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  1. It’s a real shame London are going to go down. Thought they might have just been able to sneak it today, unfortunately not.
  2. Got to feel for the poor employee who was given the job of putting all the stickers on! At least they chose to do it against a team who doesn't generally take many fans.
  3. The coach is the worst one. Every week he finds something to have a whinge about. Maybe he would be better off telling his players to play to the whistle instead of standing and pointing.
  4. If you think that’s 10 yards it’s no wonder Wakefield fans always think the opposition is offside!
  5. Cas are lucky saints played a final last week and are resting a few players, they have been ######.
  6. Surely though it could have been a penalty to Salford as well as Mamo was all over him.
  7. What a terrible decision. Mamo was still trying to tackle and Evalds still trying to run. Should have let him play that.
  8. Don’t see how he could overturn that. No clear evidence he was offside.
  9. Clarke has been great. Thought Philbin could have been in with a shout, he really changed the game when he came on.
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