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  1. Sorry for late response - not been well. Nope not only Wigan but all teams will as part of a game plan at some times. In this game it seemed clear that Wigan were keen to pressurise the kicker with strong tackles. No way am I saying that any other team hasn't in some games. If the ref clamps down early and like they did earlier in season then the nature of the tackles lessen. Lets be honest the harder the hit the more likely you think you are going to worry the kicker and hence disrupt the kicker going forward.
  2. I understand the arguments for the HIA protocol. What concerned me more is the prevalence of late hits on the kicker in the game, as distinct from putting pressure on the kicker. In the Wigan/Leeds play off game their were at least x3 incidents of the Leeds kicker being hit with a tackle, that was marginally late - I say marginal late as the kicker still got his kick away and so the tackle hit it must have been after the kick, i.e. the ball left the player. In non of those incidents did the ref penalise. If he had I am sure Bateman or any other player would not have been looking to put a big hit on the kicker. It was the intent of putting a big hit on the kicker that was the problem. Yep he got the tackle wrong but his intent was clearly to put a big tackle hit on the kicker. The underlying problem was the ref didn't take seriously the earlier hits on the kickers. It happens very frequently in a lot of games. Given the discussion about importance of HIA and knowing that its not just direct hits to the head I can not fathom the lack of protection to kickers with ref reluctance to penalise. For me if the earlier had been treated more seriously, even by ref speaking to players about such. Given the other incidents it must of been part of Wigan's game plan to put max pressure on kickers (of course not with intention of foul play) but as I say the earlier hits came after the kick. One can argue its not possible to stop the tackle once the ball is kicked. Yet the other incident where Austin got pressure and the ball was fairly knocked down putting Leeds under pressure showed that putting max pressure on the kicker doesn't need a big tackle hit.
  3. agreed, but have to consider the probability the player would have dived to to put pressure on the ball... thus given his arm reach he was closer to the ball
  4. The underlying problem has always been the lack of esteem or regard and reward celebration/respect given to finishing top of the league. It been treated as joke with words like hub cap, no promotional efforts to build it as a exemptional achievement. Thus the only focus is on GF. As distinct from play offs following the remarkable achievement and reward of finishing top. Maybe a break between winning title and associated celebration and reward of a week or even two before going into play-off rounds.
  5. do the team still get a replacement (under the green card system). If so it can also benefit in that you get 15mins free replacement. Especially if the player is struggling energy wise. You also get time for player to leave pitch for a team under the cosh to get theirr breath back...
  6. If it was a male presenter in similar situation I'm confident their would not be any such comment nor the one above regarding Jenner...
  7. yep, also I note the early sin-binning of a Catalan player had absolutely no impact of subsequent behaviour of Catalan players. Its all very well some on here trying to point out how the ref missed opportunities to add his authority but all through the game he was telling and explaining his rational. Even when he reinforced with penalties it didn't make one iota as players and in particular Catalan were not listening. Catalan chose to bring niggle into the game as a means of trying disrupt the dominants teams control as they were not able too otherwise. Plus if I remember their was a series of high shot penalties against Catalan early on, 3 on the bounce, it didn't have any impact. As I said earlier its all very well saying the ref should have done this or that... he did and Catalan chose to ignore and spent the time seemingly complaining every decision. As had been pointed out the first half lasted 58minutes and that was primary due to the tactics of Catalan.
  8. It seemed a typical play-off game for the first 20mns. Leeds playing conservatively and dominating the game and winning the arm wrestle. They failed to score but caused Catalan to do a lot of tackling - the tackle count showing a huge difference at half time. That was always going to tell and is typical of RL with a dominant team. Catalan struggled and to me did what again is a typical tactic of trying to ruffle Leeds and as part of that targeted Bentley. That tactic worked causing Leeds to lose focus and thus Catalan came into the game. Lets be honest it is a tactic typical of RL. Unfortunately for Catalan whilst it Leeds lost focus at that stage it didn't unnerve or cause them to not be fairly aggressive. The best team won on the night. Catalan lost their discipline by being too aggressive which further hindered them. It was the only way they could see of winning back control of the game which Leeds for the vast majority of the game Leeds maintained. Can't understand the fuss I'm reading above and to repeat Leeds played a good play-off game controlling the most of the game and where it was played. The frustration this caused Catalan led to their indiscipline. A not unusual game of RL where one team can't gain control of the game.
  9. a misguided appeal or not accepted but not frivolous. I think the disciplinary panel need to pick better words and one with a better explanation to remove the guess work. Too add... Leeds would have clearly understood the risk of an extra game ban. Would have thought about it with great care given the risk. I don't think they thought oh, lets just appeal and use a flimsy excuse.
  10. I'm guessing you know but just in case Gary H played for the club plus many others which included one game for Wigan. All be it he invested with Caddick subsequently. Gary has a long history with RL in the area.
