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  1. Fev certainly have a strong looking side,that backline has some points in them,but it certainly won’t be a one horse race like last year and as you say a few other clubs will be well in the mix come the playoffs.
  2. Suffered a few head knocks & has taken an extended break from all RL.
  3. I hope it’s a more reliable fly than the one who told you Leigh had signed Bevan French.
  4. Good solid hardworking forward,but after suffering a few head knocks I’m glad he’s put his long term health first.
  5. And I’m sure Sky see no benefit whatsoever in all those Catalans home games they get for nothing.
  6. Oh you mean the central funding every team in Superleague Europe are entitled to.
  7. Holgate would be a great signing,he’d be as good as any 9 in the Championship but there is a community lions tour at the end of next season & I think he’ll want to go on that before thinking of signing pro forms.
  8. Not drawing from British income ?? Self sufficient,You mean like going 2 yrs without the income of a home game & then having to pay every visiting teams travel costs.
  9. Worrying lack of activity lately & a rumour Eaves has left the club which leaves us with what 22 players ? with at least 3 coming back from serious injury.
  10. Yeah you’d think that’s what Huddersfield are thinking with this move.
  11. Young Huddersfield fullback Auden McGowan has joined Batley on a season long loan.
  12. McGowan has joined Batley on a season long loan.
  13. Pretty sure the minimum NRL contract for a player named in a clubs top 30 now stands at $120k,hardly peanuts.
  14. Unless the clubs get a first team regular for 3-4 yrs,probably on a lot less money than a 32 yr old NRL import.
  15. Or more likely they act like responsible employers with a duty of care & treat them accordingly.
  16. Fixtures have been kind for my trip over in March,Roosters/Rabbits & Dolphins/Broncos on consecutive Friday nights.
  17. It’s almost as if there isn’t a thread titled IMG’s proposal’s
  18. You do realise there is a pretty successful “national” schools competition running don’t you.
  19. Oh insults from the man who sees winter rugby & a “proper” tour as the salvation for international rugby league
  20. They’ll get more out of fixtures against France/Wales than they will sat on a beach in the Canaries. It’s been 16 yrs since we beat Australia,if they share the same attitude as you they might see little point in having us.
  21. I’ve no idea what attendance the game will attract but with the Southern Hemisphere doing their own thing we either play the likes of France/Wales or we have another blank year internationally,which following a home WC we can’t allow to happen surely.
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