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  1. The coach company posted on facebook last night :- Saints Away Coaches - Town Centre 'Coach bricked at Warrington.....on their f....ng toes when the lads got off. F.....ng cowards'.
  2. We were awful yesterday. London were the better team in all departments. Looked strong, powerful and fit. Good luck to them for the rest of the season. If they play like that all season the will defo be up there.
  3. I thought you have come on a lot from previous seasons but came up against a very impressive Hunslet first half display. Our goal line defence was outstanding (and has been all season). Credit to your boys, you kept at it from 28-0 down and the second half was only 16-10. Good luck for the rest of the season.
  4. Bus is full from Hunslet plus people making their own way so should be a decent atmosphere. Hunslet by 14.
  5. I would buy Hunslet, expand the ground, buy up a super league winning squad and then ban everyone born south of the river that has ever supported Whinos from entering the stadium.
  6. My team (Hunslet) must have one of the highest home to away ratios of fans. Whilst averaging 400ish at home we take a full bus everywhere, plus those who travel by train and cars. We will take at least a hundred to donny away first match which is 25% of our home crowd. We took around 150 to Toronto which they said was pretty much the first time they had seen any kind of away support. Away games are always a cracking day out and atmosphere, we just cant get people through the gates for home games.
  7. Percentage increases are all well and good but are useless if you don't know the original figure. I went to Gloucester All Golds a few years ago with Hunslet and was talking to a lovely women in the bar after who was part of the set up. We were talking about the future development etc of Gloucester and she stated that there had been a 50% increase in season ticket sales from last season. I asked her how many they had sold. The answer was 15 which was indeed 50% up on the ten from the season before.
  8. Parkside have replaced Keighley in the Yorkshire Cup... YORKSHIRE CUP – PRESEASON COMPETITION LAUNCHED Championship and League 1 Clubs resurrect the Yorkshire Cup in 2019. The competition commences in 2019 and will incorporate an 8-team competition played over three consecutive weekends in January. Each and every game will be full of the passion of a Yorkshire Derby as every side strives to win a most historic competition. It’s a battle for supremacy of the ‘trophy and will add extra spice to a traditional period of friendlies. Halifax will start the competition as favourites after their excellent 2018 season as they look to build to what may well be promotion to Super League in 2019. Featherstone, Batley and Dewsbury will be aiming for the silverware as they prepare for a hotly contested Betfred Championship 2019 season as will newcomers York City Knights and Bradford Bulls. Hunslet, who have recruited strongly for their challenge in Betfred League 1, will be out to cause cup upsets in what will be a hotly contested tournament. The introduction of the Hunslet Parkside team will provide neutrals with a team to follow and hopefully first sight of future superstars. Kev Nicholas, Chairman of Batley Bulldogs and past president of the RFL commented, ‘As part of a show of solidarity and to encourage supporters of all clubs to attend as many games as possible, the Clubs have agreed to share equally all gate receipts from every game over the 3 week period. In addition, we are expecting that the games in week 3 will all be played on a different day to the Yorkshire Cup Final to encourage everybody to attend the Final whether their team is in it or not, in the full knowledge that their support at that game will benefit their club financially as well as hopefully witnessing everything that a Yorkshire Cup Final will bring as a rugby league spectacle. We are all proud Yorkshire people and this enables us to show our love of our sport and our county for all to see and become part of history as the Yorkshire Cup comes alive again’. The Competition will have a new Trophy kindly donated by Berry’s Jewellers and will be a straight knockout with winners progressing through to the final of the Yorkshire Cup whilst those that lost their first fixture will play two further games in the schedule (all Clubs will play 3 games). The Competition will start with two double headers the weekend of the 5th and 6th of January 2019 as follows: Andrew Chalmers, Owner of Bradford Bulls commented: “We are delighted to reignite the Yorkshire Cup a Competition which resonates loudly within the Rugby League Community in the County. We ourselves last played in the Cup in the 1989/90 season against Featherstone. Now wouldn’t that be a great throwback final!” Hunslet Parkside Secretary Frankie Brown commented: “We are overwhelmed in being able to participate in a Competition with professional clubs and we will not let either the competition or our Club down, we will throw our heart and soul into winning”. Round 1 Double Header Saturday the 5th of January 2019 Location: Tetley Stadium, Dewsbury Game 1 – 1pm Kick Off – York City Knights vs Hunslet Parkside Game 2 – 3:30pm Kick Off – Dewsbury Rams vs Featherstone Round 1 Double Header Sunday the 6th of January 2019 Location: Odsal Stadium, Bradford Game 3 – 1pm Kick Off – Batley Bulldogs vs Hunslet RLFC Game 4 – 3pm Kick Off – Bradford Bulls vs Halifax RLFC Semi Finals line up will be drawn immediately following the Bradford v Halifax game at Odsal and will be played SF1 12th