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  1. It’s not very glamorous, but clubs have had far more success with journalism students knocking up match reports and copy to get out to copy starved press than with consistently trying to produce film match coverage. every club could do worse than just give a couple of free tickets per match to a student to write about it. That really is a quick win.
  2. Was tried by a few RU clubs I know of a couple of years back - because, as you say, it looks a good idea on paper. in reality It was at best like pulling teeth and at worst a nightmare: - weekends outside the timetable tend to be when the students either have jobs or most of the ones interested in sport are playing sport - club insurance meant they had to be supervised by someone from the club (so additional manpower burden) and from the uni; cue lecturers being jobbed to give up their weekends. - on top of all that, given it wasn’t part of the course, the students’ propensity to turn up was variable. some of that can be countered by making it part of the course, but then you’re stepping out from a bit of cheap work experience and into something with a cost.
  3. Maximise their salary in the first place, tout them when they need a new club (or when the agent fancies changing their club for the cut), take their cut.. I know a couple of sports agents, and a couple of theatrical ones. My observation, perhaps because you can act all you life, is that theatrical agents tend to be more bothered about their clients’ welfare and long term prospects, whereas sports agents need to keep a tight focus on their own share in the short time available. There are agents who take it seriously obviously, but there’s a limit to what you can do in a relationship that might only last a few years.
  4. I read “supplementary” as more questions about the major financial issues tbh rather than questions about more finances (IYSWIM)
  5. Well they could, but 100k a year when you’re young and silly is actually quite easy to spend and end up with nothing to show. 100k pa for 8 years in your twenties or whatever *can* help you get set up for life, but a look at players of either code would suggest that it frequently doesn’t...
  6. I wish I didn't have to get on with some work now, so I could spend some time either unpicking this myself or watching as other people do, but come on - you're either working to a definition of vaccine which means it's (only) something that gives 100% of immunity 100% of the time, or you're disagreeing with both the NHS and indeed World Health Organisation, both of whom have large areas of the internet dedicated to talking about the "flu vaccine"... What definition of vaccine are you using which excludes the flu vaccine? I'm prepared to believe that this might actually be technically true, but it's going to be *very* technical and outside both common understanding of the word, and indeed how it is communicated by the people who make, procure, and administer it (and other vaccines) in both the public and private sector.
  7. This is the point really - if someone's earning £250k (for the sake of argument) then you, I and the average person in the street might think that's more money than we'd know what to do with, but people set their lives up to suit their earnings (or, less favourably stated but nonetheless, their earnings dictate their lives). If someone earns £25k it's too easy to think that if they were earning £250k then they'd have more money than they knew what to do with and so would be banking £225pa straight into their savings, or having loads of nice holidays - all of which could obviously be dispensed with for 8 months or whatever of being on £25k with no harm done. Except, in general, the more you earn the bigger your mortgage is, the more expensive your car is, the bigger your outgoings are likely to be. So essentially actually you're more likely to be shafted by being put on £25k furlough (never mind the 80% of £25k) than someone on average wages. And the most shafted of all will probably be the middle earners. It's not much of a drop to earn £25k rather than £30k in a year and you can probably make it work. If you're earning £50k and suddenly get faced with 50% loss of earnings for nearly a year (especially if you're the sole earner or you/your partner is on mat leave) then you're screwed. I know you know this, but it bears repeating for those that don't.
  8. Tell me about it - it’s the most bonkers BBC news area in the country. Living in Oxfordshire, the whole thing’s run out of Southampton and it goes as far west as Dorchester.... “we go live to the Abbotsbury swannery” population of Oxfordshire “that’s 140 miles away” BBC south today “ shut up and watch your local news”
  9. I don't know if you've ever worked as a freelancer, but when I did I had a stock response to anyone who offered me "exposure" rather than cash....
  10. and there we go - because no one bothered at the time, I agree with you the ship has sailed, unless we really think that IRL is going to hose cash at them to come under the umbrella? 20-odd posts of common sense and good ideas, shot away because 2 decades ago the RL international authorities showed about as much grasp of strategy and long term planning as they do now.
  11. Indeed, anyone with Zingari in their name is probably riffing off the daddy of them all, the *very* exclusive I Zingari CC, which all the way until 2005 was the only amateur side that had all its match reports in Wisden every year.... If you didn’t have a ground, then some clubs went with Zingari because I Zingari were a well known landmark of the reported sporting scene and you hoped for a bit of reflected glory by association. Probably second in rank only to MCC in terms of prestige.
  12. fair point, my faith in them is marginally higher, though I would expect them to approach things from a strict upfront profit and loss basis rather than strategic cost benefit, which will potentially lead to the same issues in the long term.... I.e. I would expect both of them to cock it up, for but for different reasons and via different routes. Obviously I hope they don't.
