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  1. Heart says Saints. But with my head, we've got a big job on our hands. We have lost to Wire twice this year and the one occasion we have played a full strength Wigan team, lost. And on two of the three occasions, we were comfortably beaten. If we are to win, we need to make big improvements on those matches. But, Walmsley didn't play in two of those matches. Now we shouldn't be too reliant on one player, but we are (hopefully addressing that next year). An unfit Walmsley and we'll lose. Fully fit, we've got a shot. We had more problems last time against Wigan in that we only looked like scoring once (although we did take that chance). Against Catalans last time, we looked a lot more fluent in attack, more so than we have for months. Wigan's defence is a different matter though! Going in with hope rather than expectation for this one!
  2. Not a clue, just based on a tweet from Dave Woods!
  3. Whispers that there's going to be announcement of significant investment in the tournament tomorrow.
  4. Whilst I sound like a broken record...our highest international crowds are in London consistently. Why do we play so few international matches there?
  5. Wigan are building a very talented squad for 2021. They will no doubt be the team to beat.
  6. Not a Salford fan, but still gutted for them that he has left. It can't have been helped by Watson reaffirming his commitment just a few weeks ago. Equally, it's a tough career being a coach. One bad run at a club and you might never get another gig. If Watson can move on whilst his stock his high and pocket a pay rise, who can blame him? A big move for Huddersfield if confirmed. They lost a lot of games narrowly this year and Watson could be the man to turn those narrow defeats to wins.
  7. Jordan Tansey played for Huddersfield?! Not sure there is a club that he hasn't played for!
  8. This is tricky! I'll try Saints from the Super League era FB - Adam Quinlan W - Gray Viane C - Darren Smith C - Damien Smith W - Dom Feanuti SO - Darrell 'Tricky' Trindall SH - Gareth O'Brien P - Michael Smith H - Stuart Howarth P - Brett Goldspink (honorable mention to Lama Tasi) SR - Heath Cruckshank SR - Bryan Henare LF - Adam Walker
  9. It's a really tough call. On the one hand, it would be foolish to turn our backs on a new market where we have managed to get 7,000+ fans per week watching second or third division rugby league. Worse still, we go out, rugby union will swoop and take that audience. And they won't lose them. Plus, like them or lump them Toronto would add value to the TV deal. However, I understand that they cannot be readmitted without creditors being paid and significant assurances that players will not go without pay again. Then, all of their players will leave so it will be a rebuild job. If there is a points deduction, relegation is a near certainty. And would the Toronto public be put off watching their team get panned every week? I wonder if it may be better to allow Toronto to rebuild in a more sustainable year in the Championship?
  10. Good to see Ellery talking about the action on the football paddock today.
  11. Assuming all are fit - added a reserve in brackets, some were a struggle: 1. Tomkins (Hardaker) 2. Makinson (Manfredi) 3. Percival (Connor) 4. Gildart (Farnworth) 5. Johnstone (McGillvary) 6. Lomax (Widdop) 7. Williams (Gale) 8. Walmsley (Hill) 9. Clarke (Roby) 10. T Burgess (Philbin) 11. Whitehead (McMeeken) 12. Bateman (Whitley) 13. Knowles (O Loughlin) 14. Thompson (Sutton) 15. Watts (Graham) 16. Hodgson (McShane) 17. Farrell (Currie)
  12. Really not sure what to think about this. Obviously, it is devastating for the club, staff, players, league and sport. The practical and reputational difficulties this causes are huge. To have a side withdraw from the league with two weeks notice before the season resumes is as much of a nightmare as it gets. My biggest worry, selfishly, is the impact on the Sky deal and whether we can fulfil its obligations. If not, the impact could be devastating. Equally, given the perilous position of the sport, Sky also can't afford to push us too far, or they will lose out too. Trying to cling to a positive, this provides an opportunity to reset. Since 2017, we have learned that a minimum of 6,000 are willing to watch a sport that they have never heard of in North America. We are not big enough as a sport to let them go. The question is what now. In a coronavirus or post-virus age, is a transatlantic league possible. With New York, Ottawa and Toronto, do we have the basis forming of a small North American league? This expansion project has had one thing different. Huge fan buy in. They got more fans through the turnstiles than any lower league club and several Super League clubs despite the absence of any roots. We can't give up now. Horrible day today, but RLWC 2021 schedule released tomorrow. This year is just about getting through. If by 2021 no club has gone to the wall, I will be ecstatic. Let's aim for that and rebuild as a sport. For those snearing and laughing, just remember. All of our clubs are either reliant on one backer or one misfortune away from financial ruin. We are not rich enough to lose a club. And we are a sport where any club is vulnerable. Including yours.
  13. This channel has got loads of great content, well worth a look! I've spent my evening watching the 2002 Grand Final back! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTrF574vTz1L-umOqdHD3zQ
  14. I've done some digging through YouTube and put together a list of some full games that are on there. Quite a few more than expected and some absolute belters! https://thetryline.blogspot.com/2020/03/the-rugby-league-archives.html
  15. I also found it interesting how there was almost a certainty that the game would boom and become worldwide, moving completely away from the heartlands. Interesting to reflect a quarter of a century on!
  16. That report on mergers in the OP is an absolute belter. Does make you wonder what would have happened in things would have worked out differently.
  17. This suggests 2 things: 1. Percival's replacement, James Bentley, may be out for a long time. 2. Woolf has little faith in Costello (who was our back up centre for the last 2 years). A shame if Bentley is out for some time and also the reluctance to give Costello, Simm or Rizelli an opportunity. I did always rated Wheeler when at Saints. If he wasn't so injury prone, I reckon he could have been a top player!
  18. I saw it on Twitter. The account owner appears to be a memorabilia collector. https://mobile.twitter.com/NRDCollectables
  19. That Wakefield picture is a belter, their kits look two sizes too big for them! Hull FC have posted another good one today too
  20. It's hard to point fingers without knowing the full circumstances, but it is far from an ideal situation that a game has been moved over 200 miles at four weeks notice and zero tickets have been sold for that game yet. Credit to Toronto to appear to consider reimbursing fans, but this cannot be allowed to happen again, especially as many fans will have had their plans inconvenienced. A shame for London Skolars too that they have been denied the chance to play at a bigger venue.
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