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  1. He was very good at the Roosters in 2015/16,tailed off a little in 17 but signed for a then struggling Eels outfit. With Evans/Reynolds & Connor in the team I can’t see Hull winning many penalty counts.
  2. Might not see any pitches up here for a few weeks if this torrential rain doesn’t do one.
  3. Can’t see any fellow Wigan fans predicting we’ll win owt.
  4. Really thought he could turn into a real top drawer forward when at the Roosters but he’s struggled to recapture that form at the Eels & was a bit of a nutcase at the Warriors last season,maybe a change will reignite his career,
  5. They might have come up with a decent shirt design by then.
  6. Tag & Mini Mod rugby is played at the youngest levels,hardly competitive & I’ve yet to see a head tackle in either form.
  7. That awful green NIB logo ruins what are 2 good shirt designs.
  8. Interesting that Ryan McDonald is one of the players named,don’t think he ever tackled below the nose.
  9. That’s the retro jersey to show off their new main sponsor.
  10. So build a national stadium in a sh##hole because it’s cheap & there’s nothing else there
  11. There wasn’t any cups this year.
  12. When does the preseason friendlies start ?
  13. Wow fishing for bites,is that 7 on your username your age ?
  14. If you think it doesn’t happen & it’s only sour grapes your kidding yourself.
  15. Wath Brow don’t & never have paid players,of the 17 players who played in the Grand Final 16 came through the youth system. Its well known certain NCL clubs do pay players,that’s their choice & I have no problem with it.
  16. Who writes your material,he’s wasted on an Internet forum,comedy gold
  17. Not a chance,you might get a handful of players who might be able to adjust to a totally different sport at best. Even two brilliant NRL players Hayne & Holmes who went the other way at the peak of their careers were never quite the same on returning after a relatively short period in the NFL,
  18. Based on watching they play,both big men with good front on defence but can be exploited by smaller quick players especially at the back end of their stints,there is a reason Bennett had Burgess coming by off the bench for Souths,with 2 smaller journeymen props starting.
  19. I’d have Thompson starting with Burgess coming off the bench for Walmsley. I just don’t believe having Walmsley & Burgess on together is great defensively.
  20. They were plans to do it when I last visited,12 yrs ago !!
  21. Refused to play Wath Brow & didn’t fulfill other fixtures including calling off their game at Barrow Island the night before.
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