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  1. Well done Wath Brow - well deserved. Looking at the table and the results the top 6 have dished up against each other, I think any of the 1-6 are capable of going all the way!
  2. I think it's an update issue as one of our lads has been to a disciplinary hearing this season
  3. 'Winter' team Moldgreen conceding in 'Winter' against 'Summer' team Myton ? Oh the irony
  4. Now the playoffs are all but confirmed (barring a big win for Siddal and a heavy defeat for Wath), who do you fancy? At this moment in time, Hunslet are the obvious pick but anything can happen in one off games. On top of that, there's very little to split places 2-6. Should be an interesting one!
  5. Players unavailable in the winter season?! Don't let Marauder hear you say that!
  6. I agree, Myton, St Pats & Normy for me. On the flipside, how do people see the playoffs panning out?
  7. Not being played this season. I believe Parkside won it last year, beating St Pats in the final. Was something like 24-0 from memory
  8. The answer, is unfortunately, is very few of each. Everyone seems to get tied up in the summer vs. winter debate and, to be frank, there's no right or wrong answer. For me, this is a Rugby League issue, not a summer/winter issue. Everyone is quick to point the figure at the RFL selling 'the summer dream' and also people saying the game is dead in winter. The truth is, summer works for some clubs (such as mine) and winter works for others. I think a major factor is that we have both summer and winter seasons so easily accessible for clubs. If one isn't working, they'll simply forfeit their fixtures and jump ship to the other season. This isn't good for anyone
  9. I'm told the NCL sent out an email highlighting the next 4 games (basically they were all top 6 clashes in the premier). The clubs who are on TV are 'in the know' I believe
  10. The fact you didn't answer my question, has answered my question.
  11. The Pennine League has deteriorated from 8/9 divisions to 4 in the last couple of seasons. How is this any better than what is going on in summer?
  12. According to the pennine league site, 6 of Moorends 18 fixtures were non-fulfilled - albeit not by yourselves. (unless you happened to win 30-0 a lot ) Surely you should get your own garden in order before you try and sensationalise winter. To me, the issue is much deeper rooted than summer/winter and different seasons suit different clubs
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