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  1. Wire were at 60% at best, if tbey play to form they are a step above Leeds but need to be at that level.
  2. Jim no problem with your view on going to the video ref, but prone on the ground, I watched the highlights back today( you can see as well at the game) he looked out then it shows him looking back watching Mamo racing down the field and then deciding to lie prone again, was he out or hoping, don’t know but I agree over the ref.
  3. Top four places may be decided with what happens off the field (postponed games) players Leeds may struggle to make the four, Wigan with a few player back will be stronger especially Hardaker allowing Hastings back to the halves. The top 7 sides are all capable of beating each other on a one off game so no guarantees in the play off games.
  4. Maybe I need a to look at the screen in dark glasses and I will see what you say happened.
  5. I am again going to feed off your positivity and plump for a wire win.
  6. The game is always ridiculed, there is a lot of negotiation going on so who knows the outcome, but the players inthe nrl can put pressure on the decision makers. We cannot delay the world cup. So get the Aussies on board it still can be done
  7. Interesting topic, most RL towns have RL teams as the most popular team in the towns, and although football is big if you go to a cup final or (if I live long enough) win a grand final the streets would be filled with fans celebrating butno football team would get that response including England.
  8. Well Jesus was visited by 3 Kings so its only fair to treat a King when required, not sure what qualifications he has though.
  9. Hill useless and too old, yet he is one of the form props this season, I hope Huddersfield fail in signing Hill and he gives Warrington one last season, he certainly better than any Huddersfield prop this season.
  10. This was on sky with a video ref, the play was stopped. If you think my post is embarrassing you've got a low threshold.
  11. At the time I couldn't believe he wasn’t given a card red or yellow never mind no penalty. It makes me wonder how players who pick up band over 2 games aren't red carded.
  12. Heck of a gamble by Powell and Cas, if it pays off he can see out his tenure in peace, lose and it will come tumbling down on him with calls for his head. Like Toppy says if Saints get an early lead it will be one way traffic, Cas battle, disrupt and play the game of the season (like Warrington 2 years ago) could go either way.
  13. Best celebration, saw it live on tv first time I thought he had decked a warrior's player even commentators were fooled. Closest to that was Nathan wood at Warrington running through the concourse and coming out at a different point.
  14. Didn't know you are fully upto date with the educational standards of all Salford players.
  15. Took my Crosfield under 13s across 26 years ago, they were brilliant treated like royalty. Two games on the stadium one before a carcassonne game. A proper rugby league town.
  16. Fair point but its not Warrington who have been found guilty of SC breaches.
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