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  1. Zaz9, same move that got Jodie's try v Rams except went through more hands. Could work as well as the Stainburn/Geary move if it's near enough the line with Walshaw busting in. Running that diagonal pulls defenders all over.
  2. Know it's nothing to do with this thread but Mark Aston on TotalRL is tipping Tyler Dickinson for stardom...he'll have to have improved a lot from what he put in at our place. Reece Dean also got a number at Newcastle.
  3. Are these MOM's from Fev game? If so; Hall Ward Blagborough.
  4. Sanderson!! Anyways.....yes Hall was on form today, even on defence when he knocked their winger down 1 on 1, for a slight lad he took his share of drives in. Wardy, what's new, put a stunt in as did Blaggers, nobody else impressed me much today. Much as I want Tom Gilmore to shine, and he did put Hall through for the first try, as said elsewhere he didn't get the platform today. The return to tackling would be an advantage, we donated 3 tries of their 6 and were fooled with another 2. Since Rhino and JK's time we built our successes on tackling keeping teams quiet for an hour then kicking on, we were 18 down today before we remembered that tackling was allowed.
  5. Finally got it on phone....don't really know what to make of that. Usual Fev performance, whether trial game or competitive. They scored 5 of their tries through fundamentally shocking tackling, that really has to be worked on and quickly. We also need to get forwards making the breaks Fev's did. Plus side...Hall worked his harris off, Wardy was Wardy, JackBlag tried hard. Halves didn't click as well today but that happens. 36-16 was probably a fair score for the performances of both sides, if we play like it next week we'll hit a similar score. If we compete and tackle better we've got a sniff.
  6. Now on 'live' I have a blue band saying Rovers TV but no pictures.
  7. Have gone to Rovers TV, says content unavailable log in or sign up, and info. Advice...
  8. Would like to see the Gallant Youths one resurrected by BISSA or Doghouse.
  9. Logan, Buchanan and Broughton must be first choices or it makes a mockery of bringing them in....does Hall kick goals, because if he does that's another tough choice?
  10. Guess after my going on about squad numbers the remainder after Rams match will be 4 Galbraith, 11 Manning, 13 Brown, 14 Hall.
  11. Manning will start in place of Tonks, subs Kaye, Brown, Tonks, Ward or Blagborough. Not sure about Morton on the wing, Rettie or Campbell better returners of the ball and we have 2 kickers there in Hooley and White although only fair to mention that Dale had a 100% record in the few games we played in 2020.
  12. Reese Butterworth is a class player without doubt and that was great bit of business by LeeG. I know we've got the experience of Ben Kaye in but might have been better getting Butterworth back at The Mount, was always on the front foot for us.
  13. Cookie, streaming could have the exact opposite effect; you might find that instead of 50/60 fans travelling from far-flung outposts, the rest of a 'home' crowd from say Whitehaven at 500 fans might pay to watch a game which could benefit the income of both clubs.
  14. Maybe they'll do the squad numbers tomorrow as a build-up prop to the game...would make sense. I don't doubt that the players will already know, whoever it was who suggested so.
  15. Me too Rog, hence my new pic on the forum!
  16. So the ref wants to book one or send one off and it's not who's name's on the shirt....
  17. Seeing as we're due a match on Saturday won't they need squad numbers out by tomorrow? Dragging on Linners!!
  18. BTW is the Dewsbury match an official replacement for Boxing Day with the trophy up for grabs?
  19. Too good to be true for both us and Barrow...both looked to him as an important signing, both were never to find out!! Good luck.
  20. KTF...how dare you!! ME? Happy? Wash your mouth out....
  21. My apologies, have just read a different report encompassing all leagues. What's our first home match after or on that date?
  22. May 17th as far as I have read is for Super Duper League, that's at least 8 weeks after our season starts. Stuffed I'm afraid.
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