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  1. Good for her. No winners in her fight. The world is a worse place without her, but also a better one. Very sad.
  2. I've had a great few days off over the Yuletide period and really enjoyed them. Not back on tour, with the band until the 5th so I fully intend to enjoy the next few days too. Sorry that some others have had darker times.
  3. I get so hot when hill walking that I often wear shorts and a t-shirt in the winter. In the summer I swap the boots for flip flops.
  4. Had a decent blast on my mountain bike this AM. Sadly I've had offensive visitors this afternoon. From Hook (Hampshire).
  5. I'm a regular in airports. As one or two of you know, I'm on tour, with my band. Everywhere I go within Europe, and in the US there is massive drive to shift Haig whisky with adverts and stands featuring David Beckham. Anyon tried it? His endorsement is as authentic as most of the Celtic tattoos seen in Superleague. I reckon he's a Tizer supper.
  6. If it snows, or if snow is forecast, always avoid Sheffield as they always get loads. In general, always avoid Hull and Goole.
  7. He should have done something with the Frogs' Chorus. That'd have been worthwhile.
  8. Yes. With Hock, Panface and Northern soul there's something for us all to love. Merry Yuletile Dave.
  9. They were even prepared to break the spirit of the salary cap to expose it's weakness as a concept. Hurrah for them.
  10. A full wembley should be a priority. That shouldn't stop other initiatives though.
  11. Don't think that they need to set out to lose money. It can be done properly and make money.
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