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  1. Leigh did it with the sprinter Mcdonald bailey I believe in the 50s or 60s
  2. Wants guaranteed centre spot which Warrington can't give, with king and mata'utia first choice.
  3. Good signing and good luck to him he's been entertaining on and off the pitch.
  4. Ive read if you bring your parents with you can get in free.
  5. Use to be the regional bus company name in the 70s before changing to Greater Manchester Transport and eventually split into First group and Stagecoach.
  6. Don’t think Warrington would forfeit any game, last season 7 players had to isolate so they played the kids.
  7. Just thought this was a golden age of fullbacks, didn't think there. Would be a need to try unproven 18 years old.
  8. One certain poster tells us there has never been so many top class fullbacks and the SL doesn't have one to compete with them, so are they all from overseas or NSW.
  9. The problem is Chis Hill who everyone has wrote off as past it is actually playing well this season and is worthy of a squad place. There are other props in SL who shpuld have stepped up but have not. So at the moment (injury permitted) youhave Walmsley, Burgess with possibly Cooper the rest are backrowers who can cover.
  10. Maybe you should ask what responsibility a defender has in poor technique.
  11. The fact that bravely Toby King with a genuine injury risked further injury to help his defend their hard fought lead and now has had to miss an international game as well as other games is not a cheating player but a brave but possibly foolish player who put the team before his personal ambition. Hero not cheat.
  12. Typical saints fans comments, since1954 we have not won the league or GF, its one of 2 giant gorilla's we have had to carry, the other was always losing to saints, we have now removed one gorilla and beat saints quire regularly especially big games, but saint's fans can't accept that we can beat them so its the ref or players cheating. Like we are used to not winning the GF you might as well get used to losing more regularly against Warrington.
  13. All I am saying is no club (on both hemispheres) is innocent when it comes to gamesmanship/stretching the rules/cheating.
  14. Is he any good at football, Warrington only say things when it suits them and not before, but if I were a betting man it would be so odds on you wouldn't be able to place a bet on. But in the view of being balanced what odds do you think it is on happening (I'll take Warrington you can have any Leicester team.)
  15. Strange quote, everyone says he's staying in league. He always was coming to Warrington at the end of the season, his early release has caused a few issues.
  16. It's all relative, he could be better off overall in the uk with Warrington, everything is not the net wage income.
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