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  1. Big worry if these reports are true. I trust the team did all they can to go ahead. Huge concerns that 1 nation can successfully run roughshod over a whole sport. I don't know how or if we can recover from that. I have tickets to one Aus game in the World Cup. At present, I have little intention of attending.
  2. Impressive tonight. Thought Hull had good intensity given they played on Thursday. What I like about us is our lack of panic. When we had a disallowed try at the end of the first half and Hull scored at the other, no frustration. When Hull upped it in the second half, no panic. Jack Welsby is such an exciting prospect. Roby still brilliant.
  3. On the subject of lifetime bans, are they actually enforced? You may ban someone from holding a season ticket but you can't stop them from paying on the day. I wonder if clubs share details of fans subject to banning orders between themselves or with the RFL.
  4. I would assume a remark may have been made about his Polish heritage.
  5. Enjoyed the match. The Charnley try was a nonsense. If that is not sufficient evidence, then we might as well just go with the ref's live call. I think it is wrong to blame the system though. Hicks is to blame. There was evidence to overturn and it was an awful call. Saying that, Leeds were winning by 6 with 4 to go. Leeds then made an inexplicable forward pass and a poor call to go for a drop goal from 40m+ and off centre. Leeds allowed Wire back into the game. By contrast, Warrington pinned Leeds in the corner instead of the speculative DG attempt. Good execution of the last s
  6. Agreed Dutton came across well. Certainly seems determined to proceed if in any way possible. I have no worries about the tournament being a success without them, all hinges on whether NRL players can secure releases to play.
  7. Really good day of action today. The battle of the top 2, Halifax v Bradford sounded a belter and Swinton getting their first win.
  8. The season must be cancelled. It is putting player's safety at risk to continue and the players need a rest. I'm sure this is all of the talk from V'Landys etc, right?
  9. Several pages ago, there was an interesting discussion about England v France etc. Whilst predictions of 35K crowds for England v France in London are wildly optimistic (even though the city consistently gets the highest international crowds), I'd wager non-heartland venues could attract more than 5K - 7K that Leigh has drawn for the same fixture, previously.
  10. Maybe whilst they are there, they can discuss redesigning the club badges too? Along with restructuring the league on average once every 4 years, its another foolproof way to draw the crowds in and bring money into the sport.
  11. Think the bit in bold is where we disagree mainly. I think it is very hard for Charnley to avoid contact. In my view, as Marshall went to ground, Charnley put the breaks on and did all he could to avoid contact. Different interpretations of the same incident I guess, which is why it's a talking point.
  12. Can't agree the incidents were similar. Tomkins went in knee first and it was far from a natural running motion as Charnley's was.
  13. Accidental head contact is an odd one. If a player falls into a defender's arm, penalty. Clash of heads or the incident tonight, no penalty. Very inconsistent. Although I have no problem with that try being awarded at all. Quite an entertaining match if not high on quality. Warrington made a lot of errors but were certainly the better team and deserved to win. Lam, not for the first time, appeared deluded in a post match interview. I can't quite figure out if it is a deliberate tactic to deflect attention from the team or he just doesn't know what he's doing.
  14. One of the things that frustrates me the most about the sport is the constant change. We tinker around with pointless format and rule changes, often reversing them very quickly when we realise they are ridiculous. We somehow seem to think we just haven't stumbled on the perfect structure and that once we find it we will take off. Then, when we do something right, we pat ourselves on the back and do nothing to capitalise on it. An example would be the RLWC 2013 semi final at Wembley. Big crowd, lots of locals, brilliant match. And we don't play another international in London for 2 years.
  15. Salford's next 2 matches against Hull KR and Wakefield off now.
  16. Season ticket culture. It's why play off crowds are so poor. With season ticket sales hugely impacted this year, it is reflected in poor crowd figures. Big test is in 2022 to see if sales rebound. Fev are going to have 1 stand with social distancing and mandatory masks next week and the rest restriction free. Given most clubs have spare capacity, this is sensible. Whilst I am not anxious at all about returning to rugby, many are and this is a good way of balancing differing views.
  17. To be fair to Gould, at least he has the guts to be honest for the reasons he supports the withdrawal. His reasoning is stupid but he doesn't hide behind covid. Unlike V'Landys et al who are to cowardly to be honest about their motives.
  18. Well, UK Govt has funded the tournament to the tune of £25M. Cazoo have signed a 7 figure sponsorship deal for the tournament. There are partnerships with huge organisations such an UNICEF, wide-ranging broadcast deals with the BBC. Then you would have ticket refunds, costs of stadium rentals, infrastructure costs, staffing costs, overheads. Millions already pledged to meet bio-secure demands of the NRL. In short, I don't know, but potentially huge.
  19. Most certainly in jest, I am aware that, if the World Cup goes ahead and Aus / NZ want back in come 2025, there is no question that this would happen. Although, I am in favour of keeping the current structure of quarter finalists from the previous tournament qualifying automatically (which sees teams like New Zealand who fell at that stage, qualify). Won't happen, but should.
  20. As will I. I already have tickets for the Australia v Italy game and if the tournament goes ahead with, say, USA v Italy, I will certainly go. In fact, it is more likely to be a competitive game. If the organisers hold their nerve, then they can count on my further support. Ok, it would be out of spite, but ticket sales are ticket sales! I wonder if this decision will cripple NZRL as an international force? A lot of their players used to start off with Samoa or Tonga before changing allegiance to NZ. Now, they would have option of playing in front of packed houses with almost crazed
  21. St Helens is a no. I'd say there are more Liverpool fans in this town than Saints, if you expand that to football, it's a huge gap.
  22. This article shows why next year is a non starter. Shame Aus and NZ don't want to come. Assuming the other Pacific Islands do, we still have a good tournament. The NRL don't seem to realise that their players aren't superstars over here. The vast majority don't know them, especially the target audience of this tournament. Disappointing, but let's crack on.
  23. Been thinking about the Magic Weekend in early September. I am fearing that this may descend into chaos. If the steady run of postponements keep happening, then we could see one or more games or worst case scenario even a day wiped out. There could be a situation where fixtures and schedules and rearranged at the last minute. I'm not convinced that Super League have thought through hosting a Magic Weekend this year.
  24. I wouldn't be surprised if Saints v Hull KR is off too. HKR press conference cancelled this PM, Saints ticket office closed abruptly today due to 'unforeseen circumstances'.
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