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  1. What do you mean the cost isn't overly expensive?!!! £36 for two tickets to the game £42 in fuel for a 400 mile round trip £75 for a hotel room (including breakfast) £50 for other meals for two Total: £203 That is a significant amount of money!!!
  2. Of course there is always the point that playing at Wigan's home game would actually be more convenient for the London fans than playing in Leigh. Wigan has a station!!! Another practical point, Wigan's ground is big enough to hold Wigan's average gate, Leigh isn't!
  3. So what we are actually saying is that, when presented with the realities of having to travel any distance for a game, possibly stay overnight, pay stupid transport costs, etc, Wigan fans wouldn't travel to away games any more than London fans?
  4. Could someone please explain how a venue that is 8 miles from one team's home and 233 miles from the other team's home be considered a 'neutral' venue? Add to this the fact that travelling for the more distant teams fans will involve either an overnight stay or a dangerously long drive because of the kick off time chosen. Also add in the fact that the more distant team's players will have to travel for four hours to get to the game while the local team's players can just pop down the road and be back home in time for a not too late dinner with the wife and kids. Leigh Sports Village is not a neutral venue. Anyone would think that the league were scared that one of their chosen finalists might lose to the upstarts if they are not given all the help they can get!!! If you haven't guessed, I am a very angry southerner who has the cheek to enjoy rugby league and chooses to support his local team. Wigan will almost certainly beat the Broncos, we all know that, so why do the league have to make it so difficult for themselves to pretend to be impartial?
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