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  1. I think that is part of the problem with RL in the UK. Obviously Catalan being in the final was different this year, but saints were there again, and won again, it gets boring. It isn’t the top teams fault either, it is up to the other teams to catch up, there just isn’t enough quality over here to have 12 great teams. I think this year has also been one of the poorer years for superleague, the quality hasn’t been great.
  2. You can guarantee that would normally get a ban, but this is saints and a grand final, not a chance he will get a ban.
  3. I would imagine both Saints and Catalan are hoping to play Leeds next week.
  4. At least we finally get rid of Lam, should have been fired months ago.
  5. Lam is totally clueless. Taking off our hooker for a second row.
  6. I agree. Tomkins has been the best player in the league by some distance.
  7. Coote led with the knees then, should have been an 8 point try.
  8. Its because Hastings and Hardaker are all we have. Everything has to go through them so they are closed down quickly. It also doesn’t help that Lam is flogging the young forwards, Bullock played 10 minutes that match, that is an awful way to use interchanges.
  9. We do have Clubb and Clarke but Lam would rather burn the younger players out.
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