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  1. true and agree, but my point was, if they can't demonstrate they can be there as unequal tenants, then they really will be toast. As I said back up the thread, the need to sort out access to the S4C (on pretty much any terms) is going to be a pretty rapid test of how serious they are, regardless of whether it's as equal partners or not. Cheque book time. How much do Perez and backers really want a team in Cornwall, or a share of bricks and mortar....?
  2. My view is if they haven't got this sorted already (almost regardless of what was actually agreed) then they're on a hiding to nothing because there's going to be one sensible place this will work in Cornwall in terms of grounds, and the way to it goes through Cornish Pirates. Everything else is scratching on the sidelines - plenty of other grounds, but none that would bear level 2 or 3 RL, with the potential exception of the Mennaye Field (Pirates' current ground) - but that's even further away in Penzance. The long term goal of the club, assuming they've got one, has got to be playing at the Stadium for Cornwall.
  3. If I were a cynic, I could see a case for this whole thing being a year of fun for the backers in a nice location before they pop up in one of whichever big cities they're currently talking to on the quiet. Because if they're actually serious then it's going to take a lot of cash and no guarantees of it going anywhere. Hopefully it's the latter (them being serious).
  4. which will be the quickest way to find out whether Cornwall RL are serious or not I suppose.
  5. Under the current plan AIUI Pirates are in the driving seat with Truro FC as their enabling tenants.
  6. Apologies for continuing the tangent. A mate of mine actually owns a fair sized brewery (no names no pack drill) and it's even more specific than that - you can reliably shift mild such that it's worth having on permanently in pubs, in Wigan, the Black Country, Birmingham and Kidderminster. There are other northern pockets but apparently they're dead/dying.
  7. actually, the more I've engaged with this thread and my own experiences of rugby union, rugby league, and living in the far southwest (and trying to get anywhere else at various times of the year), the madder I think the idea is - and I'm keen to go and watch them.
  8. all true, but the roads - as someone who used to live down there - are a nightmare. No one/team is going there and back in a day in July or August for a start, unless they've got a private plane (oddly enough seats for the summer county are at a premium in the summer months). I live in Northants now and even leaving from here at 4am I'd not be confident of making it to the ground for kick off in July/August. Then you've got to get back. And overnight of course you've stayed in one of the many Cornish hotels who are happy to do one night bookings during peak season...
  9. Pirates would/will be a whole other proposition in the Premiership - they already benefit from what money there is at other Level 2 clubs coming down for the weekend to watch their team play them, and that with the Premiership clubs would be magnified massively. I don't know whether the locals will get behind an RL side because (to be quite honest) until about 48 hours ago I'd never stopped to think about it. I'm not *sure* that I can see it but would be delighted to be wrong. The RU side probably are genuine sleeping giants though.
  10. without going cross-code, because it's relevant to whether or not the RL side have got a chance - the owner of Cornish Pirates has put millions in since pretty much the game going pro and the planning has been a nightmare because in the initial years of the over-a-decade this planning battle has been going on, the council didn't want a professional sports team or a stadium because of crowds, traffic, etc, anywhere in Cornwall. That's slightly changed but in the meantime obviously the sums needed have risen. Bottom line, Pirates are first in the queue, it's their stadium, the RFU actually probably do want them in the top tier if they can ever get it cracked, and anyone else - whether Truro FC or Cornwall RL, will probably have to be second fiddle/second-go on the Pirates' trainset.* They're actually a nice club, and look after the people who go and visit them right down there. In level 2 RU fans from other clubs make a weekend of it, because it's the only way it makes sense. *the other problem they've consistently had for a long time is the rivalry between different parts of Cornwall making it difficult for places to get behind one club. They love RU down there, but they want to see Penzance playing Launceston playing Redruth etc. Which is why the Pirates play on Sundays (to the chagrin of basically every other union club having to travel down there) because on Saturdays the rugby population of Cornwall is watching or playing for their own town or village. Actually the further I got writing that, the more I hoped Perez et al have done their homework, because sport in Cornwall is complicated...
  11. fair - but within the humour the 'contributions' didn't (at least AIUI) cover the travel in full anyway. It's a trade-off certainly. There are clubs at level 4 who said quite openly they'd be picking and choosing which away fixtures they fulfilled this season (though that seems to have gone a bit quiet). Big league re-org going on which means probably no relegation at that level this season, so bolshy clubs can afford to play games.
  12. On the same subject of digression, there is no longer any travel funding from the RFU (not a pandemic thing, it went a few years ago). National 1 (level 3) get a 'contribution' to their travel costs but only if they stay within a ludicrous salary cap, which none of them do, so no one gets it. National 1 goes from Plymouth to Darlington (and until the last couple of seasons also Corbridge and Blaydon). I said on here the other week, the regionalisation at level 4 with National 2 North and South sounds better, but N2S goes from Redruth to Canterbury (and Guernsey). In terms of transport funding, it's not that the grass is greener - there's not actually grass on either side of the hill...
