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  1. maybe but I thought Wigan contained Leeds after the first 10 mins such that Leeds hardly go to a good attacking position. Effectively having to kick from around the half way line, down to good defence from Wigan I guess. For me their were no real opportunities to show attacking prowess as Wigan defended well forcing Leeds to play from deep. Leeds certainly had no one able to break the defensive structure of Wigan and hence no breaks except I think One.
  2. I was at the game and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yep it was no spectacular display of attacking prowess... Then again not many play-off games are. Last week we had a very entertaining open game between Leeds and Hull KR, both teams trying to play expansive rugby. No doubt that would have been different it was a must win game deciding the rest of season. It was a play off game with two teams similar in ability. Both teams having a high injury ridden season, impacted by congestion of games just recently. I think both teams have played the most games. What the hell do people expect of the athletes playing... you could clearly see the tiredness in the payers. Given the circumstances and it was a play off cautious game I enjoyed watching... helped by having an interest in who won.
  3. The corporate side will be important eventually but given current situation understandable its not high up on the priority at the moment. For me as I've said else where its a big opportunity for SL and one some clubs need to put more focus on in enhancing the revenue potential. Not one for Salford to be worried about at this stage, especially if they don't get any revenue from that from the AJ. For context Leeds highest revenue stream is from corporate. The move seems a good option.
  4. would agree and also whilst having sponsors kept on board you do need to develop the sponsorships plus drive the digital rights... assuming digital rights arena is or will be exploited. For sure still need a commercial leader and team to maximise upon the existing and any new area's not exploited.
  5. at first glance your numbers do seem reasonable... On the other hand I assume those 5 players are brought to be first team players and to play mainly in the starting line up. Why else purchase at the relative costs they are. That means from the starting 13, 5 are probably overseas... or 5 out of 17. That is too much of a percentage.
  6. well as a Scouser rest assured I ain't in anyway a snowflake if my assumption of what that means is correct. You are right that I over did the baying mob with reference to this thread but that's not to say we don't see occasionally the worst of social media on the web site as distinct from just this thread - note the word occasionally. I note your (and here I assume) your derogatory remark towards me as a snowflake as distinct from just calling me out for over reacting. I think Dave T hit it right with his polite feedback.
  7. fair enough in this instance. Never-the-less it does happen as I say occasional and yep baying mob was over doing it but it at least hopefully it made people think.
  8. Strategically I would have thought it important to have P&R or some form of jeopardy in order to attract inward investment in lower division. Of course getting inward investment is difficult and what RL does to make the sport an attractive sports market is key. You may for a short while whilst consolidating if consolidation was a short term tactical decision but to freeze P&R permanently would be a mistake strategically.
  9. yep, i used saints, warringtons and wigans, all do a good job although can improve their facilities to further capture that market Premier League soccer is almost priced out for mid market and below companies. It's a market RL should be investing in to grab an opportunity.
  10. In general I enjoy your posts even if I don't agree so don't let the baying mob get to you... occasionally on here we do sometimes get the worst of the social media world.
  11. On the bias perspective I thought the Mcquire saving tackle of a "certain" try against Castleford in GF was up their too.
  12. why don't they include play-offs in the season ticket price. I'm fortunate in that I have an hospitality season ticket at Leeds and play off games are included if lucky enough to have play-off games at Headingley. A few years ago that was handy as we had plenty years with play-off games. I assume the "freebies" was priced in somewhere and depending upon success or not either I or the club benefitted sometimes. Challenge Cup games being a different competition is another matter. Their its a case of revitalising the competition so as to increase demand.
  13. Yep their are issues with RL here in the UK. On the other hand having been fortunate to be in the hospitality at Headingley for the Hull KR game and it was very vibrant = both a good crowd and all the hospitality rooms were jam packed. No doubt helped by the normal exciting play of Hull KR and at one stage the importance of the game. Most of the people I spoke to thought the game was entertaining, Ok not the highest skill levels but very entertaining play from both teams, especially the first half and thoroughly enjoyed. Now the top hospitality rooms at Leeds are around £250 per person including the huge emerald suite and they were full/jam packed, all the box's (30,000 a year) full and the other rooms at around £150 jam packed. The crowd was somewhere between 14-15000. So some clubs are doing relatively well and the jam packed hospitality shows that some clubs have fans that are prepared to pay a premium - whether just watching rugby their every week or to celebrate an occasion with the family. The point being one club shows what is possible.
