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  1. No, its the one where Welsby clearly makes contact with his shoulder to the Salford players head.
  2. I think it is for the shoulder to the head on a Salford player he was tackling.
  3. Its still the same old boring though. I’ve not really got too much interest in the final to be honest. Maybe I would have had a bit more had Salford got there to possibly see a new name on the trophy.
  4. Another Leeds Saints final, might cancel sky sports this weekend instead of waiting till next Sunday.
  5. Not a chance that poster boy Jack the milkman Welsby will be given a ban.
  6. Thought Peet got the game plan wrong today by trying to play through the forwards which isn’t really something we have done all year. Biggest loss for us was not having Cust, his organisation was really missed.
  7. Surely you aren’t talking about Knowles? He isn’t a patch on Radley. I really don’t understand this massive hype about Knowles.
  8. Welsby is a great player and no doubt will eventually be starting fullback but in the matches I have seen him play, his defence is awful. He may be a great impact player for England this year but he isn’t a starter for me.
  9. Score line flatters Warrington massively. Been very lucky with quite a few decisions off Kendall tonight including both sin binnings.
  10. Peet had a lot of work to do before next week. That as awful, we couldn’t keep hold of the ball, our passing was awful and our defence was none existent.
  11. I can’t understand why we keep running on the last and not kicking. If I know we are going to do it, Leeds definitely do.
  12. No, if you make contact with the man playing the ball like that it isn’t usually a try.
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