  13. Allied Breweries (along with Ansells) is long, long gone (Ansells Brewery closed in 81) - Allied was bought by Carlsberg at the beginning of the 90s. It became Carlsberg-Tetley and is now a vast conglomerate that off the top of my head brews Tetleys, Banks's, Brakspeare, Jennings, Marston's, Ringwood, Charles Wells, Youngs, McEwans, Wychwood, William Younger, Bass and Mansfield. So pretty big. They do still do Tetley Dark Mild.
  14. If you were being really picky, you can just about parse that safely as town or county name does not equal representing that town or county, it just means 'in' that town or county. So by way of example you can be Cornwall RL but you can't be 'Cornish RL' Or you can be Wakefield, but you can't be Wakefieldians. Which is pretty much nonsense but it does technically probably mean that Town or County/in this caase Duchy names are ok. Or, as Tommy says, you've got permission.
  15. although Carlsberg in the UK is of course now a JV with Marstons (which highly, unusually, is really Wolverhampton and Dudley PLC - Banks's - who took over Marstons but decided Marstons name was better known so changed to it even as they moved everything not nailed down to Wolverhampton)
  16. Tetley’s, John Smith’s and Worthington’s have always been fine if you can get them on draught - proper Tetley’s in particular has always been great. As you say it’s the smooth tap (and putting that in a can) that has trashed their brands.
  17. Having done a bit of brand work in my time though, I'd be astonished if there wasn't a break clause which allows a sponsor to walk away from both if they feel that 'Sponsor Location' has become too toxic - at which point you'd have thought there was a liability on one of the sporting sides to recompense the other (or vice versa if the shoe was on the other foot for whatever reason). That's the danger with packaging sponsorships really, all the moving parts depend on each other, and one of the moving parts is the sponsoring brand, so there really ought to be an option for them to walk away from both because of the actions of one other party, otherwise they leave themselves open to taking a reputation hit from those actions, with nowhere to go. Certainly I would expect most contracts to look like that, and the ones I've worked with have done.
  18. As a complete aside, I've long thought that FL/PL have accidentally (and for whatever reason) ended up in the right place on it though. I suspect that after head injuries the next big story to hit is going to be some combination of injuries from artificial pitches, and potential carcinogens. I'm not convinced they're actually safe over the long term, and glad I'm not playing anymore to find out. Actually I see in the last 2 months the European Commission has cracked down on it again, so there's an issue there somewhere: https://www.chemistryworld.com/news/europe-raises-the-bar-for-carcinogens-in-artificial-turf-pitches/4014144.article
  19. And it's basically Cornish Pirates RU that have been making the running on the stadium (and a lot of what money there is) - so they're the ones who need to be convinced that RL makes sense, not a stadco.
  20. The Falmouth uni scene (I was at Exeter but then served in Falmouth with the navy) is a high octane mix of beyond-alternative-lifestyle hippies, Cornish studies, and (white) South African mining students. Exeter (including its Falmouth campus) is currently extraordinarily good at RU thanks to having got sewn up tight with Exeter Chiefs. I'm making no comment on whether this new club is a good idea, but I'd be astonished if the university side of Falmouth came to anything. Anyway, as an RU fan whose team played in the same league as Cornish Pirates until recently, what I will say is that the key to sport at any sensible level in Cornwall is getting the Stadium for Cornwall built. Without it, Pirates can't get into the RU premiership (which they want to do, and have got the money to do, but have been fighting a 10 year planning battle) - when it comes off they're moving to Truro as anchor tenant. But until then it is a struggle to get sponsorship - basically everything goes to Pirates and Plymouth Argyle, though worth noting the (negative) impact on RU from Chiefs hoovering up support from the west of the Duchy that can get to Exeter. All I hope (genuinely, because I want it to work) is that they've done more than stuck a pin in a map, and learned from the experiences of Cornwall's leading RU club in England's most RU county, and how they've hosed millions (genuinely) so far banging their head against a wall.
  21. Takes a bow - I’m a bit embarrassed that they spent all that money just to bring me in, but 1000 posts on here and subscriptions to RL World and Forty20 means someone presumably benefited somewhere.
  22. It is applied by me, and the latter isn’t mocked by me. I raise an eyebrow, as above, where something’s on the basis of one grandparent, but playing for a country that you’re half is pretty straightforward under the tightest qualification requirements IMO
  23. well, that and his English mum. Up to him who he plays for - not as though he had 2 Irish parents, 3 Irish grandparents, and chose England because of one English grandparent... I'm sure money came into it but when you qualify through a parent rather than further off I'm inclined to think it might (however quietly) just be something you want to do.
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