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  1. He was hardly surplus to requirements H,that’s why Newcastle took several weeks to grant him the early release from his contract he requested.
  2. Being a long time Roosters fan I’ve watched Pearce for years,very good player but I’ve never thought of him having any wow factor,even more so at this stage of his career.
  3. Thatto splashing out,Dwyer from Widnes,Bloomfield from Rochdale & former Warrington/Rochdale halfback Reardon after his drugs ban.
  4. We won’t win many penalty counts then,let’s hope we don’t see him out in the centre’s again.
  5. Yeah playing it in a crumbling hole will be a wonderful advertisement for Championship RL.
  6. Apart from his first spell at Wigan he’s been bang average since he came back from Union,we’ve struggled at centre for a few years now & Thornley isn’t the answer although he’s probably better there than Isa.
  7. The fact we can’t have a Test Match on a full sized pitch is embarrassing,the area is a slum & transport links back into the city are very poor,it’s hardly a devastating loss to the tournament.
  8. Yes they would & have,Superleague is littered with relative unknown imports who have gone on and had successfully careers over here.
  9. I know we’ve got some bang average players in the squad but we’d have to pay them 50 quid a game to fit Cleary in under the cap and we would have to kidnap him.
  10. Have you seen him play ? Which star NRL halfback were you expecting Wigan to sign ?
  11. That is awful,it’s like a cheap,fake, Gold Coast Titans kit you could probably get for a tenner from a dodgy Chinese website. Really like the Hull FC shirt,best of the bunch so far.
  12. Sounds more promising,let’s hope those plans don’t follow the Wakefield/Cas format of an annual artist’s impression that is quickly filed under “fooled the league” again. And hopefully Salford don’t heed our resident forum carpet salesman & install a plastic pitch,
  13. Rumour is that Field might be on his way out,one can only hope so.
  14. Promising player who was highly thought of at Manly,likes to take the line on which we lacked last year but we are still seriously lacking at centre,can’t wait for the Thornley announcement
  15. Not really,Farrell played part of the season out in the centre’s whilst Lam thought it was a bright idea to try Bateman in the middle,Farrell is a class act though & one of the best line runners in the game.
  16. They’d offer more than retreads like Gale & Widdop,if they have good seasons next year I’d certainly have at least one of them in the squad.
  17. Batchelor is a solid Superleague player who is miles off being a Test backrower,he might not even start there for Saints next year. Bateman has proved his class & versatility over a number of years,1 average season in a team with no go forward shouldn’t mean he should be discarded for a World Cup in 12 months time.
  18. With it being towards the end of the football season you’d expect it to be on the grass one,we really shouldn’t be playing a major final on a 5G pitch,
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