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  1. A legend passes on. RIP Hughie
  2. Herbie makes the point about kids and parents out on Sunday morning playing and watching at the amateur clubs. The trouble with that for the semi pro club is that after 2 to 3 hours there do they really want to spend the same time watching rugby in the afternoon?
  3. Omg sitting in the motorhome in a very wet and windy Dunkirk and the neighbours door opens at the massive cheer. Thanks boys my weekend is complete. Lost for words but off for a quiet beer. And several noisy ones!!
  4. Interesting. Certainly not unhappy with that choice although I still think Justin Holbrook will regret going to the Titans and wish he'd come to us
  5. After trekking up the M6 since Easter we have to miss the Final due to other commitments. Give the boys extra vocal support to compensate for us not being there.
  6. Stevos Barber


    We'll save you a burger or three
  7. I feel very honoured to have known Jim even for the short time we did know him. A gentleman through and through. The ladies of Blackpool will be devastated that Oldham's top shagger won't be with us if we make it to Summer Bash next year RIP Jim. We'll miss you
  8. Stevos Barber


    Bumped to remind the travelers that we will be barbecuing pre match in the car park as a little reward to all the fans who go away. Burgers, hot dogs and kebabs are planned but some ideas of numbers would be handy. Bring your own drinks
  9. Whether it was because of you or not you made the effort and get my thanks.
  10. Stevos Barber


    Please note that the post code is CV22 7AU. It looks like there is a car park so Chris and Sue's Annual Awayday Fans Barbecue is still on. Any travelling Yeds are welcome to join us at our motorhome for free hotdogs and burgers from about 12.30. If you plan to join us let me know on here or at the Donny match so we can get some idea of numbers
  11. We won't see you before you go either but we know we will here from you o here. All the very best from us both
  12. Fantastic. Really chuffed for everyone at the club. As Del Boy would say "onwards and upwards"
  13. We need to keep 13 on the field
  14. Good for him and typical try too. He'll always be welcome back
  15. We should be wearing masks and carrying bags marked swag. That was robbery. But we would have lost from 14 nil down last season. Well done to the boys and good to see such good travelling support
  16. Thank you clifford. Mine will be treasured
  17. Is there a ruling on the depth of the in goal area? If not why do we have to have the two lines and there be the confusion as we saw yesterday? Make the dead ball line the same as the football one!
  18. Totally agree on the social media. I will admit to not using it myself (I've got no friends, my dinners are a bit boring and I don't have a cute cat). Having said that jokingly social media can be a great tool. RU effectively makes it's games an "event". They can virtually sell out Twickenham for the Army vs Navy game. So lets make our games an event, a place to go for a good afternoon out. How? So leading up to a game post how you can't wait to be there, post pics of you and your mates enjoying a drink in the club, post how good the game is etc etc. If 3 people out of your perhaps 300 Facebook friends come to a game and other posters friends do the same how good would that be?
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