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  1. Good that it's at a stadium not used in the often used stadiums. Would have preferred a larger ground, but we have to go for the cheapest option at the minute. Makes sense really.
  2. So we are looking at the best part of a year without lower league competition. Without getting into the covid debate, I can't see how the situation will improve by April. That was around the peak of the problem this year according to the stats we have. I'm not one of 'the game is dying' or 'we'll be part time in 5 years' brigade normally, but I am become pretty worried about a lot of clubs and even the sustainability of Championship / L1 as a whole without a Government bailout.
  3. I think Salford's priority should be keeping Ian Watson and the rest of their squad. Apart from Evalds and Flanagan, I can't think of any confirmed departures? They have a decision about the full back position. Sarginson, Atkin and maybe Chamberlain are long term options, but I wonder if they will be tempted to look at O'Brien again if Toronto aren't in Super League next year. They really lacked a drop goal specialist yesterday, so a full back with a kicking game (i.e. O' Brien) would solve that. Is Kevin Brown going around again? If not, maybe they'll be in the market for a new half back.
  4. This is tricky! I'll try Saints from the Super League era FB - Adam Quinlan W - Gray Viane C - Darren Smith C - Damien Smith W - Dom Feanuti SO - Darrell 'Tricky' Trindall SH - Gareth O'Brien P - Michael Smith H - Stuart Howarth P - Brett Goldspink (honorable mention to Lama Tasi) SR - Heath Cruckshank SR - Bryan Henare LF - Adam Walker
  5. I agree that today's final was better for being at Wembley. The same applies for the Grand Final and a 'prestigious' venue is preferred. However, we do need to be mindful of costs. If we can use Huddersfield for free or a nominal cost, or Newcastle for £100,000+, I'd do the former. The sport is financially in a perilous state. Remember, clubs are usually selling season tickets now and brining in income. This year, they aren't. That is combined with a lack of income this year. We simply cannot afford to spend money unnecessarily.
  6. Really entertaining game, if not the highest quality. Typical Salford in that they hung on and struck back. The difference here was Leeds had time to come back where Catalans and Warrington did not. The difference was composure. If Leeds had found themselves in Salford's position in that last 2 minutes, I have no doubt they would have looked to level it. To go for it all was a big risk and indicative of a team without a drop goal kicked in it. Feel for Salford, you sense that was *the* chance to win a trophy and they may not get a better chance. For Leeds, thought they were strong in the first half. It was to their credit that they didn't panic when they fell behind and had the composure to win it. That's why they signed Gale. I thought Leeds just deserved it in the end, but couldn't have argued if it went thr other way.
  7. I wonder if a reverse would be better? If the video ref can't see a clear angle then discuss with the on field ref. I know we used to have ref's call but rarely used it...
  8. A rare final that I will watch where I wouldn't really mind either outcome. If Leeds win, then it's one for Rob Burrow, if Salford win, what an underdog story. I would back Leeds, their record over Salford is excellent, but this is by no means a foregone conclusion
  9. An interesting article. I was just thinking the other day that the England squad for next year's World Cup probably won't have any black players at all. Apart from the inclusivity points raised in the article, we as a sport would be stronger by drawing people from different sections of society. Look at the NRL. It's anecdotal, but there seen to be far more Pacific Island heritage players who can be classed as superstars. The NRL and international game both benefit from this. We have such an opportunity next year with Jamaica in the World Cup and playing in Leeds to tap into that community and engage them. I hope we have or are developing a strategy to capitalise on that.
  10. Not usually one for petitions, and without doubt it won't result in change, but this may be of interest to some. A petition has been launched to let fans in to Wembley for the Challenge Cup Final. I can't see the logic in fans gathering en-masse in the pub to the watch the match, when they could watch in a more safe, socially-distanced, outdoor environment at Wembley. https://www.change.org/p/paul-dennett-allow-salford-leeds-fans-to-attend-the-challenge-cup-final-on-17th-october/psf/promote_or_share?guest=existing&short_display_name=Chris&recruiter=519518585&source_location=react-fe
  11. Thought Leeds were excellent. Gale kicked brilliantly, but that was helped by his forwards who got him into the position to dominate. Only 1 knock on in such awful conditions in the first half said it all. Probably the best I have seen Leeds play in a while and a sign of the progress made under Agar. For Wigan, they lack experience in the pack. O' Loughlin looked his age today and signings like Burgess and Clark can't make the 17 and they rely on the young props. Whilst they are good, they shouldn't be expected to lead yet.
  12. Great win by Salford and a good game considering the conditions. Salford were pretty clinical and took their chances, whereas Warrington could not capitalise on long spells of pressure. Salford, with their spend, have no reason to be making finals and it is huge credit to Ian Watson and his team that they have now made the last two. Really looking forward to the final. Just gutted the fans couldn't be there. Imagine what the noise would have been when Lussick got that winner? As for Wire, Price will have to make a decision about the spine of his team soon and settle on it. I suspect he may revert to Ratchford, Widdop, Austin with Ashton on the bench, but I don't think I would do the same.
