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  1. Think Leeds lost that rather then saints won it. Leeds threw away so many really good chances with terrible play and lack of ideas near the try line. They needed a lot more composure and patience.
  2. Should have been a try that. Couldn’t say for certain a saints player touched it.
  3. Nothing to do with missing field. He would add to the team but the issue is the coaching.
  4. Problem we have is the same as under Lam. There is no plan b when plan an isn’t working. Peet doesn’t know how to fix it when it’s going wrong.
  5. Awful. I don’t think saints have been that good, but fortunately for them they haven’t had to be.
  6. Salford have ruined this game though. They just haven’t come out for the 2nd half.
  7. Well Salford have well and truly thrown this game away. Why were they panic passing when they were winning, just play your sets out, get out your own half and get a good kick away.
  8. Catalan very hard done to in that match, still could of won even with the players they had missing.
  9. The only late tackle was the Wardle one. The other 2 the ball had barely left the hands of the passer and the ref has over reacted.
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