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  1. Ollie Wilkes will steady the ship and have the players respect. I wouldn't mind Ollie being offered the job full time with perhaps Penky and/or Tickle as assistants if they want it.
  2. With Town not having a reserve team or youth policy they have to recruit from the amateur ranks; how does an amateur turn semi- professional they have to play games - is it that simple?
  3. I personally don't find anything amusing about yesterday's display. Fair enough the defence out wide was awful but surely if the forwards had pulled their weight we would have played more of the game in heaven's half and elevated some of the pressure put on the defence.
  4. In my opinion no they weren't Hopkins, Tickle & Moi Moi were outplayed & out enthused all afternoon and had very little impact. A forward line of former super league players should have outplayed a very average haven pack. How can you criticise a young player on his debut when he only had the last 20 mins. Luckily other results went our way, if Haven & Hunslet are the pace setters, the standards of this league has definitely dropped.
  5. We go again! We are going no where. Get shot of the expensive journey men. How can a team comprising of ex super league players put on a display like that? Shocking. The only players who impressed today was Forber & the new stand-off.
  6. Is relaying the pitch correct? What is the point of spending money on this when we are supposed to be moving out by 2021? In addition I thought the Comets were only taking 12 months out - where will they hold their events if they come back?
  7. Just think how good this team could be with Mr. Sammut - is there any chance of getting him on loan if Wigan won't play him?
  8. There is only Leon and Penky himself who knows what is best regarding his game time I can't believe some of the criticism on yesterday's game. We were by far the better more powerful team and could have easily scored 50 + points against a decent championship 1 team. The team and gates are on the up can't wait for the next game - UTT.
  9. town blue


    How accurate was the attendance count, the turnstile I went through seemed dodgy - it seemed to stick between me and the person who went through in front of me.
  10. The 10 minute spell in the first half when you pulled back to 12-12 was brilliant rugby where by Town found it hard to stop your slick passing moves and off loads culminating in the try of the match from your full back. Reproduce that for a large % of the game and you will take some beating. I thought Town finished the stronger team. All the best for the future apart from at DP.
  11. town blue


    First ten mins town were on fire and scored 2 rapid tries and were controlling the game - we then lost possession that started a 10 min spell where Oldham controlled the game with some slick off load rugby, 12 - 12. The last 60 mins was nip & tuck all the way with neither side getting on top. Two sides of contrasting styles - Town had the power - Oldham were quicker around the ruck trying to shift the ball out wide. My impression of the last play was Town give away a needless penalty, Oldham kicked the ball into touch & from the last play put up a towering bomb that appeared to be covered by two town players - an Oldham player appeared from nowhere & out jumped them both & touched down, looked a fantastic effort. I might be wrong but I thought the ref initially give the try so the off side was called from the touch judge. Great effort by the lads on a bone hard plastic pitch. UTT
  12. DthRR how do you know the sports centre is subsidised, appears to be well used, in addition it is managed and run has a business by a Company who also run the Sands Centre in Carlisle.
  13. Totally agree Carl Forber is like a vintage wine & gets better with age, very impressed with how he took on the line & his kicking was impressive today.
  14. I think I was watching a different game, Karl Olstrum was awesome today when he came on and seemed to be everywhere and was involved in most of our attacks, he made breaks from dummy half, off loaded on numerous occasions & his passing game (not always his best feature) was more than satisfactory.
  15. Why live in the past, Brett has moved on and so have we - Town have in my opinion a better second rower in Gordon Maudling who will break tackles and score tries for fun this coming season.
  16. The best locals seem to be playing for the likes of Wath Brow, Kells & Egremont & for some reason won't sign semi professional. Surely these are the players we should be perusing if we go local. Why has the local talent dried up north of Distington or am I wrong in my observations?
  17. Let's face it the majority of players staying at the club are wanted by the BOD and coach; provisions have to be made for bringing in new blood to try & improve on last season - all of this depends upon the limited budget & the number of sponsors that the club can attract.
  18. And on top if that we lost Olstrum for a large part of the game. Absolute heroes every single one of them. After listening to the good coverage on RC Dawson and the Mellor appeared to have had immense games.
  19. The way the RFL is run has nothing to do with Super League, it's the RFL that needs to change, that can only be initiated by the Championship clubs from within. Passed the Travellers this morning and saw the Townies boarding their bus, absolute dedication hope their journey is worthwhile and Town win against the odds.
  20. What a mess, tell you what this is a game that nobody wants so why not get a rep from each club to go on the pitch at Old Trafford before the grand final and spin a coin to decide who plays in the Championship next season. Better still have a 'it's a knockout' competition at half time where perhaps supporters could slug it out, this will allow the players to go on holiday. P.S. this post should be not taken seriously just like the RFL.
  21. TS, I assume you are a hornets supporter - so you would feel the same if your team finished bottom of the championship.
  22. Would the game be a joke if Oldham were playing in it.
  23. According to radio cumbria leon has said that Olly & Penky r both out next week & will be lucky to raise a team.
  24. Too nervous to listen or watch, will probably drift in and out of the live scoreboard - COME ON LADS YOU CAN DO IT. Bradford 24 Town 25. UTT.
  25. 1/3 out of a squad of how many players, 25, 30? Half a team of full timers is quite a substantial number.
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