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  1. Odd to pick out Powell. He hasn’t done much wrong. Hardaker and French have been much worse. Lams tactics have been even worse.
  2. Isn’t that Cootes trick, dive and wave hands until ref gives in.
  3. I thought Sutton had another really good game. He has really improved in the last couple of years.
  4. No one has seen Greg Inglis play for 2 years, he might be rubbish now.
  5. If Sam Tomkins is his starting fullback then I could see him being captain.
  6. Watched the drop goal again and I can’t believe how slow French was. Completely oblivious to any attacking players. Hopefully that spells the end for Lam as well. He just doesn’t know how to win big matches.
  7. Silly decision to go for the penalty goal from Wigan. Should have kicked to touch and played for the drop goal.
  8. McShane is a good player but for me, the other 4 nominees have been more influential for there teams.
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