  11. Fair enough, its your view. For me it's simply the sport as a whole showing the right level of respect for someone who has been an extra-ordinary part of our national life. Whether that is shown by suspending all games on her funeral then that would at least show some recognition of the significance of the situation.
  12. As I have said I do not anticipate 10 days. Something much less. Never-the-less my key point is I would still be appalled if they didn't have contingency plans in place for how they would like to show an appropriate level of respect. Excepting that in some instance they may not be able to completely follow through on everything they have in the way of contingency for differing scenario's of possible. We are despite how we sometimes view our sport still a major sporting institution in the nation, together with others. Thus doing the bare minimal as if any normal situation would not suffice, all be it we couldn't do all we would like to show that respect.
  13. yes understood. I guess it being the Head of State for so long for most people all their lives one would anticipate something more than the normal clap or silence during a game, particularly given how much many admired the Queen in of herself.
  14. To answer properly would have to know how long if any games postponed. I would imagine at a guess considering we would be talking day or a weekend it should be workable. Too be honest I would be appalled that any major institution or in this case major sporting administration do not have contingency plans for different scenario's in place for the Queen's death. Whether it would have been last year, next year or whenever as in this case today.
  15. yes, I was referring to domestic events only.
  16. Too be honest I'm not sure that a good example given that the news of her death was not until 6.30pm and thus too late to cancel such. Personally and considering its the Head of State for most of us for all our lives I can see respect being shown by cancelling events tomorrow and on her funeral. Maybe for the weekend but I doubt 10 days.
  17. On your first paragraph. Didn't his tackle hit the ball first which was being held high by Mellor. So I was wondering how is one supposed to tackle if trying to either prevent an off load or dislodge the ball. If a foul it was a penalty for sure but I struggle seeing it as worthy of a sin bin unless the ref thought it was deliberate and hence struggle to see why a ban. I guess you have to check were the player is carrying and if high then tackle below the ball so as to ensure no chance of hitting the head. The big problem I have is the comparison between Kasiano late hit in game before which was far more dangerous than this incident. Yet a player that has not long come back from a ban and hence seems to be treated differently. As I've said before I expect a higher degree of consistency from the disciplinary that I could expect from a ref during a game.
  18. I guess its part of the problem at the moment. Mellor is carrying the ball high and so if trying to stop off loads or not wanting to bounce off the ball and upwards towards head. It makes it difficult to tackle. Especially if a player's head is coming down. I guess as a player its getting more difficult to know how to approach tackling nowadays to avoid any contact or avoid being banned if a player runs into you and don't jump out the way soon enough.
  19. I don't expect consistency to be spot on amongest ref's but I do expect more consistency by the disciplinary panel. I can not fathom how the the Kasiono late hits were not worse and more dangerous than the Martin tackle... Yet the more dangerous one gets nowt.
  20. Is it playing 27 regular weekly rounds or playing games in shorter periods than a week that is the major problem, e.g. the recent bank holiday schedule or old Easter schedule. In addition coping with suspensions. I personal don't think 27 rounds should be such a major issue. Unless having squads that can only afford to have youngsters/academy plays as a key component and those clubs never having a reserve team.
  21. Of course but it ain't the reality and so to bridge the gap we set out to lessen the best rather than how to improve the worst.
  22. I agree with regard to the product, the game on the pitch as well as the stadium experience. Their are probably a number of reasons we could debate as to why we think the product has declined. Irrespective of what aspects we could identify the problem starts with the overall philosophy or culture which leads RL to always trying to level out clubs to the lowest denominator.
  23. Surely if the game on the pitch is exciting enough and the experience at the ground is good fans wouldn't worry about the stuff you mention. I mean I don't and of course maybe others do think before I put me shoes and coat on to go a game... I don't like the RFL leadership, etc etc etc... Yes of course we all have opinions and not everyone's opinion will be the same and hence no one view. Surely its the game on the pitch and the stadium experience that is a starting point.
  24. Yep, hard to disagree. On the disciplinary, it seems to me that the game in which the offence occurred and hence the opposition doesn't always get the "benefit" of "foul" play. Its the following opposition that benefit more, all-be-it the club with the banned players for sure are hindered. If ref's took the harsher decisions of sending players off rather than sinbinning then that may be more appropriate. Plus I do think soccer have it right with the yellow card - one card warning and then the second your off. In addition I would look at totting up the yellow cards (as if in a tournament) and if a certain number the player has to miss a game. That is assuming that players don't intentionally mean to do high or very late shots as if that was the case then the whole sport has a bigger problem. Of course the lo low salary cap doesn't help in that it forces clubs to have academy players having to step up when injuries and suspensions hit. Of course one can argue that a salary cap helps bring on other benefits but surely not as low as it is.
  25. as somebody recently answered such a question... Whom would you rather be in a lift with, Watson or Powell.... I'll take the stairs..
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