  13. while I agree with your sentiment entirely, a lot of the preceding 249 pages is shot through with people doubting the competence of the RFL to accurately make that sort of judgement... (either way, in fairness)
  14. Someone always says this, so today I'll be the southern based fan who writes the response that always comes next... Amateur clubs can play in whatever league you like, no problem with that. As long as League One is semi pro then regionalising it will be an utter disaster for the southern clubs (both the existing ones and those being created). From the Oxford experience, the travelling to the north was a pain in the neck but gates of locals (never mind travelling away support) went through the floor when we weren't playing "proper" clubs. Hunslet rather than South Wales was worth 100 on the gate, when the average gate in the first season was about 200. That's a quantitative difference. It's exactly the same issue as Torontonians keep telling us is the case with Toronto (and why I believe them). There is no player or fan interest in Toronto without playing in an established league. If Oxford was going to be playing Hemel, St Albans, Swindon, etc then it would never have got off the ground as a semi pro club. Player pathways are all very well, but about the most obvious pathway if you did that would be for any halfway decent player to get signed from the southern clubs to go and play at a proper standard in the northern ones. The southern cubs would be a nursery (explicit or otherwise) for the northern ones. If you're going to do that you might as well be an amateur club in an amateur league. In an ideal work we wouldn't start from here, but here's where we are. You want to kill Skolars, Cov and West Wales, and have any other semi pro southern club dead at birth? Put them in a League 1 South.
  15. My point with number 2 is that the clubs might be keen on it, and Toronto will have to give them some figures along those lines. But where's the secretariat at the SL end to do their own figures or properly check Toronto's? With number three, they could - but ideally you wouldn't want them on Toronto's board, you'd want Toronto's board reporting to this person. And ideally you'd want Toronto stumping up the money to pay this person (via the RFL/SL). Which I can;t see happening.
  16. Agree, although I think the honest answer* when Toronto asked to join should have been no. Yes as equal partners was never going to happen, and this halfway house situation of "yes, but only if you don't cost us anything" was never going to cut it in the longer term. Again, it's like no one could really ignore the strategic possibilities Toronto offered (and let's not even get into NY and Ottawa) but no one equally wanted/wants to do the hard thinking of what that looks like or how to get there (or even if there should be somewhere they want to get to). So we got "come on in, let's all cross our fingers and hope we can muddle along without disappointing literally everyone on all sides." With, as they used to say in the TV guides, predictably hilarious results. *as in honest answer from the reality based community after a hard headed look at the structural capabilities of the English leagues for strategic planning.
  17. And a view (presumably from the existing other club owners as much as anything else) on 1 will be the clincher either way because I can't see the SL/RFL doing 2 or consistently doing 3.
  18. another way of saying that is that the governing bodies need to sit down and work out what they actually want, come up with a plan off the back of that, and then arrange things accordingly. Bluntly, it needs a strategic decision on whether the league (as in structure) wants overseas teams or not. We can argue about which way the decision should go on that but broadly it's a yes or no. Then everything else will flow from that a hell of a lot better than the ad hoc decision making and near perpetual firefighting we get instead. And everyone would know where they stood - at the moment it's too easy for (some) heartlanders to project a vision of the M62 drawbridge from one direction, and the expansionists to be dreaming of the big cities across the NH from the other. This ability to satisfy nobody (except of course the oft-forgotten quiet majority who just want to go and watch their team every week and don't care either way) is symptomatic of the utter vacuum at the heart of current NH rugby league, a vacuum where the strategy should be.
  19. Probably not adding much to the discussion but (even as a Toronto well-wisher) it strikes me yet again that this going to come down to the fact that this whole thing isn’t SL or the RFL setting out to have a team in NA so much as a group in NA wanting to be in SL/the RFL. if it happens then the league and RFL will make all the right noises again about strategy but in reality this isn’t strategic in the slightest. There are obvious strategic opportunities, but too many people get confused between those and an actual strategy. Until there is one - from the RFL and SL - then Toronto will always be supplicants in the good days and the first out of the basket in the bad because when it comes down to it they found SL/the RFL - no one in the latter bodies went looking for or asking for them.
  20. the bid needs to be sound regardless of a TV contract because presumably no one wants a situation where a team got the green light on the basis of something which might not happen, which then didn’t happen and screwed said team’s own model and what it was supposedly bringing to the table?
  21. Unless I’m missing something, Tony Collins didn’t write that - he’s just tweeted a link to something someone else has...
  22. Ah, this is why the Hundred is for you! If you're from the NW and have no affinity with Lancashire, the ECB has cracked how to make it relevant to you. Get yourself over to watch the Manchester Originals.
  23. Of course, if people feel strongly enough about it, it can go the other way. Rutland achieved its independence, we in Worcestershire broke free from the hated Herefordian oppressor yoke of the abomination that was Hereford and Worcester, and supplies are still sent to the resistance movement in Huntingdonshire to aid their fight. #prayforsaddleworth
  24. Bees are going in with London Irish as their tenants. Given the general faffing around (in both rugby codes) at the moment about what's going to be played when (and the potential for summer RU and winter RL depending on what's going to be allowed) I'm not sure the addition of a third set of fixtures to deconflict is something that either LI or Brentford would jump at sadly.
  25. To be honest I think you're both right - if, in Harry's example, you're a six year old in eg Dewsbury who's dragged to Dewsbury by your family every week until the age of 14 then those players are going to be your heroes and you will go by yourself later on as you get older. If you're a child in Dewsbury who doesn't go to Dewsbury games then you will be watching SL. And you're right in that many many more are in the latter camp than the former along the M62. So every child in every small town is not worshipping their local players, but the small number that go are. Which again, comes back to my take on expansion being as important for the current clubs as it for people wanting to set up new clubs in new areas. We need clubs to pick up as many in their communities as they can for the health of the game. The Dewsburys, Swintons, Batleys, Doncasters, need to get more through the gate (although, as has been pointed out by others, Batley do a lot already), so do the Leeds, Wakeys, Salfords, etc. *And* then it would be ideal if it grew outside the heartlands too.
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