals - a sponsor has backed the Womens Golf competition at Carnoostie to the tune of £5.8millions increasing to £6.8millions next year with the winner receiving almost half a million! There are sponsors out there the SL clubs and the RFL need to be selling our game to these people. Or is the game just too stale? I watche a few of the Hundred cricket games and the grounds were sold out. We have a fantastic game; the game isn't the problem - someone with the nous need to be able to sell it to sponsors.
  11. Looking forward to our visit on Sunday - need to be up early for the 2pm kick off (thanks for that!) Not so many of us travelling, just a minibus as loads of people away or on holiday, but we'll be heard! See you all on Sunday.
  12. Some great match ups again this week...but Workington v North Wales Crusaders is the pick of the bunch. 1st v 3rd....could be another edge of the seat game....tow teams on winning streaks. I hope its a cracking game....and Crusaders edge the win!
  13. Queensway ans Zip World are light years apart. From a players perspective, there are professional changing rooms, a wrestle area, a gymnasium. The match officials have decent changing facilities. From afans perspective we are closer to the game, we are closer to each other so the atmosphere is more intense. Theres opportunity to host sponsors and decent hospitality....plus we have incredible support from the Stadium staff and stewards. Unless we get a sweetheart deal with the new management at the Racecourse I can't see us returning to Wrexham.... Perhaps we'll get to play games in both Stadia...I'm told the Racecourse pitch is being extended to host rugby (not specified if any particular code is being considered). It'll be great if we could have two great places to play our games.
  14. Its doable... The Rugby Union team, RGC, who use the same stadium average about 1500. I can see us trying some double headers especially if we play West Wales at home. Once COVID restrictions are removed and we have more changing room space we can have double heasers with the community teams or a Masters warm up game. The potential for sponsors is bigger in Colwyn Bay as were not constantly being overshadowed by Wrexham FC and their celebrity owners.
  15. Can't believe Robbie Massams try wasn't even shortlisted in the OurLeague Try of the Week!
  16. https://www.facebook.com/NorthWalesCrusaders/videos/374740017355279
  17. Just to add to this thread..... Wheelchair Rugby League in Wales has come on in leaps and bounds in the 10 years I've been involved. My first experience on managing Wales was to find 7 players with Welsh heritage. Our last set of trial games for the (now postponed) World Cup saw 40 people applying to come to trials. We've gone from one Club (North Wales Crusaders) to now having 4 clubs playing or at least training in Wales. Its been amazing to be part of this experience.
  18. Decided to get back on this Forum after our exceptional day yesterday. Being in Stadiwm Zip World is a breath of fresh air. Its like the good old day ans seems to have invigorated the team as well as the fans. Crowd attendances are more than double of those we were getting in Queensway and theres a terrific atmosphere in the place. I love it and hope we stay there.
  19. I haven't read the whole thread so apologies if I've repeated anyones choice. One of my personal favourites is 'Dub Side of the Moon' by Easy Star All-Stars. The whole of Floyds "Dark Side of the Moon" done in dub reggae - it really is superb. And not a p ss take but a homage. Last week I heard this and fell in love with it:
  20. Just finished "Game of Thrones" George RR Martin - yes, I've watched the HBO TV series and started the books - so now I'm onto "A Clash of Kings" I'm also reading "Born to Run" by Bruce Springteen - hes an excellent writer and the book is probably the best rock autobiog I've read.
  21. Its nice to see that Cru get a mention in the OP but I don't think we'll be quite ready for the middle 8 by 2015! In fact we just need to be in the Championship at the end of this season in a position not to get dumped down again when 2 get demoted fro the current SL 2, go out of the Championship and maybe Toulouse comes in as well! I hope that 2 x 12, 3 x 8 goes ahead. I like the format and think it could sell well to broadcasters.
  22. 3 out of 4 Award in the Championship 1 Wales Crusaders; a reflection of the success and passion at the club. Very well don to Clive Griffiths leading the team to the Nothern Rail Bowl and League double. Congratulations to Jono Smith on Player of the year pushed all the way by Andy Moulsdale, another nominee in the same category. Tom Johnson was also nominated in Young Player of the Year. The accolade of Club of the Year is one for everyone at the club to enjoy from the CEO, the Directors, the coaching staff, the support staff on and off field, the groundskeepers, the volunteers and ballboys who help out on matchdays and the supporters who came through the turnstiles in their hundreds. So very proud to get this recognition.
  23. That smacks of censorship... Can't a club ask questions as to how one player gets a 3 match ban yet another doesn't even get penalised without having to fork out a grand for the privilege?
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