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  1. Good bit of deflection, but on the missing 6 players ( others suspended or missing for other reason, all forwards). It is the principle about covid postponements do all clubs suck it up and play (like Warrington) or postpone like Hull, Catalan, Salford, Leeds, Wakefield.
  2. I wonder how the rest of the squad have been available because they would have been in side the Warrington bubble with the six players. But as for going ahead it should be a league policy to use your squad to fulfill fixtures for every team. Too many games are being postponed for covid protocols when every team should use their whole squad.
  3. Good question but unless there is a fitness problem he is not even in the pecking order.
  4. I think the wolves brand comes from the coat of arms for Warrington.
  5. Ratchford is a genuine rugby player he can play anywhere. Inglis will play centre. There are plenty of options for Warrington in all positions so they will change wben needed.
  6. I could go into various situations were contact with the head is not the result of a defender, plenty of attacking players make contact with the head. I have made my opinion on the tackle but everybody will have theirs, and he may be banned but I won't change my opinion.
  7. It was not a shoulder charge. On armchair fans, too many assumptions you are unaware of if people have played or at what levels and how they played. I personally had been on both ends of hard, fair and unfair tackles. And I certainly would not have any gripes about the validity of the tackle.
  8. We are missing Luther Burrell They played well no complaints with Giants players.
  9. Only a deliberate tackle to the head, that was not it was a top quality tackle unlucky for the receiving player.
  10. Certainly at his peak but not now. Clark has been heir apparent for Roby, now he is the best.
  11. Could be big problem after the Raiders getting stung by Bateman and Wigan. Paying a transfer fee only for him to jump ship back to Wigan for free.
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