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  1. It gets difficult when you think of all the great players we have had in the last decade. You could probably name a couple of teams. 1. Tomkins 2. Makinson 3. Watkins 4. Gleeson 5. Hall 6. McGuire 7. Long 8. Morley 9. Roby 10. Peacock 11. Ellis 12. Hock 13. O'Loughlin 14. Graham 15. Westwood 16. Hill 17. Newton
  2. I thought his running in and punching on 2 separate occasions, plus how he acted with the ref deserved a ban. Only my opinion, but worthy of a ban for me.
  3. That’s ridiculous. I’m not saying the 5 from Catalan is wrong but I think at least another 2 Warrington players should have been banned, Chris Hill and Mamo.
  4. I meant I only saw the incident at the end. McIlorum was already red carded during that.
  5. Only just seen it in full. Kenny Edwards, Chris Hill and Mamo could all have easily seen red as well.
  6. Huddersfield are awful, Leeds look like they will score every time they touch the ball.
  7. Lomax wife had a baby yesterday so he’s probably been up all night.
  8. The way Saints have started this match, Leeds could be bottom of the table by the end of it.
  9. Warrington have been so dominant in this match and kept it up for the full match which doesn’t seem to have happened too often this year. They have run faster and tackled harder and just wanted this so much more than Catalan who don’t look interested at all.
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