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  1. Thats probably going to change. We had to set a day and time for the RFL fixture announcement but I'm informed probably 4 games will be Saturday (probably to accommodate those traveling long distances) but the rest will be Sunday games.
  2. Wales Wheelchair RL first opponents in RLWC next November are France....lets say we've got our work cut out, but we are confident we can step up. France have set the benchmark. We know what our standard needs to be.
  3. We get Cornwall as our first visitors! Gogledh Kembra a'gas dynnergh. Croeso i Gogledd Cymru.
  4. Norway Wheelchair RL are very much in the formation period and I expect some of their players will come from Murderball and perhaps Wheelchair Basketball. I don't think they've trained or played together yet.
  5. I don't disagree - I was just trying to inform people about the differences. Wheelchair Rugby League is the real deal as far as I'm concerned.
  6. North Wales Crusaders have made some decent signings and have just announced they've signed a 2-year deal to remain at their new venue at Eirias Park, Colwyn Bay. Those saying there's no atmosphere where there's a running track around the stadium need to get to the Zip World Stadium and watch North Wales fans lift the roof of the stand with their support.
  7. https://northwalescrusaders.com/2021/11/13/crusaders-to-play-in-colwyn-bay-until-at-least-the-end-of-2023/?fbclid=IwAR2KH48DssRJGXUxjswarm3LMaZokpx8FPZIkdJh-_IWmu7pHwpyJOPoE1s
  8. Great summary Welshmagpie. From the Crusaders perspective I can see Ben Morris getting a chance - but Rob Massam, although a great winger, picks and chooses when hes available for selection for Wales.
  9. I've been involved with Wheelchair Rugby League since 2014 and the payment is a huge step forward. When Wales played in the Wheelchair RLWC2017 the players and staff paid for themselves to get there, the tournament fee and all out of pocket expenses - about £1500 to represent your country as a player, coach or manager!!
  10. Fantastic to read through this thread as see the enthusiasm for Wheelchair Rugby League. Tell your mates and get more eyes on the game. Thanks for taking the time to post
  11. One of the Wales players played at the age of 64!
  12. There are three variations of the wheelchair game: 1. Murderball, rebranded as Wheelchair Rugby for the Olympics - played with a round ball, passes can be forwards, no H-shaped posts - looks like a cross between Americal football and handball. All athletes have categorised disabilities 2. Wheelchair 7s - the union version, not as popular as 3. Wheelchair Rugby League - 5 a side, 6 tackles or handover, 4 points a try 2 a conversion 1 for a drop goal (probably the hardest thing to do in a wheelchair!!) H-shaped posts, pass backwards - Rugby League in wheelchairs! Able bodied are able to play with disabled athletes (ratio of 2 AB to 3 disabled at any time - but most players have some disability, many are not visible disabilities)
  13. Wales played their last international with two women in the squad and have had at least one woman in the squad since before the World Cup 2017. Its not unusual in Club and International Wheelchair RL.
  14. Smashing fella Mike. Its great to see him still turning up to watch North Wales Crusaders in Eirias Park and hes been a great supporter of the Wales Wheelchair Team too.
  15. Thanks for coming fellas. I hope you enjoyed the games.
  16. It was nice to see a few Swinton shirts in the recent Wales v Ireland and Wales v Scotland Wheelchair Internationals in Glyndwr University Sports Centre, Wrexham. Thansk for making the effor fellas. Originally it was hoped the games in Medway could have included the Celtic nations, but unfortunately it couldn't be accommodated. Best wishes to both England and France in the two games.
  17. It would never work. On the face of it I can see why you'd suggest it but for us RL Gogs from the North it would be the end of supporting a Welsh team....its 160 miles to Cardiff and no direct roads North to South...it would be far easier for us to travel to North West England to watch rugby league. As Bearman has pointed out our move to Colwyn Bay has made a huge difference to our attendance (the average is up by 250 to 590 this season) and we have some interesting links to businesses and sponsors we didn't have in Wrexham. We're already signing players for the 2022 League 1 season so we fully intend to compete.
  18. Wow, are you OK hun? It was meant to be a light hearted comment.....but I can't wait to go to the first all-French SL game now!
  19. I started as a fan, volunteered at our formative Wheelchair RL team, became a Trustee for the Wheelchair RL Charity, started a Supporters Trust for North Wales Crusaders and I'm now on the Board of Directors - all this happened because I, and a lot of like minded people wanted Rugby League to continue in North Wales when the Crusaders RL Super League franchise crashed. We gone from winning League 1 in 2013 and getting promoted to being 'restructured' out of the Championship because the RFL wanted less teams in SL and consequently less teams in the Championship...the budget that North Wales Crusaders set to remain in the Championship was consequently an anchor round our necks for 3 years. I can't remember one year in the last ten when we knew exactly what the League 1 competition would be - how many teams, would there be a League 1 Cup (and if so any prize money) how many home games, would we play home and away....every year has been a huge change and frankly I'm amazed that League 1 Clubs have manage to survive so far...but now we're threatened with a massive cut to our budgets, following a year where we've virtually been working full time to cope with Covid protocols....I'm astonished that the RFL could do this to Clubs that have worked so hard and managed to produce one of the most competitive seasons I can remember. If North Wales Crusaders did fold (and folks, thats NOT on our plans for 2022) I would become a casual fan, I already follow Catalans Dragons in SL .....but still carry on playing Masters RL, which I really enjoy after taking it back up at the age of 62!!
  20. Toulouse Olympique for me - purely so I can go to the first all-French Super League game between Catalans and TO XIII
  21. I'll be there....Catalans are my Super League team and have been since Crusaders RL folded. I wasn't sure we'd get rugby league in North Wales at the time so a few of us decided to bolster the UK support for Catalans (Catalans Dragons Supporters Group (Welsh Branch)), but we've been across to Perpignan a couple of time to watch them and to that wonderful Challenge Cup win. Allez les Dracs
  22. Well I called a close game between Keighley and Doncaster - and you couldn't get much closer!! I think this will be another tight game - maybe even a golden point game. I'll go with Workington, purely because they'll have their home support behind them.
  23. WOW!! Doncaster score a try on the hooter and win the game 26 - 28 with the lst kick of the game. Well done to both sides. A super game to watch as a neutral
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