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  1. you mat be saying this tongue-in-cheek but it would certainly provide incentive to both leagues. The financial reward comes from which league your in and what you do to attract increased gate receipts and sponsorship/commercial income. Irrespective of any handout from a central body.
  2. yep get that but that's different than saying his comment in the article - yep we get win bonus or for finishing in a better position in a competition... what's the point in winning if not financially rewarded could be same for fans whom go to game to be entertained... what's the point in attending if no chance of being successful and especially if the team isn't going to try its hardest to win. Most of us should just stay at home most of the time...
  3. although saying "if you are safe from relegation what's the point of winning unless financially rewarded" doesn't say much for any of the public/fan base paying to watch a game.
  4. agreed but then its about how we approach the situation if trying to change our demographic. Leeds is probably not the best example but their hospitality area's are full of the "better off" demographic (for want of better words). I guess Leeds invested in the area's to attract that bigger spending population. As I say I agree but I'm not sure we collectively as a sport really try or invest or try and understand to attract a broader demographic to increase our sponsorship profile.
  5. I tend to agree but do wonder if within our populations of those northern towns/boroughs/city we do have the sort of demographics. Their are many Land Rover Jaguar plus Mercedes, BMW, and Audi's motors driving around - maybe more than other makes in the town I live. Only a few miles from Headingley. Surely similar if not same to the same amount in some other clubs area's. So of course first step is to try and broaden our demographic but not all of the area's are totally run down.
  6. I thought the Kasiano sin-bin was justified. His intent whilst not to hit the head was to do a big hit which was all-be-it not on the head but was high enough to be as close as you can get... and not surprisingly to hit shoulder and go up... He could have tackled differently and stopped the player in his tracks with his fellow tacklers. He chose to go high and very forcefully all-be-it not on the head but without control with the likelihood it would go to the head... The game is either wanting to clamp down or not. I add it was in a period of the game with both teams being irritated with each other and maybe intention to hurt in the tackle was maybe happening. Nothing wrong with that if not doing high shots but why less control into tackle happens.
  7. Although continuing off-topic to the thread. The worse one I remember was a NZ/England game at Hull when NZ had a water carrier/coach on the whole of the first half (good parts of the 2nd too) clearly pointing and directing players.
  8. Not sure I agree until we have any analysis of where the covid is being picked up... as for the rest of society opening up not sure that makes any difference as to current limited restrictions - I mean they wouldn't be going to night clubs nor would one expect them to stop wearing masks. I can understand that the likelihood of catching covid is higher. Anyway an analysis of where the initial covid into the camp is picked up would help ascertain were to tighten up if possible. If its family then not much can do but it may be something that could be better controlled. to add - what clubs are doing more postponing and which not. Whats the difference between how they are able to better handle the situation.
  9. hard to disagree, although to reinforce I was surprised how much Catalan almost always took an extra step at the play the ball, especially 2nd half. Add to your list my pet hate of water carrier/coach on the pitch - not last night Catalan/Leeds game but often on helping direct movement/play for surprising periods... Any moan over I enjoyed the game, especially the first half with both teams playing at a high pace. "2nd half Catalan strangled Leeds and whilst not exciting they showed how to win games.
  10. quite but to add to it, at one point Denmark seemed more content to disrupt England's flow plus did some last ditch fouls preventing opportunities and what could be called professional fouls - surprised ref didn't use the card more,,, particular not forgetting the long period when England looked like they were over running Denmark but Denmark players went down injured for an awful long time and then took their time with x3 subs... by the time game started again England's momentum had been stopped... some of it seemed more like cheating to me...
  11. as many have said one of the key weakness is a real high level marketing organisation, real as in all the essential elements of a marketing organisation with funding to get the right people and to do their job. Yes its a case of setting that as a priority and hence enabling funding Then with a "proper" CEO using the leverage of that marketing organisation to take the sport/clubs along with them... of course easier said then done...
  12. although not entirely related but a chance for me to shout out my frustrations... the missus and I have tickets for the Catalan game but just yesterday got pinged due to being in contact with someone that tested positive and hence have to self-isolate for 7 days... boo hoo
  13. Problem with the stats it doesn't give the complete picture, e.g. Oledzki didn't play much in the 2nd half due to an injury but when he played he broke the tackle often and when he tackled he stopped the opposition player making many yards. Hill certainly made yards but some of it was coming from deep behind the play the ball but when tackled he was stopped in his tracks more often than not... Plus Warrington sprang into life and making many yards but then it was really too late...
  14. have to agree with the previous comment that when they get into a good attacking part of the pitch they can carve out chances. They have a weak set of forwards hence they rarely made it into those positions except on the back of penalties. Talking about penalties Leigh seem to me to have gave quite a few in the 2nd half making it even harder. One thing... they never gave up and kept pitching in but unfortunately gifted Leeds easy territory from which Lui capitalised in his first game back,
  15. Would not be surprised for Leigh to win plus it would shake up the other struggles. I think it will be like the Hull FC game that Leeds lost... Leeds dominant possession and territory spending oodles of time in the opposition last 20yards but without half back or full back (if Myler has to move to half back) they fail to score many. Don't know Leighs team but they have shown in games they can score try's and possibly more than Leeds tomorrow. A great chance for Leigh
  16. one benefit about Channel 4 is its target audience and its huge success in attracting that younger audience...
  17. For a better RL administration you need better people, to get better people whether that's pure administration or marketing prowess you need to pay the going rate to attract the better if not the best people. If we offered those sort of salaries that would make a big difference as to how the sport was ultimately run this forum would be full of commentators bemoaning how much was being paid. It doesn't need PE to be able to create a big enough pot to attract a much better and effective marketing organisation that would make a big difference in the mid term - by marketing organisation I mean all the types of marketing roles needed not what most talk about on here as in advertising. It ain't rocket science for a capable CEO to put a good organisation into place,,, he needs of course to be capable and have the funds to build a first or better class organisation. The problem is the sport tries to do things on the cheap, maybe because it ain't got the money but in the short term its about priorities. That is seeing that ring fencing a reasonable amount of budget would enable you to improve in the mid term. Mind you we have a fan demographic that is unable to cope with the level of pay that's needed to attract the best into the RFL organisation and not least the marketing organisation. I guess in the business parlance we are not marketing led but I guess administration led.
  18. isn't that the time to tie in some defenders though and hence why most teams would do it before being more expansive or creative...
  19. we will have to disagree as watching the video I'd say Hurrell looked more clownish in his running not aggressive, in fact far from an aggressive run...
  20. watch it again and again and again and gone through frame by frame and can not see any punching movement from Hurrell what so ever... That's not to say what Mossop thought
  21. I will have to watch again as I didn't see any raised arm/punch attempt from Hurrell...
  22. rubbish, mind you your right if your running towards a person that tends towards thuggish behaviour. You often see players running towards opponents to let them know what you think of something.. they don't all end up getting a punch
  23. All I saw was Hurrell chasing Mossop after something happened in a tackle on him, he may have been saying something as distinct from aiming to hit someone, then Mossop throws a punch at a person not expecting it. It was a terrible incident and I would hope Mossop is banned for many a game,
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