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  1. Can’t, every pro club should have an academy and reserve side with no opt out.
  2. I know it's tongue in cheek comments but leigh has two established amateur clubs with long well established junior sections but they are right in the middle of Wigan, Saints and Warrington so even if lots of juniors are good enough to get to pro level they would struggle to sign any of these in numbers.
  3. Even though people criticised the standard of the competition you can't get away from the amount of exciting finishes and that comes across on tv.
  4. Some good players to miss out, will Ashton be fullback if so were is Ratchford playing,
  5. King, Clark and Walker all back in contention only Cooper missing, strong squad with some good players missing out.
  6. Well if it were true us wire fans will be champions at last
  7. They started over 100 years ago RL is a dying sport, they remind me of the "the world is going to end" bloke wearing a wooden board outside of wilderspool. He will be right one day but he won't be here to see it.
  8. Clowns are on form in commentary, its all about how poor cas are, if Saints were playing it would be how good saints are.
  9. Charnley had plenty of rest, currie is getting back to his best, if we lose we will play them next week as well, better going for a win and hoping HKR and Leeds knock ten bells out of each other.
  10. Cats get a week off after this so could play a strong side, neither side can alter their league positions. So just hoping for a good game.
  11. Just an opinion, if a fully fit squad is available for play off Ashton misses out. He comes in if Ratchford is moved or unavailable. Thewlis may keep lineham out. The pack picks itself.
  12. Looks like j clark will be hooker, otherwise a strong pack, Ratchford at fullback charnley and thewlis wings, mamo and wrench centres, Austin, Akualo, mulhern and one other bench
  13. Great signing, would have loved him to have stayed at Warrington.
  14. The thing is that the finishes SL are producing are astonishing in lots of games. So if the clubs put some effort they could certainly increase crowds.
  15. If you break down the crowd against saints 10k, and deduct a reasonable estimate of saints fans the crowd wouldn't be that much different from Salfords game, I agree with you a club going through the motions of getting this season done and hoping for a fresh start next season.
  16. Well that's one theory we can park. Props we have on the books next season, Cooper, philbin, Bullock, Harrison, Mulhern, Butler plus any youngsters.
  17. Just wondered what age ben currie is and if he's going to retire early for this to happen.
  18. First against lowest placed winner of the first round of play off games.
  19. An example of when moving the goalposts ends up with the right result.
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