January & SF2 13th January 2019, details to be announced after draw. The Yorkshire Cup Final will be played on Sunday 20th January 2019. We wish to put on record our thanks to K2 Mechanical & Electrical Services Limited who are the 2019 Competition Sponsors and Berry’s Jewellers of Leeds who have kindly donated the Trophy. Lee Kerr, Managing Director of K2 commented: “We are delighted to be involved in the Yorkshire Cup, Rugby League runs throughout our values and with our partnership with Batley Bulldogs and our local community is a critical success factor for the Company”. Simon Oxby, Operations Manager at Berry’s Jewellers and Operations and Retail Director at Halifax RLFC says of the Yorkshire Cup commented: “Berry’s Jewellers are very pleased to be involved with the launch of the inaugural Yorkshire Cup, by way of supplying the new Trophy. The Competition is a great idea and with Berry’s Jewellers having six of their stores based in Yorkshire, their connection is very close. The Directors of Berry’s wish all of the eight Yorkshire Clubs competing all the very best and may the best team win”. MATCH DAY TICKETING (including Round 1 Double Headers) Ticket prices across the entire competition are as follows at all venues: Terrace/Standing – £15 Concessions – £10 Children Under 16 – Free Pre-Purchase discounts of £2. YORKSHIRE CUP – ALL CLASHES PASS (entry to ALL 12 games across the three weekends) Unallocated Terrace/Standing – £39 Concessions – £24 Children U16 Free Tickets may be purchased from Club Shops or visit club Websites for how to book your tickets and hospitality online. The following will make up the inaugural competition: Batley Bulldogs RLFC Bradford Bulls RLFC Dewsbury Rams RLFC Featherstone Rovers RLFC Halifax RLFC Hunslet RLFC York City Knights RLFC Hunslet Parkside
  9. I wasn't commenting on the corporate matchday experience at various clubs, only on the statement that Parkside appear to be light years ahead of Hunslet in every aspect when the simple fact is that they aren't. They are a well run amateur club who are on the crest of the wave at the moment, but that's about as far as it goes. If Clipper and Bartley do pull out then obviously it will be a financial hit to Hunslet but isn't that the case in most sports even up to the top level. Pull the sky money from the premier league and lots will struggle, sadly its the way of the sporting world in this day and age that lots of professional clubs in all manner of sports are running at a loss and relying on rich benefactors and/or sponsorship. I am glad you managed to speak directly to the (former) Hunslet CEO as he had little or no time to actually engage with supporters or staff during his time at Hunslet. I agree with a lot of your points above that things could certainly be improved at Hunslet with hospitality etc and hopefully the new commercial manager will address this and make vast improvements. Sadly, Hunslet's hands are tied with a lot of the hospitality due to the contract with council for the upstairs area, meaning we get nothing from the bar sales. We also have to buy all the food from a council supplier. A well known South Leeds butcher was willing to put some money into the club but was told we couldn't buy his meat for the corporate dinners due to the council contract so he declined the offer. Its hard work running a league one club but i personally see the time and effort people put in (GC, LD, NH etc) and sometimes i feel more credit should be given for the thankless task in running a league one club and keeping it afloat.
  10. Really ? So Parkside average 500+ a week do they ? And they must be doing very well if they have more money than Hunslet who receive 75k + sponsorships + gate receipts and have no debt whatsoever. For all the failings on the pitch Hunslet RLFC are a very well run club who do not risk the future of the club for short term gain as many others do. Parkside 'own their own ground'. Its a field full of dogshit next to the motorway where you get changed in a shed. Yes they have done well on the field and fair play to them but they haven't even got the best amateur facilities in Hunslet. And if i am wrong about all of the above, it must have been a massive shock when little old Hunslet RLFC hammered those giants of Rugby League Hunslet Parkside this pre season. I really don't know how they did it. And by the way, its not as easy as to just 'throw 75k a year at them' as has been proved recently with the expansion sides demise.
  11. 6th Jan. Double header at Odsal. Batley v Hunslet, Bradford v Halifax. Other 2 games at Fev same day.
  12. Apparently on Friday the game was off as WW couldn't get a doctor. Hunslet arranged for theirs to travel down on the team bus but he slept in. He then made is own way down and was 15 minutes late. Shambles from start to finish.
  13. I do feel sorry for West Wales but is it really working ? The official crowd given was 258. We counted the crowd and it was 90. Of that 90 more than half were Hunslet. 13 players, no doctor, 50 spectators at best, clubs setting records every week (Hunslet have biggest home and away wins in the 150 years history of the club this season). Is this really doing anybody any favours ? How long can this go on for ? Its a bad show when people think 'oh they did ok this week as they only conceded 80 plus'.
  14. hogman

    Hunslet win

    It’s not jealousy in the slightest. I wouldn’t change a thing. Give me our 500 or so hardcore support over jester hats, face painting and brass bands. They are just a set of glory hunting muppets.
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