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  1. But we had players from,Saints,Leeds,Wigan,Huddersfield,Catalans,Salford,Warrington,Newcastle,Sydney Roosters,South Sydney,Canterbury Bulldogs,Canberra & Brisbane.
  2. We simply don’t produce enough quality players,the number of non English players in our club sides does need looking at especially as they invariably occupy the spine positions,7:players + exemptions is too many but it is far from being the only problem we have.
  3. We’ll your first sentence was bang on,but your second was just plain stupid.
  4. The only thing small is your IQ so jog on & go watch that awful hockey on ice rubbish.
  5. To be fair it started after 10 mins,& multiple pages ago,I suppose it was inevitable seeing the ref was having a good game.
  6. Well we butchered that golden point,congratulations Samoa on a historic & deserved win.
  7. First time in the game we’ve started to dominate the middle & we go laterally & force a pass,dumb play.
  8. He’s probably wondering where his halfback partner has gone.
  9. We are getting monstered physically & outplayed on the back of it.
  10. Wow that’s as pathetic & incorrect as your ref bashing last night.
  11. It’s as if they’ve spent the week reading this forum & expected another comfortable win.
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