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  1. Once a Bulldog, RIP Johnny.
  2. No Ginaldo, again we're low in the queue with info whilst a couple of others have already been announced....
  3. Tried listening but a combination of Boothy's gruffness and a poor microphone it wasn't easy!
  4. I know of no such lottery in existence, I said exactly what Bromley has said about the covid Lifeline jobbies 2 months ago, why they haven't continued plus I name a few other suggestions for raising funds, rename the Lifeline draw the Bulldogs Quarterly Draw etc but nothing's happened and in fact the club has now gone to the other extreme and CUT it's income, plus of course forum members shooting me down as usual for daring to suggest we might consider putting a bit more money in with draws and stuff. Also agree with the sporadic highlights of games, the RFL video every game and these are made available to clubs as quickly as possible after they have been scrutinused for disciplinary purposes so your guess is as goid as mine as to whycwe haven't gad them. Monday's should now be available. BISSA obviously get them for their sales so why can't clips be put up? Years and years ago before videos and dvd's I used to do hodpital radio commentary ftom The Mount after Brian Aubrey's efforts commentating on early videos I offered at least 2 seasons ago to do match commentary on matches if BISSA were able to do their own. Bromley, don't hold your breath!
  5. Just a question...what's happened to Buster, is he injured?
  6. Think I'm driving over, doesn't make sense to come 50 miles down to get the bus. Where's a meeting point for fans and are tickets open as in stand wherever?
  7. Having tackled Barrow out of the game for 75 minutes and I'd say that despite being bottom they're a better side than that, so I think we're in a good place to win it. 36-16. It would be a sad day for Cumbria if both Barrow and Whitehaven went down and Workington failed in Div1.
  8. So KTF, you say you didn't say anything about me slagging off players then you go and basically say that Hirst is hopeless! White man, forked tongue. Anyway, same side and all that.
  9. KTF I made my comments pre-match AND directed NOTHING at the players. The club IS falling down on certain things and I'm not the only one to say so. Collectively there needs to be socks pulled up; several have commented on website as an example. The way some people have a go at those who have a go is just as bad. We have differing opinions with the same ends in mind, doesn't make me more right or wrong than you. PLUS my comments last night post match didn't stick any boots in at all, quite the opposite. NOR Coolie was I derogatory to Dewsbury, there aren't many, if any, Batley fans who give as much support to you; my comment about catering was simply regarding the timescale in which they had to work, it would have been quite possible for the lasses from Market Cafe to have been unable to cover at such short notice after other stuff they might have going on. The fact that they did is testament to your organisers where ours let our side down.
  10. Been away til this evening and I probably have a few slices of that there funny pie stuff waiting to be swallowed! Lass kept following the score, we must have been tight to not concede when Jimmy was off (though it didn't say why) then see the half out. Sammy pops up again for 1, 3 now for him, shaping up well. Like Linners, disappointed we didn't nil em but onto Haven next, little to fear as I reckon tonight will have bred confidence back into the squad. Under the circumstances basically playing on a neutral ground and going up 24 is a real kick-on point.
  11. Yeah Graham yours WERE on but you must admit the short stand side's been half out for over a season! Thanks though cocka!!
  12. Puts us in a bit of a 'bad light' in more ways than one!! If we already knew lamps were out why not fix'em? When and where and HOW has damage occurred? Like Rog says the club appears to be going backwards, website's fallen over, leaving ground checks til last minute, it'll be a poor enough crowd as Barrow probably won't have as many down on a Monday night, I'm sure we'll have to pay Rams at least for the electricity for their lights (which are worse than ours, it's pitch black over the short stand side). Then as mentioned there'll be no revenue from bar and food, in fact unless Dews have managed to get their caterer in there'll be no refreshments anyway. Lord help us win, at least we'll get something out of the night.
  13. Correct. What's the problem? You couldn't have written it....
  14. Nor Ben Kaye. This will be tough I'm afraid and will depend a lot on attitude, both ours and theirs. They've lost every game and losing can become a habit, heaven knows we've had that habit once or twice in the past!! Can we impose ourselves early without either of our seasoned first choice props? Can Jimmy and Ben exert more influence than Sammut? Should sneak a home win but don't be expecting an open flowing game from us, it'll come down to guile on their line and making chances count. On another point, if we already know Hirst isn't playing don't we now have another player to name as a 'possible' in the 21? All Linners' chat about getting the board out and about to fill #'s 1 and 2 or strengthen elsewhere, yet we've seen umpteen signings and loans this last week yet nobody for us. Behind the black ball again....
  15. Lots and lots of players moving about the place, Linners wants a couple but no mention of any coming to us. Funny smell over Batley evidently, must be the custard creams..
  16. It says 'play it Saturday Hunslet'....
  17. Play it Saturday Hunslet, can't come Sunday!!
  18. Give us your support then FevRover!
  19. I'll back York, Widnes, Batley and Halifax for the last 4.
  20. Fair play to 'em, keeping the tie, it'll turn our lads back to their pasts in the amateur game and make 'em dig deep, no bad thing. Dogs'll need sharp teeth down there.
  21. For a change we've had a but of luck in a cup. Win both and we're in 1895 cup semis.
  22. If we win we're at home in Round 5 to Keighley or N. Wales Crusaders.
  23. Away to Hunslet ARLFC.
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