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  1. Like a typical Warrington Super League campaign you mean?
  2. Surprisingly, it was as recently as rounds 7, 8 and 9 last season (Widnes, Huddersfield and, finally, Wigan). I can remember the open top bus parade as if it was yesterday. As for today's game, word on the street is that Gareth O'Brien has dropped out of the squad. Gareth took a blow to the head last week (on the field during the game, not in a gymnasium after it). With Niall Evalds also injured, there's a debut for Connor Williams in the offing.
  3. I was set to sign for Leigh, but the deal fell through when I passed the psychometric test.
  4. An eminently sensible policy Dave, and one I look forward to you adopting in all future Marwan related "discussions".
  5. Yay, in much the same way that Widnes are "the next Leicester City".
  6. Looks like Salford might be in for another points deduction. The RFL have charged them with having two extra players on the field when Wakefield were down to eleven.
  7. It's a little known fact that if Gareth really was in hot water, you could turn the heat up to boiling and he wouldn't leap out.
  8. As ever, the press conference was a bit of a scattergun affair, not helped by the Persicope live feed dropping out every minute or so. He outlined five cases, two of which they were found not guilty of, three of which he didn't mention any further (unless it was while the feed was down) and none of which appeared to be the Jake Mullaney case. However, it was the Jake Mullaney case he concentrated his wrath upon. His argument is either that the RFL didn't deregister him in time or that they allowed Salford to register Kevin Locke without telling him that it took them over the cap (it all seemed to happen during a period of, let's say "CEO difficulties"). It wasn't clear which of these cases he was presenting, because it was during one of the feed's down times. In any event, his argument is that they were only over the cap for about 8 days - the period during which they accidentally had both players registered - and not over it by the amount the RFL claimed (he's arguing that the figures supplied by the RFL are wrong, hence his claim that they are incompetent). If this is true, then 6 points seems draconian to say the least. One of the mitigating factors in para 7.12 of the salary cap regulations is if there could be said to be minimal impact on the competitive balance of the competition. Well, there was no impact on the competitive balance. Jake Mullaney had a season ending injury (hence the decision to deregister him), so it's not as if they had two players competing for a first team place. He also added into the mix the argument that the RFL knew about all of these alleged indiscretions in 2014/15, so why have they decided to do something about it now? The cap is supposed to be 'live'. Now, you could argue (and I'm sure someone on here will) that he just might have given them cause to be a bit miffed at him. If he has, and this is their response, then they're no better than he is. So, there you have it. That seems to be what it's all about. As always with Marwan, it's best to wait and see what happens. For some reason, people tend not to do that.
  9. You'll be OK. He only does 10 minute spells, and his contribution is so immeasurable, no-one has ever bothered to measure it. I think they may hand a debut to academy hooker Matty Wilkinson.
  10. There's no doubt that it was Sky that imposed the 24 hour ultimatum. The problem for me is that the RFL, it seems, had no choice but to accept that ultimatum. It all feeds in to a sense I have that the RFL is now buffeted by events rather than in control of its own destiny, and why it's right to question how good this deal really is. I mean, would you buy a car with only 24 hours notice? Of course, we have no way of knowing how things would have panned out had circumstances been different, but my sense is that we wouldn't have reached the point of a 24 hour ultimatum had Richard Lewis still been at the helm. Nigel may well be an extremely competent manager, but surely you want your CEO to be someone who heads off problems like this.
  11. No. He's been in the stands and/or down on the pitch with the rest of the squad at pretty much every game this season, sporting his very fetching purple hairdo. Salford fans are pretty excited at the prospect of finally getting to see the Flyin' Purple Meter Eater (ask your granddad). However, given that he's been out of the game for so long, I think we're getting our hopes up too high. A slight concern is over who'll play hooker Tommy Lee and Josh Wood are both injured, while Logan Tomkins has become Salford's first suspendee of the season (with the season nearly half over too. What a difference a year makes). This could mean that Phabulous Phil Joseph gets to roll back the years and play dummy half. Jeez.
  12. I'm not really spinning anything. While it's true that the new deal "seems decent", it only does so in comparison to the previous deal. We've no way of knowing whether it "seems decent" in comparison to any deal the sport could have had. Instead, it was railroaded through by the RFL and with insufficient time given to clubs to properly consider it. Being forced to sign up to an 8 year deal with only 24 hours notice seems massively unprofessional on the part of the RFL, and is why I think questions over whether the deal is a good one are legitimate. Also worth noting that the two people who complained were prepared to forego the £300,000 upfront sweetener in order to try to ensure the sport got the best deal possible. The people who quickly accepted the Sky deal seemed to have clubs so viable that they really needed that money.
  13. I suggest that what people want is to be sure that the RFL negotiated with all interested or potentially interested parties, and that the deal on offer was the best possible outcome for the sport. Reports that it was railroaded through without giving the clubs (bar one) time to consider it, and that other parties hadn't been given sufficient opportunity to express an interest don't give me confidence that this is the case. Accepting a contract because "it seems decent" is the kind of forelock tugging gratitude that is, unfortunately, the hallmark of Rugby League.
  14. You're right, of course. I owe you an apology, because I appear to have misinterpreted your comments. In response to the line "Theo resigned without having any idea where he was going or being confident of being awarded a contract?", you said "It's not the first time he's done that.". Somehow - and don't ask me how - I've managed to read that as you saying "It's not the first time he's resigned without having any idea where he was going or being confident of being awarded a contract". It's clear to me now that what you actually meant was "No, he's never done that before, although he did once leave - but not resign - from some unspecified organisation in France, and later ended up at Salford via some mechanism I have no knowledge of." I really can't see how I misread so badly, so I apologise again and will make no further comment.
  15. Strange how these links just keep disappearing. So, we have a report that says he was a 16 year old kid whose father arranged a trial for him at Salford (like I said, his father was touting him around British clubs), and you read into that that he resigned from his previous club and came to Britain without a club to go to. Right. OK.
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