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  1. Grant could have a big bearing on this game going into the last 10.
  2. Everything is on at stupid times when you live at the ar#e end of the world.
  3. The kiwis will regret picking CNK in the centres,Wighton is destroying him.
  4. Charging $10 & giving it a ridiculous name isn’t sophisticated,apart from a few artisan shops in Melbourne’s lansways the vast majority of Aussie coffee shops are no better than a high street Costa or Starbucks even if you do call it a mochschoccalatte.
  5. Yeah struck lucky with the draw when I’m over Roosters/South’s & the Brisabane Derby,still trying to squeeze another game in but the better half is having none of it.
  6. He did play a game at Whitehaven on loan so he’ll probably get signed by Halifax.
  7. Like them,especially the heritage one,hoping to get to the first Dolphins/Broncos derby game in March,might have to buy one.
  8. Are we ? The lack of pace in the halves if Doran & Bishop play as a pair could be a problem.
  9. Looks like Thompson for Lees will be the only change from the quarter final.
  10. So it’s going to be a flop because 1.several years ago nobody spoke to you 2.It’s in a city that is hugely popular with visitors 3.You’ve just posted you were made to feel welcome & treated very well on your last visit to the new stadium 4.see No 3
  11. Played NSW Cup for St George last season & Blacktown Workers,Manly’s feeder club in 21. Seems a big unit 6’4” & 100kg+
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