  13. It used to be against the rules, and Saints got fined £25,000 for this in 2002 and again in 2004 (which was overturned). I'm guessing it's not any more. I had a quick google before this post to double check we were fined and came across this article about it on BBC Sport from many years ago debating the issue. My favourite comment has to be: Can I presume that Warrington are fined every week? Michael Kennedy, Warrington http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/sports_talk/1942229.stm#say
  14. Tickets are on sale from tomorrow if you sign up for the priority period. You can buy 10 per game, apart from final which is limited to six. If you are outside of the priority period, then there is a ticket ballot, before tickets go on general sale. Here's the link to sign up: https://rlwc2021.com/get-involved/sign-me-up Ticket prices and bundles: https://rlwc2021.com/tickets/ticket-prices
  15. Yep. 13 bundles in total, some really good value packages! https://rlwc2021.com/tickets/ticket-prices
  16. Incredibly frustrating day. In our worryingly several big-game defeats to Warrington, we have conspired to lose in a lot of different ways, but I never in my wildest dreams would have thought a ball bouncing forward off a player's head into Charnley's hands would have occurred. There was absolutely no way to stop it. Most of the time the ball would have gone to the floor but a freak incident really cost us. But we do need to look beyond that. We were poor at the ruck and gave away far too many set restarts. More worryingly, we were ambushed towards the end of the first half. Our strength has been our defence since lockdown but we were cut open several times. Obviously, Percival's departure didn't help (and nor did having to reshuffle again in the second half when Welsby went off). What the match did show was how much we missed Makinson's kick returns. We have frequently dipped when Walmsley and Thompson (now Graham) take a break, but this was the first time we were punished for it. I imagine a prop forward or two will be on our shopping list for 2021. Again, we made uncharacteristic errors in big matches. Coote has had 2 bad games since joining Saints. Today, and last year's Challenge Cup Final. I thought we had shaken this bad habit towards the end of last year, but it reared its head again today. Positives were Naiqama's performance. Really strong in defence and adjusted well when he moved to the wing. Second half was far better than the first, but we were always chasing the game. More widely, Saints, Warrington and Wigan are significantly better than the rest of the teams in the league and the rest have got a lot of catching up to do.
  17. I agree. Nothing wrong with a bit of hype coming out if a team before or after a big game. Makes it more interesting.
  18. From my memory, we have lost our last four knockout games against Warrington. Don't think we've beaten them in a knockout game since 2008, so we are due a win! Percival and Naiqama both playing is a big boost. I have huge reservations about Welsby on the wing, with Austin testing him with high kicks all day. I'd be tempted to put Naiqama dealing with kicks. Both squads look strong so no excuses for either. Hope our pack has been riled by previous defeats to Warrington and some of the comments coming out of their camp earlier in the year. I am going to back Saints, but only just!
  19. It's a really tough call. On the one hand, it would be foolish to turn our backs on a new market where we have managed to get 7,000+ fans per week watching second or third division rugby league. Worse still, we go out, rugby union will swoop and take that audience. And they won't lose them. Plus, like them or lump them Toronto would add value to the TV deal. However, I understand that they cannot be readmitted without creditors being paid and significant assurances that players will not go without pay again. Then, all of their players will leave so it will be a rebuild job. If there is a points deduction, relegation is a near certainty. And would the Toronto public be put off watching their team get panned every week? I wonder if it may be better to allow Toronto to rebuild in a more sustainable year in the Championship?
  20. I'll definitely go back. It is a concern that people have got out of the habit of going and into the habit of just watching on TV. We also have an old fan base who are more likely to be cautious about a return to normal activities which could disadvantage us compared to other sports or activites,
  21. All three incidents have only been picked up by a player complaint. I wonder if this goes on far more than we thought but in previous years, players just wouldn't report it? Abdull has got 2 matches, Makinson got 5 and Lineham 8. That is a significant discrepancy. I'll give the reasoning for the decisions a read tomorrow to see if there is an obvious answer why!
  22. Pleased to get the win. You've got to win in many ways and will do us some good to come through a narrow win. Didn't think we played badly at all. Not at our best, few too many errors but no argument that Hull KR were only in it because of Saints performance as is often said when a lower side pushes a big side. Worry is that Naiqama will be banned. A backline of Coote, Welsby, Costello, Simm, Grace worries me against Wire in the cup next week.
  23. On the subject, the Independent had a lengthy online feature this weekend which is well worth a read. https://edition.independent.co.uk/editions/uk.co.independent.issue.290820/data/9685406/index.html
  24. Good to see Ellery talking about the action on the football paddock today.
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