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  1. Well this is a boring game so far. Thought this would have been quite competitive.
  2. Can’t understand what Hull Kr where doing on the last tackle of there last set. Should have kicked it into the in goal to try and get another set rather than running round like headless chickens.
  3. I didn’t think there was enough there to overturn that. Cas unlucky there.
  4. Hopefully Lam is realising how stupid it is to underestimate the opposition and how stupid it was to change 7 players.
  5. Didn’t he refuse to take a pay cut like all the other Saints players and push for an early release. He already knew the Covid situation before he left for the NRL and knew what situation he would be in, if he didn’t he isn’t that bright.
  6. Pitts caused the fight. McIlorum had already been penalised for a marginal high tackle. If Pitts didn’t run in, Wakefield keep the ball.
  7. What was wrong with Pitts then? He ran in to start a fight for no reason, and came off second best.
  8. The total made so far is over £24,000.
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