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  1. The check policy at Warrington is a joke, they check handbags but flares are usually tucked in socks, so all the women who carry handbags get extra scrutiny symptoms of having a policy to show you are doing something when you know that policy has zero chance of catching the real culprits. 

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Alan Robertson said:

    I reckon the toughest job, for this thread, is to find a player who can play fullback and prop. Moreso than prop and, for example, stand off (or even scrum half). For one, I'm pretty sure that John Asiata has started several games at prop and several others at stand off.

    There are, of course, dozens of players who can play in the backline and the back row.

    Well done to anyone who can think of a player who has started at least one game each at fullback and prop.

    Quite a few have started in the backs and ended up decent forwards, ben Westwood was a centre so possibly played in other backs roles and played all the forward roles including prop. Gareth Ellis is another there will be quite a number. 

  3. 4 hours ago, Dave T said:

    Winger is one of those positions I suppose where you get 3xposed and can be left looking silly. No doubt he makes some bad reads, but I dont personally feel any more than others who get free passes. 

    No I understand what you said but if you were coaching the opposition you would have that as a situation to exploit, some of the blame is the centre who should give him confidence to hold his position. 

  4. 12 minutes ago, Dave T said:

    I always think he gets unfair stick, for me he's done little wrong at Wire, he works hard and given half a chance he generally finishes moves off. Yet he always fails to be liked by the fans and Powell clearly has little time for him. 

    I hope he does well wherever he goes. 

    I always liked him and he worked hard on the first carries and could finish. But I always thought he got caught out positional wise on our line defending, regularly coming in. 

  5. So Dallas mead, 5 CC 4 wins, 2LLs, 4GF all lost, and because were are going through a bad patch all the toys are thrown out of the pram. In RL success takes time and squad overalls are done over a few seasons. Give Powell time and though its tough at the moment have faith. Look at the fall from grace of other big clubs like Bradford, thats a disaster, not whats happening to Warrington. 

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  6. 29 minutes ago, Phil said:

     An obvious solution to the alleged poor reffereeing, is for all those who moan about it .... only when their team loses, I strongly suspect 😉 ...... to get on a refeering course, qualify, then take over from all those rubbish refs we have at the moment.. However, I will not hold my breath. On a similar theme.. Do the good folk of Warrington  say that the "Ref won it for us, he had a blinder, scored all our points and his defence was brilliant" when they win, or is it only when they lose that "it's the Refs fault"  ?? Just wondering ........ 🙂

    Well some do, I remember finals against Leeds  and Saints at Wembley were plenty of calls went our way at crucial times and we took advantage. But that doesn't mean you can't point out when it goes the other way. 

  7. 9 hours ago, Dave T said:


    There is a team there that is really unbalanced, has a real lack of dynamism, but can play a bit of Rugby. But that is no good if your basic defensive structures and backbone is non-existent

    Defence as we all know is a system based process but ultimately a personal one. This team is littered with players who fail on the 2nd point. Too many tries last night were too easy as per other comments it looked like an opposed training session for Wigan. 

  8. 16 hours ago, Dave T said:

    I don't think we have been as bad as people have made out. The 2nd Wakey game was terrible and the KR result was bad, but we weren't terrible in the other games. 

    I also don't subscribe to the theory of dropping players and bringing in youth instead of big names. And tbh, neither does Powell, he would have played all those big names if they were available. Also, a good game from Dean the other day doesn't now mean he is the savour of our season. 

    It's also easy to criticise Hudds but that's the lazy analysis for all losing teams. 

    In reality, we have a new boss, are trying to shift to a new philosophy, and have a bit of an issue with our pack, we are where we deserve to be at the nomen, but as much as the likes of Williams and Widdopp have been in poor form, they are very good players and will get form back. 

    The next few weeks will be crucial for our season, but I haven't felt despondent at any stage, there is plenty work to do and we ultimately need some big forwards, but we don't need to panic with the likes of the halves, wingers, FB etc. 