  14. Was that the rebrand... a change of badge/emblem. I guess I missed something. Given the the exciting brand of RL they tend to play I was expecting that to be part of the rebranding of the club... as distinct from a badge change. With regard to the badge - it looks creepy to me, as some say angry birds or angry little batman's with droopy lips.
  15. I totally agree... but the role of a CEO is to ensure the right organisation and the right people, within the constraints of the money available of course. Their upon lies the problem, has the new CEO (as he was when he came on board as CEO) done anything organisationally and changed people to suit the circumstances of the situation as in sporting/Rugby economy, future direction etc etc. From the outside in he seems more an administrator not CEO - maybe the job title is incorrect.
  16. maybe... but it was only a week ago when people on here were praising the exciting games for Sky. We seem as fans to swing subjectively from one extreme to another... Its as if you don't get boring, rubbish or thrashing in games in any other sport... even one's that Sky spend billions on.
  17. I'm surprised they make any effort to be honest as I admittedly would guess the audience is minuscule - even if it was an excellent production. Not sure what RL/SL do to discuss with the likes of the BBC or even Sky when it comes to our sports media shows.
  18. Lets not forget the BBC do a good job with the Challenge Cup. It's a quality production so that would suggest they value RL. The SLS, well at least they have a highlights of sorts show. I'm always surprised they bother. If I'm interested in a particular weeks I'll use iplayer.
  19. yep, although if the focus is on attracting new fans I'd do it with one of the early games of the season, Although in this case it does say its a a thank you to existing fans rather then a focus on new fans.
  20. you may be right but I'm guessing that the TV eyeballs are watching SL games, that most sponsorship comes from SL clubs, that the SL players mainly come from SL clubs plus the fanbase of SL is greater than championship, etc etc. I don't know of course but I guess some facts would help me understand if your point is more emotional or facts based. Of course lower tier needs funding. The balance is what the distribution of monies should be and not least take account of the less Sky money. That is the balance has to not drastically harm SL clubs whilst protecting as much as possible the money going to lower tier. That is if one recognisers that harming SL too much ultimately harms the whole edifice. Not just the other way around. The other equation is the less revenue coming from Challenge Cup or other competitions outside SL and of course less revenue from internationals. Surely that would have been significant reduced too. Its not just SL looking to save by giving less to lower tier.
  21. I guess where clubs could do more the money is the priority. I just despair when I have very drunken people around me, whom then go off during the game to get more beer (normally the extra large 2pinter plastic) and stagger back to their seats with beer swilling around them as to go between the seats. It is one of the reasons I will stop going to games... might seem daft but if they don't care for me I won't care about the club.... and as a chuckle maybe - on a dafter note the reason I stopped going to soccer in the late eighties and not gone since even if now better was because.... I was sick of having to have sugar in me tea... when I asked for tea it came straight out of a big teapot which had the sugar and milk in... that's how it is the person serving would say so tough... Now that may seem daft but its the little things that finally break the camels back so to speak... mind you I am a scouser and we tend to cut off our nose to spite our face...
  22. yep, another way to look at it is that each day their were 6 clubs, thus 6 sets of clubs fans each day. Not sure given the numbers it attracts really significant numbers of the existing fans of the clubs. Their is the first issue... then take it from their to at least get more existing fans. That then helps create an event from which we can target new participants. Yep some great games and a good advertisement for our sport - except that it was only to the existing main fans of our sport and some of their families that in the main would have watched. So despite the great games whom else saw it at the stadium or on Sky. I would assume whatever marketing capability RFL/SL have that they know from where the attendee's came from, those existing or members of same family and new fans and fans from the Newcastle area. Does the information from that small marketing exercise get published and if so we can then tell if its meeting the objectives of SL as distinct from just meeting the objectives of Sky. Obviously covid has had an impact this year, but the above applies to previous events.
  23. Not sure about golden point but lets not forget if the score is equal with 10-15mins to go you get a focus on drop goals anyway... So on that point I'd stick with it given the extra drama it can give to the sport. Taking last night Leeds defended very well in limiting Hull metres during the drop goal periods towards end of game and the golden point period. So that at least show cased other good aspects of the game/sport.
  24. chuckle... but that would apply to both teams. although I know you mean your team Hull FC.
  25. Just watched a few of the videos above and I thoroughly enjoyed them. What I particularly liked was the calm relaxed and I guess quietly confident manner of presentation. A thoughtful discussion or Q&A rather than some journalistic focus of need for an headline.
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