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  1. You wouldn’t. Trying to understand Oxford,yeah good luck with that.
  2. And yet you took the time & effort to post on a thread who’s title starts of with NRL.
  3. Hampshire will have to get up early to beat Thornley onto the treatment table. Wigan shopping in the bargain basement again.
  4. Aspatria have pulled out so it’s down to one division beginning in April and a cup comp of some sort starting the season off.
  5. I wasn’t replying to him,you didn’t favour a Sat 2pm tv slot as it would clash with the community games,I merely suggested a 6pm slot so people could see both.
  6. Oh god not another IMG thread,old starbug will have to put a sickie in tomorrow.
  7. We’ll you seem to be doing ok carrying on an argument with a startling lack facts to back it up.
  8. Playing only 9s and restricting it to the community level will have zero benefits to the development of the womens game in this country.
  9. 18.00 Saturday Evening,a few pints in the clubhouse after watching the community game,mind you end up facing a dilemma,home with a takeaway to watch the TV game & keep the Mrs happy or stay out on the lash with the lads,watch it in the bar & suffer the inevitable consequences.
  10. Hopefully not the complete shambles it was last year.
  11. A great servant to the game,RIP
  12. Best to ignore my forum stalker,he lives his life in a permanent state of confusion.
  13. South Sydney have made rabbit butcher work ok down the years,Skolars is fine.
  14. I’ve known Gary since we were kids & played at Wath Brow,his fundraising achievements over the years for MacMillan & Hospice at Home are astonishing & whilst he doesn’t seek personal reward hi is deserving of greater recognition but it’s fair to say he is a hero in West Cumbria & especially in our home town of Cleator Moor.
  15. Oh I’m not doubting Leigh made a silly money offer but like I say I doubt it was a genuine option for the player himself.
  16. I seriously doubt Leigh were ever a serious option for French & it was the interest from NRL clubs drove his improved contract offer.
  17. A change in weather from one day to the next is seen as settled in Melbourne,four seasons in one day isn’t unusual. Back to the game,it will be interesting to see how the loss of Kikau’s rampaging runs on a edge will affect the Panthers attacking options,still think they’ll be too strong for Saints especially playing at home in Penrith where they’ve been pretty much unbeatable for the last few years but I’m hoping it’s a close competitive game.
  18. Leaving because the club defaulted on his contract is hardly deserting now is it.
  19. They did attract some unbelievable high attendances there including 54k for the WCC loss to Wigan.
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