    Sometimes changes that are forced on you are were you find answers you weren't looking for. On Dean I agree he is still down the pecking order, but Thewlis is deserving of a run at FB, and I would push Ratchford into the halves for either Widdop or Williams. 

    Agree on the forwards and James Harrison when he is fit may give us a good option in the front row. Still think we are one good prop short. 

  9. 9 hours ago, Dave T said:

    As ever with Wire, people went completely OTT, and I'm not referring to opposition fans, I'm referring to those spoilt Wire fans and pathetic Warrington Guardian 'journalists' . 

    We had a bad run of three games, after losing against the top 2 from last year and favourites for the comp. 

    The Wakey and Hull KR games were poor, but KR have shown they are no mugs and it's clear that we just lost our way. But we have hopefully stopped the rot and are playing with a smile on our face again. 

    Fans need to just relax a touch and support them. 

    Do you not think that having to play the kids helped and also the giants were poor. I did enjoy the game but I am never glass full or empty just realistic. 

  10. 29 minutes ago, soulboy said:

    A lot of areas of Warrington ( Penketh , Sankey , Cinnamon Brow , Birchwood , Westbrook , Chapelford , Whittlehall , Barrowhall ) have large overspill from Liverpool and Manchester , with some estates dating back to the early 60s .

    Most of these folk still resonate to football ( Everton , Liverpool, City and United ) and see RL as an afterthought.

    I’ve seen Warrington Bank Quay and Warrington Central packed with fans going to home games at one of the above stations . So to say that the amount that travel to football is minuscule is incorrect.

    Having lived in Penketh for 62 years and an avid RL supporter, the game is still seen as untrendy and not hip.

    Also the new breed of Warrington fan just know RL as Superleague. Rugby League pre HJ stadium means nothing to them and they have nil interest in the rich heritage and history of the sport .

    A prime example of this is that the 3 RLWC trophies where on show yesterday in the middle of Warrington , the interest was virtually non existent , yet there was a home game on against Huddersfield. 

    Whatever people think , Warrington is a football loving town and RL comes second .




    Yet 30k turns out at Wembley, there is potential in Warrington its just the club has not got the right people to tap into it. When I coached junior rugby in the early 90s there were only a handful of schools playing RL now most schools have teams, so children of these football fans attend these schools and some will play rugby, it is an untapped market, I know people who never had any contact with rugby but when their  child was a mascot have become lifelong supporters. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, meast said:

    Would the relative success of Warrington's semi pro football teams and their increase in attendances have affected Wire?

    Rylands, for example won the Northern Premier League West and attracted 1200 yesterday, and have seen their crowds increase by 354% over the last year, Warrington Town have made the NPL Play offs and could be 2 levels from the EFL next season, they're averaging over 500 for this season and have almost doubled their average crowds in the last 4 years.

    Could it be that the "hangers on", casual supporters have now switched their fandom from the rugby to football?

    Yesterday was the emptiest, quietest and unresponsive I think I can remember seeing the HJ.

    You obviously done some research, but I live less than a mile frpm Warrington Town and have never felt the urge to go, no but living here and not just occasionally attending a match, their are over 200k living inside the boundaries of Warrington and the ground holds 15k, and if you lived here you would see fans who actually play for union sides in Warrington as season ticket holders, people who play sunday football at games so people will watch their local teams whether they play the sport or not. So the relative success of other sporting teams in Warrington don't affect the attendance. Just on a side not amateur rl clubs have had crowds of over 1k in days gone by. And to finally put your lack of understanding of Warrington the local paper the warrington guardian has more on wire games than all football/union clubs put together. 

  12. 10 minutes ago, daz39 said:

    But wouldn't the same be said for all fanbases rather than just the top, best supported ones?

    Just commenting on what I see at Warrington, yes it maybe replicated in other teams. Warrington have good ideas but from a fans perspective it doesn't seem like a fully planned objective. The area could easily fill the stadium on a regular basis but the club has not got the right people in to tap into the local market. Although we are surrounded by big football clubs I bet the actual people in the warrington area who actually attend these football clubs is a miniscule amount. 

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