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  1. Well that was rubbish! It was slow, boring and predictable. I thought last week was bad, this was a whole new level of bad. Last week we didn’t kick at all, this week the last tackle play seemed to be kick it as high as you can, doesn’t matter where, just whack it. Also couldn’t understand why we constantly tried to force a prop over the line instead of trying to spread it near the try line.
  2. I would also play Williams at 13 next week to get an extra ball player on the field. Playing a prop there doesn’t work.
  3. That was awful. What on earth was going on with the last tackle plays! Kick the bloody ball and try to get a repeat set. I think Clarke has to start the next game, Hodgson slows everything down. Really could have done with taking some extra wingers as we have no speed out wide.
  4. GB weren’t very good at all. Tonga were fantastic. Hodgson, Hall and McGilvary were awful.
  5. Its no surprise Tonga are playing so well, they are full of top class players most playing in the nrl. The have been far more physical than us and we do not have an answer.
  6. Miles offside but Tonga by far the better team. GB don’t seem to have many ideas.
  7. They would struggle to finish higher than 14th.
  8. Saints were probably always going to win that game as they were the better team on day. They were faster with the ball and much better at slowing the play the ball. I thought Kendall was terrible and made far too many dodgy decisions that seemed to benefit saints more than Salford. On another note, we happened to be sat with quite a few none RL fans due to being lucky enough to be in hospitality, was a shame to see hardly any could be bothered coming out for the second half but obviously they weren’t interested in the match.
  9. Manfredi is back in full training now. Hopefully he is over his injury problems as he is easily our best winger.
  10. Yes, if they’re the rules. It is a ridiculous rule and should be changed, but if thats what happens teams should abuse it.
  11. Teams should just start putting a trainer on at every kick and aim it at them, get the ball back and a fresh set of 6.
  12. Could have been a great game but will be completely overshadowed by terrible reffing.
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