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  1. but then it is what it could end up being anyway now, a contractual disagreement. If this was fantasy land, or a film, then you'd turn round to a generation of players and say to them "put your bodies on the line for the sport, put the survival of the sport first, get out there and save rugby league - screw what happens to you or your families, the sport is the thing" meanwhile back in reality... which is sort of my point - if Sky pulled the funding plug either way because of coronavirus then Sky get to be the people who kill a sport - which is why I'd be astonished if they did it. Particularly when it's not just rugby league in that boat. Sky are in a unique position where they basically could kill a few sports off if they get it wrong. Never mind those sports' governing bodies. And that goes back to one of the older circular arguments on here - is it healthy for any sport to be so in hock to one broadcaster? And if it isn't, then what could be done differently? Is it worth having less money and worse facilities for more control? Ir is it better to be so bound up like a fly in a cobweb that when it comes down to it the RFL/SL have to cobble together something to stop a third party turning the lights off? Bottom line? In a world where we *might* not get any sport this calendar year (or not until right at the back end), then yes, I'd expect Sky to be paying all sports that they've got a contract with a percentage rather than nothing. Because if they don't then they're not going to have much sport to cover in the future are they? If sport more generally becomes playable this year then yes, the RFL, the ECB, AAA, WTA, PTA, PGL, EPL etc all need to know what they're going to be able to do/offer to Sky. But the bigger question begged here is what's Sky's strategy if it doesn't....?
  2. what if satisfying Sky's broadcasting deal means you have to put that above player welfare? In those circumstances, I'd say the problem is with Sky.
  3. Funnily enough, part of what killed Oxford last time round might no longer be an issue. Not, for a fleeting glimpse of a moment in the glint of the milkman's eye, that I'm suggesting Oxford should, could, or would rejoin the league. Can't, unfortunately, say more than that, but one of the big blows wouldn't IMO have happened if it had been now rather than then.
  4. Agree - although I think that might be the autumn, or in a small window of August-September-October before round 2 hits and we shut down again.
  5. I agree with all of that - but (in my opinion, which is all it is), the entertainment business (all forms) should be at the back of the queue as things relax. To be honest, for many people just going into work is going to be novelty enough in month 1 of "normality", never mind anything else.
  6. Well yes, but are those 70-100 people going into isolation for 14 days immediately afterwards? Because if they're not then they can be spreading to everyone they come into contact with (before they're showing any symptoms or know they've got it), who then spread it to everyone they come into contact with.... To be quite honest, part of me (admittedly the most pessimistic but but even so) thinks that sport, cinemas, theatre etc are the discretionary bit of the economy - and whatever the pain, and the hit to those sports, cinemas, theatres etc, the rest of the economy could stand that pain; and sport, cinemas, theatres etc are going to be the last things taken back out of the freezer. My best guess is September for starting the next season of the "winter" sports might be possible; but in reality I think we could be looking at nothing, no professional or amateur sport, until 2021.
  7. Quite - I'm not on silly money, but can see furloughing hurtling towards me like a hurtling-towards-me-thing (I'm currently on of 2 people in the firm I work for not already on it...) and have just had a very sobering sit down with my bank statement looking at the implications. Bottom line, £2,500 (which is £1,995 after tax) covers my mortgage, council tax, car and utility bills, leaving me with £7 for the month. Throw in that my wife is pregnant, the only one in her team not furloughed, and about to go on maternity leave and it's all starting to look a bit festive. Yes, on the plus side I've got savings I can use, so I (touch wood) think it will be ok, but it's sobering. If you earn £50k and have normal outgoings (I don't have gym memberships or any subscriptions other than RLW and £5 a month on Netflix), then going down to 80% salary is not fun. Any more than if you're on 22K and lose 80% would be. You set your life up for what you can afford based on what you earn. Now, footballers on £60k a week are in a different bracket (although I suppose they could have an enormous mortgage to service) but your average fringe first team Super League player?
  8. I want to say that they played a home game in Oxford, but tbh it might just as easily have been us playing a home game there... I'm sure someone did come and play a home game in Oxford that wasn't Oxford anyway.
  9. At Middle School, right at the back end of the 1980s, in the heart of RU country SW of Birmingham, our northern PE teacher had all the boys doing PTBs perfectly from about the age of 10. "Just in case you ever move north, like...."* *It got very confusing though as obviously we weren't allowed to do it when playing other schools, but if we didn't do it on a games afternoon then we got a ball thrown at our head.
  10. Unless you’ve got an inside source then yes I think you did
  11. I occasionally (I avoid it when I can) have to drive from there to Telegraph Hill - which is just to the west of Dulwich. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when tomorrow's trip was called off. Why? Last time it took nearly two hours.
  12. This. Same with my mum, I dream about her and regularly think i’ll Just tell her something.... 5 years on Feb 17th- who knows where the time goes? mind you, 62 was no age at all. definitely gets easier though, sort of. Different might be a better word. It gets progressively different.
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